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User Reviews

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Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 3.4
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.6
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.4
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.4
Overall User Score (18 votes) 3.4

Critic Reviews

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Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the game and it definitely gave me some laughs and fun times. It would be great to play again, because I can always just knock up the difficulty. The game is long in the first place, but still would have a great replay value. This is a must buy!
Worth Playing (Aug 23, 2005)
Mayhem. Flying debris. Bodies doing ballet in the air as gas tanks burst and glass shatters. High powered engines screaming under the stress of insane speeds. Put that all together, shake it around a little bit, and after you mix in a dollop of redneck hillbilly sense and sensibility, what you'll have in your glass, friend, is Flatout. This is where speed-crazy kids, still giddy from Burnout 3 come to play, evading barricades and jumping over each other like some sort of suicidal stunt show. Get your motor running, as they say out West.
Next Level Gaming (Aug 24, 2005)
Flatout delivers a thrilling combination of high-octane racing, smash-em-up demolition derby action and death defying stunts propelling the driver through the windshield! Wreak havoc as you race on 36 tracks in fully destructible environments. Choose among 16 different upgradeable cars that take realistic damage, affecting their appearance and drivability. Race online with up to 8 players - or in 4-player split screen mode on Xbox and up to 6 players or in 2-player split screen mode on PS2! So fasten your seat belts as Bugbear Entertainment, and Empire Interactive take us on a wild wide, here we go!
84 (Nov 23, 2004)
FlatOut is one of those games that has flown under the radar for a lot of people, but deserves to be noticed. Everything has come together superbly in this title with online gameplay (or lack thereof) being the major disappointment. Check this game out - you won't be disappointed.
GameSpy (Jul 25, 2005)
Although FlatOut might not be everyone's cup of tea (I'm talking to you, sim-racing fans), it's got the one thing that a lot of its competitors are missing: a playful sense of what makes the genre fun. The inclusion of the ridiculously over-the-top mini-games instantly helps this game move ahead of the pack, and the online action is highly entertaining. If you're a fan of wanton destruction (and really, who isn't?), you owe it to yourself to check this one out.
80 (Nov 08, 2004)
So richtig überzeugt hat mich Flatout leider nicht. Zwar bietet Bugbears Raser eine beeindruckende Grafik und eine gut eingebundene Physikengine, doch bei Spielmodi und Streckendesign enttäuscht das Spiel. Hat man sich erstmal an der Technik und den fünf verschiedenen Streckenumgebungen satt gesehen, verliert Flatout im Einzelspielermodus stark an Motivation. Besonders den langweiligen Karrieremodus und die sehr ähnlichen Kurse hätten die Entwickler für länger anhaltenden Spielspaß stark verbessern müssen. Die witzigen Bonusspiele wie Crast-Test-Dummy-Weitwurf sind alleine ebenfalls nur kurzzeitig interessant, zeigen aber das Potential der Physikengine. Dank des ansprechenden Fahrverhaltens und eines guten Mehrspielermodus ist Flatout immer mal wieder für eine Runde zwischendurch gut, auch wenn das Spiel letztlich mehr ein normales Rennspiel ist, als man es sich gewünscht hatte.
80 (Dec 22, 2004)
Overall a bloody good game! If you dont own it, buy it, and if you own it, wait for a sequel because this game needs one.
GameZone (Aug 11, 2005)
One of the first games a friend and I played on the original PlayStation was Destruction Derby. We thought that this game was nothing short of awesome. We got to race, crash, and trash our cars as well as other cars on the track, having the ability to see the cars take damage and how they were directly affected by the damage was something that we haven’t seen before. Since that time there has been very few games that captured that magic of total destruction while racing. Hoping to get a slice of the pie that Burnout has currently carved out in this genre, the developers at Empire Interactive have released FlatOut upon the gaming world. Is this game worth your time? Read on to find out.
GameSpot (Jul 18, 2005)
FlatOut would be a whole lot easier to recommend if certain aspects of its package were tightened up. The merely mediocre artificial intelligence, the weirdly sporadic multiplayer features across platforms, and the repetitive driver-launching mechanic are probably going to annoy the hell out of some people. But if you can look past some of these flaws, the game's delightfully unscripted core racing mechanics can be a lot of fun, especially when played against others in a multiplayer setting. As it is, it's a very good game that falls just shy of greatness, and serious demolition racing fans would do well to check it out.
78 (Dec 05, 2004)
