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Advertising Blurbs

GameSpot Company Line:
    In 2102 C.E., a giant unidentified asteroid enters the earth's orbit. It is revealed to be an alien war-machine when it unleashes an attack on the human population. Every day, thousands perish. Those who survive share rumours of an alien entity called "Diadora". The survivors took refuge below the earth's surface, narrowly escaping the alien invaders. The governing Council ordered an immediate counter-attack. The primary objective code-named: Operation "Ex Zeus" would reclaim the earth's surface using 3 experimental robots. Operation Ex Zeus' secondary objective is to investigate the alien war-machine's weakness and defeat the mysterious "Diadora". Three freedom fighters-Sophia, Dynamics and Calista are humanity's last hope for victory.


    The genre of Ex Zeus is that of a heavy action mech based 3d shooter. The player has a choice of controlling 3 different robots, "Sofia" a male robot with average speed and shield protection, "Calista" a female robot with a high speed but low shield protection and "Dynamis" a heavy "male" robot with low speed but high shield protection. These three robots are leaders of a special squadron team having been called into an "invaders alien" destruction scene.

    Originally Ex Zeus was a hit within the arcade/coin-op market and has since been masterfully reworked for the Playstation2. The player pursues the traditional goals of defeating enemy ships and saving the world. During the course of action the player will experience many explosions, lasers, mega-bombs and other power-ups.


    • Fast and furious 3D Shoot'em up style, with very powerful weapons and up to 12 different enemies and 5 different bosses.
    • Incredible gameplay action at 60 frames per second for smooth and precise controls.
    • Hit-bonus system and power-up rewards.
    • Shops or garages to upgrade the robot's features and build the player's strategy.
    • Up to 6 different levels with special traps and weather conditions.
    • Original soundtrack with high-energy techno beat, in line with the intensity of the action.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76430) on Aug 19, 2010.

GameSpot Press Release (May 11, 2004):
    Metro3D has today announced that it will publish Ex Zeus in Europe during the second quarter of this year. The PlayStation 2-exclusive action game, which started out as an arcade title, is set in the year 2102 and will see players at the controls of one of three different mechs attempting to save Earth from an alien invasion.

    Each of the three mechs in the game will have different strengths and weaknesses as far as speed, firepower, and shield protection are concerned, and players will have the option to upgrade their chosen mech at shops and garages as they progress through the game. Ex Zeus will feature a total of six levels, approximately 12 different types enemy, and five bosses to beat.

    Ex Zeus is expected to carry a budget price tag of 19.99 pounds ($35) when it arrives in Europe. No North American release has been confirmed at this time, but we'll bring you more information on the game as soon as it becomes available.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76430) on Aug 19, 2010.