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Cho mon, where deh world map, yah?.. Unicorn Lynx (181464) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
Next Gen FFVII this ain't Kit Simmons (264) 3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars3 Stars
It's good at being pretty MA17 (260) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
After Megaman X we get... Final Fantasy X ! Bregalad (972) 4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars4.83 Stars
Unjustifiable as a game…this is an experience. DarkDove (68) unrated
Final Fantasy games should have never been created *gasp* Indra was here (20867) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
A fun, beautiful, exciting slap in the face of the "real-time only" game religion weregamer (169) 4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars4.4 Stars
One good example of NOT killing a franchise Weston Wedding (63) 3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars
It's not a game, it's a work of art.... Chris Martin (1204) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Disappointment or perfection? ... Actually both. MAT (225752) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.6
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.8
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.7
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.1
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.6
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.8
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.7
Overall User Score (199 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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PSM (Jan, 2002)
My complaints are few - random encounters, a few cheap bosses, and a few weird story elements - and they in no way hinder the overall quality. With a cool new minigame, Blitzball, over 140 hours of gameplay, and a stellar story, nobody should miss Square's latest and greatest. Although FFX feels a little different from previous FF games, it still maintains the quality typical of the series.
Gaming Age (Aug 07, 2001)
While the Sphere Board system and the new combat engine is fun and more involving, they're not exactly substitutes for being able to freely roam an overworld and finish subplots at your own pace. The fact that the pace of the game is more strictly dictated than almost any other up to this point will further separate the already splintered factions of FF and RPG fans. And that is probably the game's undoing when it comes to its place in the future; on one hand, it has created a level of quality that will be difficult to match, while on the other hand, it sinks to depths of interaction that hardcore gamers rarely tolerate. Personally, I think the game's shortcomings are balanced by what it does well, and I will be watching with interest to see what parts of Final Fantasy X follow into the canon of RPGs, and what parts fade off into the night.
PSX Extreme (Dec 14, 2001)
What can I say to conclude this review, that hasn't been said already? Other than that Final Fantasy X is possibly the most engrossing FFX title since Final Fantasy VI or VII. Or maybe how this is by far the best-looking videogame, with visuals that are unlikely to be seen in future -other- RPGs. Or maybe, that Final Fantasy X is possibly my favorite Final Fantasy title since VI/VII. In my honest to god opinion, it's all of the above. Graphics aside, Final Fantasy X is to date, the best Final Fantasy game. It's amazingly deep (as this preposterously long review suggests), and offers an amazing 40-50 hour experience. You're trully a sadistic human being if you won't be playing FFX this holiday....
RPGamer (Nov 11, 2004)
This grey area aside, Final Fantasy X is a true masterpiece of gaming. For its time, there is no other title that can parallel it, and right now, it stands at the pinnacle of RPGdom. Future games may come along to knock it from its perch, but as it stands, there is little else out there to rival its balance of story and gameplay, its richly constructed world, its variety of minigames, stunning graphics, and beautiful sound. Even gamers biased against the Final Fantasy series should be able to have some fun with this one, because it's quite simply one of the best titles Square has ever put out.
Gaming Target (Jan 02, 2002)
Yet again, Squaresoft impresses and executes another RPG game that will live on in our memories throughout the gaming world as one of the greatest stories ever told. Final Fantasy X's new features will give any old or new fan of the game series a real treat if they're looking for one. Surely enough, there is on average about 40 or more hours of story to flip through, many hidden game secrets, and even the new mini games to try out for just about anyone and everyone. If you're hunting for one of the greatest RPG games around, why not try one of the latest and best...Final Fantasy X!
AceGamez (Dec 14, 2004)
I don't think there is a bigger game on the market, or many others that can eat up as many hours of you life and still be refreshingly enjoyable to the end. Good RPG's suck you into fantasy worlds and make you feel like part of the action by switching on your imagination. Final Fantasy X almost makes the need for an imagination redundant, with its awe-inspiring visuals and unforeseen twists. I'm an advocate for the "computer games don't influence real life" way of thinking, but felt a near disturbing amount of genuine compassion for the characters during the poignant story points and many a time did a solitary jig after their greatest triumphs. By far the best instalment of an already distinguished series, you will truly feel that you've been on an epic journey once you've completed Final Fantasy X.
