Final Fantasy X-2 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Opening credits artwork slide-cinematic
Main Menu
Luca harbor from the opening cinematic
Introducing the three main characters
Now this is not the High Summoner Yuna we know
Main title from the end of opening cinematic
Whoa, can it be Rikku and Paine are fighting Yuna right at the very start?
Some enemies will be visible so if you're evasive enough you can pass on the battle
Paine is easily handling small-time opposing force
Rikku seems to have taken extra time to work on her expressions
Yuna not only became a pop star, but a gunslinger too, and a vicious one at that
The trio fantasticus
Yuna using the trigger shot (press R1 as fast as you can to deal bigger damage)
Yuna can jump/climb/etc. at certain locations by pressing CIRCLE, so do try it out as you may find some secret places that way, too
Watching spheres is a bit fuzzy, but that's what got Yuna into this business... this character does look familiar, but... is it really him?
As in Final Fantasy X, you'll understand more of Al-Bhed language as you find a way to decipher given letters
Navigating your way through the ship's quarters (you'll be constantly aboard so you'll get quite familiar with it)
Just below the ship's bedroom there's a bar with a cute talking bartender
Yuna's dream... or better put, a nightmare
What what, it's just a dream Yunie, get over it
Rikku as a white mage casting pray on the party
Prepping to change a dressphere during battle
Paine dealing bigger damage striking from behind, 'cos it depends upon the position and side one's turned towards during the battle
Ingame menu can be quite complex until you get a grip on the game a little
Paine changing to a white mage
And now Paine's switching to Rikku's regular thief outfit (all characters can look like every other)
All three of them, Yuna, Rikku, and Paine are wearing gunner dresspheres (you upgrade your abilities according to the current dressphere, though)
Sort of a world map that lets you go wherever you like (hotspots are where the spheres can be found)
Visiting the Kilika island, which is now rebuilt from the last Sin's attack
Rikku is signaling the commencing of the operation
Opening song performed by Kumi Koda
Yuna is changing her outfit in a style
Yuna talking to a strangle looking music performers
Ship's bedroom
It's not Tidus in Yuna's visions
Firing squad
Wait mode
Glowing orbs serve as save game point
Zanarkand ruins

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