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Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo Pirelli Credits

A Mark Cale Production

Dedicated toNatalie Paris
PresidentMark Cale
Executive ProducerMark Cale
Car Handling and Race ConsultationBruno Senna
Race InstructorTiff Needell
Game Concept and DesignMark Cale, Dave Thompson, Gareth Wright
Ferrari Research and HistoryTony Willis, Mark Cale
Head of ProductionJohn Twiddy
Chief Operating OfficerPatrick Cadore
Sales DirectorPeter Ball
Sales ManagerLuiz Ferreira

Additional System 3

Packaging & ManualsJoe Walker, Tim Best
QA & TestingGameshastra, Thorsten Schäfer
With Special Thanks For Support FromNatalie Cale, Klara Cale, Tim Hymans, Malcolm Swetnam, Lorenza Lavezzi, Massimo Fideli, Antonio Ghini


Managing DirectorBrian Jobling
Director of Business DevelopmentDarren Jobling
Executive ProducerDave Thompson
ProducerMark South
Lead ProgrammerCraig McHugh
Programming ManagerAndrew Perella
Technology ManagerMark McClumpha
Creative ManagerMark Barton
Design TeamGareth Wright, Kevin Shaw
Programming TeamAlex Busby, Andy Buck, Ashley Canning, Ben Kenwright, Caleb Leeke, Carl Wade, Christopher O'Connor, Darryn Robson, Dinesh Kumar, Erwan Bancal, Hong Zhou, Ian Downing, James Chilvers, Jason Gowthorpe, James Parr, John Payne, Kieran Hall, Martin Wilson, Matthew Hodges, Nathan Whitaker, Remi Tache, Romain Blanchais, Stephane LeRoy, Steven Clayton, Thomas Simonnet
Game SetupGraham James, James McCreadie, Jonathan Urwin, Stuart Barnett
Internal Audit ManagerJon Murray
Internal AudioGreg Loscombe
Track Production ManagerRichard Coates
Graphics Team Eutechnyx UKAlan Kwok, Chris Brown, Christopher O'Connor, Christopher M. Owens, Christer Stormark, David Yare, Jonathan Chater, Lee Doyle, Neil Gowland, Omer Younas, Paul Davidson, Rachel McClumpha, Ryan Lewis Davies, Stan Ward, Terry Jackson
Eutechnyx QAJames Pearson, David Little, Martin Anthony Colling (credited as Martin Colling)
IT SupportAndy Gray, Marc Schuszler (Kheops)
Ferrari Handling ConsultantBruno Senna
Voice Recording DirectionPaul Jobling
Voice RecordingAdrian Sear (at Sound Tracks Studios)
Additional ProgrammingPeter Davies (at Digital Acorn Limited)
Additional GraphicsAnthony Ferrandiz, James Palmer, M‑Inverse Holdings Limited
Additional SoundOctagon Music Productions, The Audio Guys
Music DirectionTodd Eckert
With Thanks toAlan O'Dea, Amanda Jobling, Arwen Duddington, Claire Holliday, Gino Yu, Hayley McLoughlin, Jose Rueda, Michael Evans, Nicola Wells, Rosemary Temple, Simon Jones, Simon Byron, Tony Coles

Eutechnyx Hong Kong

Studio ManagerVivian Luke
Lead ArtistsChi Chung Mok, Dennis Fong, Gary Leung, Tam Twok Tung
Graphics TeamBus Tsui Chun Kai, Billy Lai Man Ho, Kenneth Ka Nang Wong, James Pang Ka Ho, Annisa Chan Ching Man, Janet Ma, Wong Fung Yin, Julieta Ng Ho, Plato Leung Pak To, Chris Chan King Yui, Wong Chi Kin, Sin Ka Lok, Sin Man Chiu, Kam Yuen Tat, Kwok Kwan Lok, Ho Wai Piu

Eutechnyx Chengdu

Office ManagerJacqueline Shen
Lead ArtistShera Xu
Lead Car ArtistsViny Peng, Roy Zhuang
Lead Environment ArtistsNick Guo, Square Fang
Car TeamWei Lee, Reee Wang, Licki Chen, Sean Guo, Eric Qiji, Squall Chen, York Xiao
Environment TeamCookie Lee, Terry Zhong, Zelos Zeng, Henry Zhang, Tom Wan, Lisa Wei, Kin Yang, Alan Tang, Yu Zhao, Smilelin Deng, Bob Shi, David Chen