GamersMark (Jan 01, 2002)
Final Fantasy X is the pinnacle of the Squaresoft series that has spanned several different platforms, systems and years. Through this adventure, the story offers you characters that you don’t come to hate by the end of the game and the full evolution of those key characters is what truly makes the game a joy to play! With the different battle elements that have been included that span as far back as Final Fantasy III, anyone with any sort of Final Fantasy experience will find their niche here in the game. The completion of a hybrid character development, which allows you, as the player, to direct just how powerful your character can be, truly completes everything that games such as this should be. A game that can’t be completed in a single weekend or even a month, this game is not only a purchasing choice, but truly a collectable game that will be hard to top with another sequel later on down the road!
100 (Apr 23, 2002)
Final Fantasy X instantly immerses you into the most absorbing audio-visual experience available on PS2 to date. The game's richly textured environments along with a captivating storyline make this RPG compelling, as you control Tidus, a Blitzball champion whose planet is destroyed by the evil force, Sin. Combat is turn-based, as in most RPGs, and animated battle sequences rely on fluid graphics to illustrate combat. A major innovation that improves realism is the use of character voice-overs, rather than the subtitles used in previous versions.
1UP (Feb 28, 2003)
The best Final Fantasy yet? Undoubtedly. I might have liked the cast of FFIX better. Other "more hardcore" types may still prefer FFV's battle system or FFVI's story. But as a whole, this one can't be beat. From the plot to the graphics to the unparalleled gameplay, FFX is light-years beyond anything else. Whether you see it as a role-playing game or a role-playing experience, FFX is one of the best overall experiences out there.
I usually resist offering up unqualified raves, but when it's earned, it's earned and ultimately Square earns every bit of the 10.0 we're giving it. After enduring 15 months of RPGs ranging from wretched to very, very good, Square finally offers up the first must-own RPG of the PS2 era. The company has rethought nearly every aspect of the Final Fantasy franchise, from the battle system to the use of voice acting instead of text and beyond. Nearly every change will be jarring but nearly every change is for the better. Much like Gran Turismo 3 A-spec and Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty, Final Fantasy X is one of the three games most PS2 owners bought a PS2 to play. Under that pressure, Square doesn't balk and comes through to deliver perhaps the finest installment in the series. It's a crowded RPG market on PS2 this holiday season, but it doesn't matter ... this is the one you must own.
Just Adventure (Feb 11, 2002)
Two heads are better than one. I always thought that statement would depend on the heads, but hey, who am I to question conventional wisdom. Well, after completing Final Fantasy 10, we decided to give some joint opinions and perspectives on the game. Spoilers will be kept to a minimum, and bloodshed is strictly forbidden.
By now, the Final Fantasy series seems to have fallen into a formula. Starting with the much hyped Final Fantasy VII, the series has kept several constants, including the winding plots, fairly linear gameplay that finally frees the player right around disc three, and a cast of unique and individual characters. Somehow, despite rarely deviating from this formula, the wizards at Square manage to spin a new tale and revamp their mechanics with each new installment. Most impressively, though, some sort of nameless grace surrounds this series, such that as gamers who've enjoyed any Final Fantasy, we can rest assured that we will enjoy all the others. Some titles, of course, strike a stronger chord with players than others -- Final Fantasy VII was more warmly received than either of its sequels -- though none can really fault their technical excellence.
People have been whispering it since Final Fantasy VI. They've been discussing it since FFVII. And with FFVIII, they shouted it from the hilltops.
GamePro (US) (Dec 14, 2001)
Does Final Fantasy X hold up on the PlayStation 2? Find out in our ProReview of the eagerly awaited title. As the first Final Fantasy conceived for the PlayStation 2, X arrives with the usual lofty expectations and almost-secure perfect scores. But numbers are hardly the point: Final Fantasy X is a memorable, fantastic adventure that falls short in key areas that could have benefited from fine-tuning?namely control tweaks and unpolished graphics.
