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Gameplanet (Oct 06, 2008)
FIFA 09 is a huge amount of game for your dollar, and any soccer fan will be exceedingly happy with it. It's not without its small bugs and annoyances, such as moments where the game appears to hang briefly on loading, but always seems to catch itself again, although these are few and far between. The progress made with this title is simply outstanding. Combined with a excellent menu system, a fantastic soundtrack as we have come to expect from EA, and gorgeous smooth graphics with no sign of slowdown, EA has exceeded expectations and made one of the most addictive and fun soccer titles to date that you really will have trouble putting down. The worst part? This game will seriously impact your social life.
GameSpy (Oct 15, 2008)
Fundamentally, FIFA on PS2 hit its peak somewhere around FIFA 06 or FIFA 07. With FIFA 09, there are a few new features designed for hardcore players, but hardly the many bells and whistles of years past. Instead, this year's household-friendly approach with Casual Control succeeds where last year's Wii debut of the concept failed. It implements simple controls and melds them with a natural-feeling learning curve. If you're a soccer fan with a PS2, you'll be glad to know that FIFA 09 has something for you, whether you've been playing it since FIFA 2001 or you're just thinking about dabbling.
80 (Oct 02, 2008)
There's no question that FIFA on PS2 is starting to show its age. It looks good for a PS2 game and the new animations are excellent, but the frame rate isn't as smooth as we'd like it to be. It's also a big disappointment that online play is nowhere to be seen in FIFA 09 on PS2. We know the focus has shifted to modern consoles but the lack of online play seriously restricts multiplayer options. Still, EA has made an effort to improve a series that has been tweaked to death over the past decade, and produced a game that all FIFA fans will be pleased with. It might just be time to make the jump to a new console though.
68 (Oct 17, 2008)
Es ist bei Fifa 09 auf der PS2 und dem DS so wie beim klassischen Reste-Essen: Irgendwie kennt man das alles schon und es war vielleicht mal ganz lecker, aber so richtig gut schmeckt es jetzt halt nicht mehr. Gerade auf dem DS will sich wie schon in den Jahren zuvor keine echte Fußball-Begeisterung einstellen, während auf der PS2 in Sachen Weiterentwicklung die Zeit stehen geblieben bzw. dank fehlender Online-Unterstützung sogar zurückgedreht worden zu sein scheint.
55 (Oct 08, 2008)
EA ne met plus vraiment de moyens à développer quoi que ce soit d'original et novateur sur PS2, concentré sur des versions bien plus prioritaires. Cette version, dotée d'une base de données très complète s'adresse donc à ceux qui n'ont pas d'autre machine et qui veulent s'offrir quelques matches seul, ou entre amis.