If you look more carefully at Yuna's facial, you'll notice her eyes are different, one eye is blue and the other is green with a swirl pattern on the iris. Her eyes are like that because she is half Al Bhed. If you notice Rikku's eyes, they are both green with swirl patterns because she is a full-blooded Al Bhed.


Squaresoft originally planned to make two spin off titles to Final Fantasy X. One was to be focused on Yuna, and the other on Rikku. However, that idea was scrapped, and both characters play a central role in this game.


Kumi Koda did the motion-acting for the opening. In the Japanese version of the game, she sang the theme song and voiced the character Lenne.


Final Fantasy X-2 is the first Final Fantasy game to continue a storyline from a previous Final Fantasy game.

Version differences

There are two FMVs that are sort of like concerts, one where Real Emotion song is sang (intro) and one called 1000 Words (1000 no kotoba for Japanese version). US version, of course, dubbed even the songs, but there's much more to it. Seems like SquareSoft changed the FMVs for US market as well. In 1000 Words FMV you will notice that Yuna and Len are singing together and you'll see more of Len singing, whereas in Japanese version you can only see Yuna shifting to Len and vice-versa.

Video collections

SquareSoft released on July 16, 2003, a set of three separate CD/DVD combos called Final Fantasy X-2 Vocal Collection (name), where (name) stands for either YUNA, RIKKU, or PAINE. Each of double-cases holds CD with two vocal as well as instrumental version of FFX-2 songs, that in the game appear only as instrumental tracks, and a DVD that is comprised of a music video of first song from the CD, an interview with the singer (voice-actress for original Japanese game version), and a theme trailer for each of the three main female protagonists. In addition to that, each case holds manuals that contain full lyrics, once fully opened form a smaller version of poster with pre-rendered picture of Yuna, Paine, and Rikku. The contents of each CD/DVD is next...

FINAL FANTASY X-2 Vocal Collection PAINE
-- Megumi Toyoguchi --
  • CD-ROM
    • Nemuru Omoi
    • Misty Eyed
    • Nemuru Omoi (instrumental)
    • Misty Eyed (instrumental)
  • "Nemuru Omoi" music video
  • interview with Megumi Toyoguchi
  • Final Fantasy X-2 Special Movie - PAINE Version
FINAL FANTASY X-2 Vocal Collection RIKKU
-- Marika Matsumoto --
  • CD-ROM
  • Hadashi no Kiseki
  • Without You
  • Hadashi no Kiseki (instrumental)
  • Without You (instrumental)
  • "Hadashi no Kiseki" music video
  • interview with Marika Matsumoto
  • Final Fantasy X-2 Special Movie - RIKKU Version
  • FINAL FANTASY X-2 Vocal Collection YUNA
    -- Mayuko Aoki --
    • CD-ROM
    • Kimi e
    • Morning Glow
    • Kimi e (instrumental)
    • Morning Glow (instrumental)
  • "Kimi e" music video
  • interview with Mayuko Aoki
  • Final Fantasy X-2 Special Movie - YUNA Version
  • Awards

    • GameSpy
      • 2003 – PS2 Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
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