With each passing Final Fantasy release, Square Soft continues to improve upon perfection, not only setting a new standard for role-playing games, but for video games as a whole. Without question, Final Fantasy X is Sakaguchi’s most ambitious project yet, and is a radical departure from the formula we’ve become accustomed to. Tapping into every facet of the PlayStation 2 architecture, the development team has completely revolutionized every aspect within the storytelling. This may sound trivial in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the biggest change the series has ever made. As you well know, in the past, characters would pantomime to text that would flash across the screen. In Final Fantasy X, every character has a synchronized voice, which in turn presents lifelike qualities and the true essence of drama. Much like the transformation to "talkie" films, this enhancement completely alters the face of the Final Fantasy lineage and greatly enhances the overall experience.
Intriguing characters, fascinating gameworld, solid gameplay. What more is there to say? Yes, I wish that battles still didn't come out of nowhere like they do; yes, I think that some of the characters are a little too generic in their origination for their own good. But these are all very minor flaws in what amounts to a deliciously solid game. RPG fans will have an absolute blast with Final Fantasy X; newcomers to the genre will find it to be a wonderful introduction. What are you waiting for? Go get it. Now.
RPGFan (Jun 22, 2002)
Final Fantasy X manages to succeed against all odds; redefining not only the series, but the genre and gaming as a whole. By merging unbelievable beauty with intrinsic human emotion, a truly magnificent experience was created. Though, it is with a heavy heart that I witness this glorious rebirth of this legendary saga. Despite the melancholy of his departure, Sakaguchi-sama's last gift to his fans may be the most incredibly memorable adventure we may have ever had.
Game Over Online (Jan 22, 2002)
The game is the benchmark for RPG’s to come. Square’s unique story telling ability and their magic to completely immerse us into a world of fantasy and awe gives this game the power to bring a grown man to tears and a crazed gamer to fall in love.
Final Fantasy X is a magnificent accomplishment. It features a game system rich enough to challenge and enthrall any experienced gamer, and Fantasy sublime enough to draw in the most hardened doubter of videogames.
IGN (Dec 18, 2001)
Ten Final Fantasy games. This is a pretty big event. Gamers have grown used to a new FF coming out like clockwork on a nearly yearly basis nowadays, and that regularity, in addition to the fact that every game is a new creation, perhaps obscures the magnitude of the entire endeavor over its history. Sit back and think about the amount of effort that's gone into Final Fantasy over the years, however many it's been, and the amount of game that's come out of it. When you think about it, in terms of the amount of product involved, it's one of the biggest franchises in the history of entertainment.
Just RPG (Aug 03, 2002)
Overall, the most important factor making FFX so great is that it's just a fun game. Sometimes it's really hard to make yourself quit, but if you don't you'll dehydrate in a few days. Don't say I didn't warn you. Visually, FFX showed us the great potential that the Playstation 2 has and we can only hope future RPGs, such as FFXI, follow in its footsteps. I highly recommend that all RPG fans play this game and just remember to bare with Tidus for a while and everything will be okay.
94 (Jun 13, 2002)
Final Fantasy X is yet another quality game from Square. The storyline isn't as emotional as Final Fantasy VII but is engrossing enough. The game is an absolute joy from start to finish. Original, not really, but brilliant, certainly. Add it to your collection now.
RPGFan (Jul 30, 2001)
While people who have complained of the more recent FF games feeling like interactive movies will have a field day on picking on FFX, I think that all PS2 owners who like RPGs owe it to themselves to try the game, even the players who were unimpressed with VII-IX. Who knows, maybe the new formula will win you over! Let's just hope that the English translation and dub come out decently...
Gamer 2.0 (Jun 16, 2004)
Everything from the gameplay to the graphics in Final Fantasy X is remarkable. Square knows how to keep doing it right. FFX is truly the best RPG in 2001 and will likely remain to be one of the best on the Playstation 2 for many years to come.