Ferrari Challenge Music Credits

"To Fix The Gash In You Head"Oliver Ackermann (Writer), Remixed by The Clapp. Published by Death by Audio Publishing, Performed by A Place To Bury Strangers, Courtesy of A Place To Bury Strangers
"Fat Kid"Written by Autolux, Published by Biobloom Music [BMI]/ Demure Circuit Music [ASCAP]/Etherteen Music [ASCAP], Performed by Autolux, Courtesy of Autolux
"Forever Heavy"Written by Tobacco, Remixed by Dekoder, Published by 70's Gymnastics/Commander Bond [ASCAP], Performed by Black Moth Super Rainbow, Courtesy of Black Moth Super Rainbow & Dekoder
"Weapon of Choice"Written by BRMC, Peter B. Hayes (Writer), Robert Levon Been (Writer), Published by Chrysalis Music o/b/o itself and BRMC Music [ASCAP], Performed by Blck Rebel Motorcycle Club, Courtesy of RCA Records
"Gum"Keigo Oyamada (Writer/Remix), Published by Invisible Handshake [BMI], administered by Bug Music, Performed by Cornelius, Courtesy of Everloving Records & Warner Music Japan Inc.
"Culture For Dollars"Alap Momin (Writer), Will Brooks (Writer), Remixed by Oktopus, Published by Hassling Music o/b/o Asphalt Pavement Songs [SESAC], Performed by Dalek, Courtesy of Deadverse Massive by arrangement with Bank Robber Music
"Cryptograms"Written by Deerhunter, Published by Notown Sound [BMI], Performed by Deerhunter, Courtesy of Kranky Ltd.
"Elba"Franz Vonlichten (Writer), Helmut Vonlichten (Writer), Published by Posthumus Songs, Performed by E. S. Posthumus, Courtesy of Wigshop Records
"Cross The Line"Written by Shackleton, Published by Junkbond Ltd/Universal/MCA Music Ltd, Performed by Elite Force, Courtesy of Elite Force
"Hang Your Head"Written by Engineers, Published by Chrysalis Music Publishing LLC, Performed by Engineers, Courtesy of The Echo Label
"Our Velocity"Duncan Lloyd (Writer), Paul Smith, Tom English (Writer), Archis Tiku (Writer), Lukas Wooller, Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Performed by Maximo Park
"Weird"Brent Knopf (Writer), Justin Harris (Writer), Daniel Seim Jr. (Writer), Remixed by Dekoder, Published by Muuuhahaha LLC [ASCAP]/Commander Bond [ASCAP], Performed by Menomena, Courtesy of Barsuk Records by Arrangement with Bank Robber Music & Dekoder
"Black Powder"Bryan Barton (Writer), Olivier Grasset (Writer), Remixed by Modey Lemon, Published by Chrysalis Music Publishing LLC [ASCAP], Performed by Motor, Courtesy of Mute & Modey Lemon
"Depths of Darkness"Peter Hook (Writer/Performer/Courtesy), David Palmer (Writer/Performer), Published by Copyright Control/Commander Bond [ASCAP], Courtesy of Dekoder
"Organic Mass"Peter Hook (Writer/Performer/Courtesy), David Palmer (Writer/Performer), Published by Copyright Control/Commander Bond [ASCAP], Courtesy of Dekoder
"Squeaky On A Friday"Barry Andrews (Writer), Published by MCPS [Cop Con], Performed by Shriekback, Courtesy of Shriekfull Productions
"Little Death"Stephen Hilton (Writer), Published by Universal Music Publishing Ltd., Performed by Flykkiller, Courtesy of Flykkllr Rcrds
"Drama Queen"Written by Switches, Published by Chrysalis Music Publishing LLC, Performed by Switches, Courtesy of Atlantic/Interscope
"Into The Fold"Luke Ford (Writer), Dan Higgins (Writer), Liela Moss (Writer), Toby Butler (Writer), Oliver Betts (Writer), Published by Universal Music Publishing MGB Ltd, Performed by The Duke Spirit, Courtesy of Polydor Ltd.
"Noth East Rising Sun"Philip William Manley (Writer), Nathan Bursk Means (Writer), Sebastian Martin Thomson (Writer), David Francolini (additional material), Remixed by Dragons, Published by ASCAP/Bethesda Music, Performed by Trans Am, Courtesy of Thrill Jockey Records by Arrangement with Bank Robber Music & David Francolini
"Ocean Grey"Jeramy Koepping (Writer), Peter Marchese (Writer), Remixed by Dekoder, Published by Copyright Control/Commander Bond [ASCAP], Performed by Voyager One, Courtesy of Voyager One & Dekoder

Additional System 3

With Special Thanks ToPilar Fernandez, Simon Jones, Marisa Halpin, Philip Kee, Danni Brook, Lyn Best, Anita Twiddy, Jules Walker-Rogers, Emily Clark

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