Das Tuning ist ziemlich rudimentär, die Wagen können nur nach dem Katze-im-Sack-Prinzip gekauft werden, die grundsätzlich in Kolonne rasenden Gegner sind in der höchsten Klasse unerhört schwer, die teureren Kisten fahren sich, als wären ihre Reifen eingeseift, der Mehrspielermodus lässt es an Bedienkomfort mangeln. Kommen wir jetzt zum guten Teil der Nachrichten: Ab zwei Spielern sind gerade die Dummysports der Multiplayerspaß schlechthin! Die Grafik ist spitze, die dreckig-coolen Fahrzeuge sind ein wundervoller Kontrast zur sonst üblichen Funkel-Autowelt. Die physikalisch großartige Einbeziehung der Umgebung macht zwar aus jedem Rennen ein Glücksspiel, steigert aber erstens die Atmosphäre und zweitens erheblich die Spannung. Schade nur, dass die Ladezeiten speziell an der PS2 so lang ausgefallen sind; auch schade, dass das Vergnügen im Einspielermodus spürbar schnell nachlässt.
77 (Dec 17, 2004)
I've put on my racing helmet, pulse protectors and gloves (pictures on request) while FlatOut loads. You don't exactly have to be Einstein to figure out that I had the feeling things were going to get rough! However, I had to take out the protection and gloves immediately because I couldn’t hold the controller in such a way that I could push the right, and nothing but the right, button when I wanted to. After five more minutes, the helmet was put aside too because it got so hot under it that I felt sick which was definitely not my intention.
75 (Nov 04, 2004)
Avec Flat Out, Bugbear est parvenu à se démarquer dans une catégorie où l'originalité est loin d'être évidente. Le jeu étonne par la gestion très poussée des déformations des véhicules, il surprend par le rôle essentiel des interactions et des collisions avec les éléments du décor, et interpelle quant à l'effet "rag doll". Au final, Flat Out constitue une bonne surprise et se révèle complémentaire aux autres titres du genre sur ce support.
The original FlatOut has garnered a sort of cult following, despite generally lackluster reviews and, quite honestly, pretty shallow gameplay. FlatOut 2 does a decent job of rectifying the latter, adding loads of cars, tracks, and a few different series to the career mode, but some of the original potholes haven't been completely smoothed over, either.
Jolt (UK) (Jan 11, 2005)
FlatOut is a pretty straightforward circuit racer where the vehicles in question are Destruction Derby style cars. This should suggest that FlatOut is a pretty hard-knock racer, and that is indeed the case. There’s even a series of arena events a la Destruction Derby. But unlike ooh, say, Burnout 3, crashing in FlatOut is pretty rubbish.
IGN (Jul 15, 2005)
Destruction and death (of the hilarious variety) are occurrences we've always been big fans of and activities we've consistently excelled at. In videogames, the basic concepts of destruction and death have only recently been improved upon thanks to the use of advanced physics routines, or godsends, as they are more commonly called.
There really isn't enough to FlatOut to make it a truly great game. It can get repetitious too quickly, and is really at its best only when you have enough human players to make a full game of it. Not a bad game, but certainly not the best racer around.
FlatOut desperately wants to be the trailer park version of EA's slicker racer, but without the polish, it succeeds in being only a pale imitation.
In the end, Flatout is nowhere near the level that Burnout 3 has established. I am not saying the game is bad, but is never really rises above average in any area. And if it weren't for the minigames, then there wouldn't be any redeeming value available to distinguish it from any other racers. Having drivers ejected from their cars is not enough, and if Empire and Bugbear make another racing title, they should take that into consideration. Flatout earns three out of five GiN Gems, for being an adequate if completely average racing game.
With a steep price drop, Flatout becomes a decent purchase. You'll need to suffer through some poorly done racing to get to the good stuff, but there's little question the frustrations are worth it. The first time you bowl with a human shot through a windshield screaming in agony, you'll realize how much fun rag doll physics are. If you just want crashes in this generation, just stick with Burnout.
1UP (Jul 15, 2005)
FlatOut basically feels like a slightly more frustrating successor to the original Destruction Derby series on the PlayStation 1 (well, the first two games). It does have a lot to offer, but it all feels a bit soulless somehow. It's more of a diversion than something you'll find yourself playing constantly, working towards completion.
Diehard GameFan (Aug 09, 2005)
As I’ve stated before in this review, the tracks are too similar and the Rag-Doll Driver gets old fast. Add those up and the game becomes tedious to play. The game does liven up with two players but not enough to save it. By yourself this game is about as addictive as root canal surgery, with a friend it’s a little less painful.
Lawrence (Aug 02, 2005)
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and if this is the case, the Burnout series should feel heavily complimented by FlatOut. The developers at Bugbear seem to have taken the basic ideas of the superb Burnout 3, moved them to a rural environment, and made it far less fun.