DarkZero (Jun 29, 2004)
A truly fantastic game, which is going to keep you busy for months with all its features. It is definitely worth buying now that it has come down in price and has been made platinum. See if you can get hold of the bonus DVD that comes with some editions so that you can enjoy the interviews with such people as Nobuo and the voice of Tidus.
En conclusión, Final Fantasy X es sin lugar a dudas uno de los mejores RPGs de PlayStation 2, por no decir el mejor, una Obra Maestra en su versión japonesa/americana, y únicamente alejado un poco de tan honorable título en nuestra edición por una muy mejorable conversión PAL. Larguísimo, intenso, con una gran historia, el mejor sistema de batallas de la saga, unos gráficos preciosos, unas composiciones épicas, y algunos momentos memorables. Un imprescindible si tienes PS2, o te gustan los RPG's.
GameSpot (Dec 14, 2001)
All told, Final Fantasy X is an outstanding new installment in the series and is an excellent role-playing game in its own right. Like other Final Fantasy games, it isn't beyond reproach--not everyone will take to its deliberate pacing, its drawn-out and sometimes punishing combat, or its metaphysical story. Similarly, the actual gameplay of Final Fantasy X isn't much of a departure from its predecessors or countless other role-playing games. Instead, the difference between Final Fantasy X and other games is in the sheer scope and undeniably impressive production values. The ambitious design of Final Fantasy X ultimately pervades in every aspect of the game. And so, like many of its predecessors, Final Fantasy X stands as a testament to just how affecting a game can be.
NZGamer (Feb 05, 2004)
Another first in the sound department is that some of the music actually has words. The hardish-rock song 'Otherworld' is a pleasant treat to start the game with. Another song is that of 'Suteki Da Ne', a Japanese love song used in one of the most moving parts of the game. Very Impressive. Within the battles, sound effects are all pretty much spot-on also, with different weapons making diverse sounds. Characters will also make witty comments when they join in the fight half way through, or when they are about to totally destroy the monster, sometimes a little too witty though.
I have to admit, I was none too thrilled by what I heard about Final Fantasy X. Voice acting? Please. And what I had heard the battle system sounded like a terrible nightmare of Final Fantasy VIII revisited. But still, Final Fantasy is Final Fantasy, and like always, the magical name of the series was enough to induce me to buy the game.
This is an awesome game, and it has just become a greatest hit! So if you've got no other RPG's to spend 60 hours of your life on, head out to your local Wal-mart and pick this one up! In conclusion, Final Fantasy X is an epic RPG that should not be missed (with some shortcomings in the appropriateness aspect)! There is one problem however, once you beat this game, you will be a slave to the Final Fantasy RPG series for a while. I'm still trying to force myself to play another RPG!
Game Freaks 365 (Oct 21, 2003)
This game has some similarities to the characters from previous FF's, but these characters differ greatly by their personalities and their actions throughout the game. It would be better for them to change the battle features of this game, but that is just something that we will have to live with, at least until the next Final Fantasy game. With an original story and some colorful characters that reside in it, this is definitely a new experience for all of the FF players out there.
Game Chronicles (Jun 01, 2002)
If you like a console-style story driven RPG, you will most likely find FFX to be one of the best of its type. The changes that have been made to the FF game system are fresh but still similar enough not to alienate old-time FF fans. You could certainly spend your time less wisely than spending it with FFX.
92 (Mar 18, 2002)
The necessity for the strategy guide and the view of women as sexy magic users is troubling, but the richness of the game, the intriguing (if sometimes confusing) plot, the art, the replayability, and the depth of design all make up for the fact, in my opinion.
Consoles Plus (Feb, 2002)
Graphiquement, Square nous comble de bonheur avec des cinématiques grandioses et un jeu entièrement en 3D. Les doublages en anglais sont plus agréables à l'oreille que ceux en japonais. Par contre, il est par moment très répétitif.
Game Revolution (Dec, 2001)
One moment you are a star athlete, living in the limelight, adored by legions of fans. The next moment, you find yourself cast away from the comfort of stardom to a strange but eerily familiar land, forced to fend off fiends and guard the hope of the people. This is the story of Final Fantasy X.
