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I wasn’t nearly so disappointed with the first Xbox 360 FIFA game that came out at launch as some people, despite its lack of game modes. With that said, this newer game is by far the more impressive choice, with fully fleshed out features, excellent animation, solid soccer gameplay, and an exciting presentation, replete with another batch of great music from around the world.
1UP (Jun 07, 2006)
EA also introduces other new content with World Cup, including the Global Challenge. This mode serves as a history lesson, allowing you to re-create classic moments from past World Cups. Even though FIFA 06 came out just six months ago, for fans of the beautiful game, 2006 FIFA World Cup is a must-have.
83 (May 07, 2006)
Mit dem FIFA zur WM 2006 ist EA ein durchaus gutes Spiel gelungen. Trotz der genannten Schwächen ist das neue FIFA aufgrund der gelungenen Präsentation und der akribischen Annäherung an den tatsächlichen WM Ablauf ein Muss für alle Fußballfans. Überrascht haben uns auch Details wie die interessanten Informationen zu allen teilnehmenden Nationen oder die Videos zu allen WM Stadien und Austragungsorte. Insgesamt sprechen wir diesem Spiel eine Kaufempfehlung aus. Danke an EA, dass die WM in unserem Lande schon jetzt auf dem heimischen Bildschirm beginnen kann!
Cheat Code Central (May 05, 2006)
2006 FIFA World Cup will rival any video soccer game on the market. It's been inspired by Winning Eleven, which until now, was the game to beat. By incorporating some of the best of Winning Eleven's features, along with some classic EA elements, 2006 FIFA World Cup is a hybrid soccer game that definitely raises the bar for EA.
82 (Jun 21, 2006)
Fifa World Cup Germany 2006 is a nice but also light soccer game. It offers a lot of action, much variation and a minimum of profundity. It's especially the latter that will be a disadvantage to the Fifa series until the end of times, but on the other hand everyone, even my little sister, will know how to handle the controls. If EA wants to offer pleasure with this game, they definitely score, but the gamer who wants more freedom should look to another series of soccer games...
GameSpy (May 04, 2006)
Perhaps the final determining factor when deciding on the purchase of FIFA is this question: What kind of soccer to you prefer? While some argue that Winning Eleven's pace and feel is artistic and fluid, there's no denying that it can be a bit off-putting to the non-soccer hardcore. FIFA is the Americanized version of soccer. It's up-tempo, physical, and direct. Advance the ball into open space, use your speed to beat the defender, and blast that sucker at the goal. EA has successfully bridged the gap between realism and videogame fun. Again, not to be reckless with our comparisons, but if WE is Gran Turismo, this is the Need For Speed equivalent. Both titles are fun, and each offers a lot of elements common to both. In the end, it comes down to gamer preference.
UOL Jogos (Apr 25, 2006)
"Copa do Mundo Fifa 2006" é para aqueles que gostaram de "Fifa 06" e estão interessados em vivenciar a emoção da competição, ainda que de maneira virtual. O game consegue fazer isso bem e, embora não dê sinal de novidades, respeita o bolso do consumidor com uma experiência boa suficiente para manter o interesse pelo jogo até o próximo "Fifa".
GameZone (May 01, 2006)
For the price ($30) and the contents, FIFA World Cup 2006 can’t be beat. Know what you’re getting before going in – otherwise you might be disappointed. This is a good game with a lot of challenges and more of FIFA’s acclaimed gameplay. However, innovation and graphical achievements were not included in this “upgrade.”
2006 FIFA World Cup is definitely the best World Cup game since World Cup 98. There's a lot to do here and you won't simply want to throw the game to one side when you've won the World Cup with your chosen nation. There are problems although none are anything major. It's a shame that frame rate dips occur on all three versions and I had hoped the Xbox 360 version would have been without any slowdown considering the console's capabilities. The rather apathetic AI problem can be cured by simply upping the difficult level. Still regardless of the version you choose there's no question that this is one polished football product that will please those looking to enrich their World Cup experience.
GameSpot (May 04, 2006)
2006 FIFA World Cup does a good job of re-creating the carnival atmosphere that surrounds the competition, but it suffers from frequent and obnoxious slowdown.
DarkZero (2006)
This is the best FIFA title yet, no doubt about it. It flows better and plays better than the previous incarnations. However, if you already own FIFA 2006, then think twice before spending your cash on a slightly updated version of the same game, even if it does have all the World Cup bells and whistles. I have absolutely no doubt that this will sit atop the multi-format charts for weeks on end, no matter what anyone says in a review. We will be thankful, then, that it's actually a good game. It is not better than the game it tries so hard to emulate, PES is still the king of the hill as far as football games go. But FIFA is getting closer than ever, and considering that many were a little disappointed with PES 5, the battle between PES 6 and FIFA 2007 could be an interesting one.
FOK!games (May 08, 2006)
2006 FIFA World Cup is een leuke game voor mensen die altijd warm lopen voor FIFA games, hoe weinig vernieuwing ze ook brengen. Het blijft een ijzersterke franchise, en vooral als je Nederland kampioen kan maken.
71 (May 05, 2006)
Das offizielle Spiel zur WM punktet in erster Linie mit einer grandiosen Präsentation, dank offizieller Lizenz akkuraten Stadien sowie Original-Spielernamen. Doch so gut die allgemeine Präsentation auch ist, vermisst man eine emotionale Steigerung der Atmosphäre. Ein Quali-Spiel oder auch die Vorrunden-Begegnungen zeigen sich genauso stark bzw. schwach wie das Finale. Hier wäre mehr drin gewesen. Und spielerisch? Trotz propagierter Änderungen fühlt sich die WM-Edition 2006 (mit Ausnahme der deutlich verbesserten 360-Variante) nicht wesentlich anders an als das normale FIFA 2006 – schwache KI, fehlendes Pressing und viele ähnliche Tore zeigen die Unterschiede zur Konkurrenz auf. Technisch stark, spielerisch nicht schlecht, aber wahrlich nicht berauschend hinterlässt die virtuelle WM angesichts des nicht ausgeschöpften Potenzials ein „Nicht-Fisch-Nicht-Fleisch“-Gefühl.
65 (Apr 27, 2006)
Agréable à jouer pendant quelques heures, ce nouveau FIFA deviendra un peu lassant lorsque vous aurez fait le tour des cinq modes de jeu. Si son gameplay n'a pas évolué et donc déçoit une fois de plus, ses principaux atouts que sont la durée de vie et la bande-son sont une nouvelle fois au rendez-vous. On progresse toujours trop rapidement sur le terrain et le système de tir doit être entièrement revu pour contenter tous les types de joueurs. A conseiller aux fans de la série uniquement.
Lawrence (Apr 28, 2006)
At first glance, FIFA will suck you in with all the bells and whistles of excitement. But the more you play it, the more it feels the same. This isn't a swan song by any means and if you didn't pick up FIFA 2006 during the regular season, this might be worth checking out, especially due to the extra Global Challenge mode that allows you to replay certain historical matches. But don't expect the attempt to emulate the Winning Eleven series to knock your socks off.