RPG Site (Jun 03, 2006)
Overall, Final Fantasy X is an experience no RPG gamer should go without. Square’s typical combination of an awesome storyline, great gameplay, superb battle system, easy-to-learn controls, fabulously developed characters, stunning visuals and downright awesome music is enough to enthrall anyone. Every true RPG gamer has played a Final Fantasy title – and it’s to you RPG gamers I speak when I say this: Go buy.
Game Critics (Mar 06, 2002)
Granted, some aspects should be reworked for the next sequel (mainly the camera system). However, concerning the story, Squaresoft shows one its strong points once again, drawing the player using something which, ironically enough, doesnt seem to be anyones focus of attention anymore. If researched correctly, religion can represent a vast resource of inspiration and knowledge. The research was obviously done for FFX, as religious references from around the world can be found throughout the adventure, whether it be the Crusades from Medieval times or the Churchs determination to have Galileo refute his radically new scientific theories to name a few. With any luck, this game could be an icebreaker, paving the way for other titles to take advantage of this much under-exploited theme.
Gamervision (Jun 26, 2008)
If you are somehow an RPG fan who has never gotten around to playing this game, the good news is that you can still find copies at game stores for around twenty bucks. Hate on it all you want, it won’t change my opinion of this early PS2 masterpiece. Despite some issues that have been made more apparent over the last seven years, this is still a game worth playing more than once. I only wish I was home playing it right now.
90 (GAF) (Apr 26, 2003)
The advent of CD and DVD technology has given developers an almost infinite easel to paint their stories upon. Once up a time, players would fawn over sprite based animation endings (Metroid and the Square SNES RPGs). Now, intro movies can last longer than the combined cinemas of entire games from the cartridge era. Even Hollywood blockbusters are restricted to two or three hours in which to tell their tales but videogames can easily have ten times that amount to work with.
GameZone (Dec 20, 2001)
Final Fantasy X has been released for U.S. audiences, and as always, there is no shortage of interest and hype surrounding the highly-anticipated 10th installation to the series. The first Final Fantasy to be released for the Playstation 2 entertainment system, we've been somewhat cruelly teased with endless screens and information for months. For a while it seemed the day would never come, and I admit, the first few minutes I held the case in my hand, I wondered if it would disappear. Nevertheless, the most important thing we all needed to know is: "Well.... Is it really that good? Will they keep their hordes of fans coming back for more?" My answer, after a particularly sleep-deprived period of time, is a resounding YES!
Netjak (Nov 19, 2002)
Final Fantasy. Those two words used to conjure up gaming excellence in the minds on thousands of gameplayers around the world. The game got so popular in Japan, that the government asked Square to release FF 7 on a weekend, so kids wouldn't ditch class to run out and buy the game, and then not show up for the next week of classes.
ActionTrip (May 14, 2002)
All in all, I think that this game easily made the Final Fantasy par, and even though it is not the best nor is it my favorite Final Fantasy to date, I liked it. Worth the money and the wait, I just can't wait to see what kind of crayzee shtuff Square comes out with in FFXI!
Final Fantasy X isn't perfect, but is a lot of fun. I'm not a big fan of linear RPGs, but the story in this one was good enough to keep my interest until things opened up and I got some freedom. I think a big part of that is simply because Tidus is a newcomer to the game's world and, therefore, as clueless about what's going on as the player. This gives some of the major plot points, such as how a summoner's fight with Sin is supposed to end, extra impact. I still don't know that I'd consider this to be one of the all-time great J-RPGs, but it is a lot more fun than my initial experiences would have led me to believe. At the very least, it was nice to sit down with a Final Fantasy game and truly enjoy myself again. It's been a while since I could say that.
80 (Aug, 2003)
Despite a few minor flaws, FFX holds true to the Final Fantasy legacy of quality role-playing. It provides a grand adventure that the player can spend many an hour laboring through. Side quests, minigames, and other optional tasks will keep the player busy for quite a while after playing through the main quest. Definitely pick up a copy if Final Fantasy or other RPG's have pleased you in the past, and I would highly recommend picking it up even if you have never experienced the series before. It's a must have game.
GamesFirst! (Jan 08, 2002)
To me it feels like Square is getting its feet wet on the PS2, but not completely jumping in. That’s unfortunate, as so much could have been done with the world of Spira. One plus, however, is that FFX resembles some of the colorful traits of Chrono Cross—at least, this was a plus for me. The game feels like an RPG designed and drawn by a surfer in California or Hawaii. Final Fantasy X is another trendsetter for the platform. We see Square push through a decent storyline--albeit linear-- and introduce us to another lovely world with intensely archetypical characters; however, it remains plainly simple compared to some of its predecessors, especially last year’s Final Fantasy IX, which was a nice return to the original theme of the series.
Armchair Empire, The (Jan 20, 2002)
Despite all of my ranting and raving this is still a very fun game. The overhaul to the battle system and the way the characters progress are a real breath of fresh air to the series, and the visuals and sound are all grade A goodness, but I can't overlook my absolute seething hatred of the storyline and certain characters in the game, it is just too poor and they are too annoying to let it pass. This plus the ease of the game through leveling-up and the utter lack of any exploration just leave too much of a bad taste in my mouth to give the game a higher score. At the end of the day this is a good RPG, but it's not that good.
Bordersdown (May, 2002)
Final Fantasy is not only a great RPG, but it's also an experience. A very well constructed game with a immersive plot, excellent graphics, good sound and plenty of game time, it shouldn't be overlooked. If you didn't like Final Fantasies 7 or 8, then there is still reason enough to try out Final Fantasy X as it is a very accomplished game, and if you give it a chance it could very well suck you in its glorious world.
Cincinnati Enquirer (Jan 09, 2002)
To wrap up, gamers looking for a deep and attractive 40-hour adventure will undoubtedly be satiated with "Final Fantasy X." It excels in almost every department — from the story to the characters to the combat to the graphics to the audio — and is the kind of game that gets better with each day of play.
Gamekult (Jul 25, 2001)
Final Fantasy X est un très bon jeu, qui fait globalement honneur à la PS2. Ce n'est pas, en revanche, la révolution ludique dont on nous rebat les oreilles depuis des mois. Tout le monde y trouvera son compte : il respecte trop les canons scénaristiques les plus classiques, mais apporte de grandes nouveautés dans son gameplay. Il ne surprend pas souvent, mais intéresse malgré tout. Il présente des personnages au caractère assez peu développé, mais contrebalance avec un univers très varié et très coloré. Bref, Final Fantasy X fera de grosses ventes, et satisfera la plupart de ceux qui l'auront acheté. C'est un blockbuster. Tout simplement.
Nonetheless, FFX is quite a surprise for me. I still am not going to be converted to Squaresoft, but I did get a good story for the 30+ hours I have spent playing. It will never obtain the same level of greatness I experienced with Grandia 2, but Final Fantasy X is still good enough to warrant a 4 Gem rating. I'm sure that when FFXI goes online, that my online allies will help bring my character up, similar to Diablo. Oh, the potential of online play is just too great to imagine. Ten is good, but with online play, eleven is sure to shine.
GameSpy (Dec 18, 2001)
The tenth game in the most storied franchise in video-game history marks both a beginning and an ending. This is the first FF game for the PlayStation2, the first one to use voice acting, and supposedly the last single-player game in the series. Whether the latter holds true or not, Square has put together a spectacular finale that serves up many of the things people loved about the series and blends in new elements that make it the most complete FF game ever. This RPG is a fantastic experience that's deep enough for hardcore gamers to enjoy, while elegant enough for anyone to pick up. If this is indeed the last single-player FF game, this is a hell of a way to go out.
Game Critics (Mar 06, 2002)
Over all, FFX was a huge let down and reminded me that the old adage "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" is not always true. Considering that Square is creating the next installation of the series to be playable online only, maybe FFX truly represents the final Fantasy. Call me a heretic, but I won't be sad to see it go.