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Formula One 2003 Credits


Studio ManagerClemens Wangerin
Head Producer Phil Quirke-Webster
Head ProgrammerJason Chown
Art ManagerDave Crook
Studio Communications ManagerNino Ceraolo
Associate ProducerMartin Harrow
Lead ProgrammerJohn Young
Lead ArtistJonathan Eggelton (credited as Jon Eggelton)
Programming TeamRichard Byron, Tom Cooper, Robert Driver (credited as Rob Driver), Giles Evans-Pritchard, Vanessa Ibáñez, James Ogden, Sean Parkinson, Graeme Thornton, Stephen Ward (credited as Steve Ward), Darren A. Wood
Art TeamNeil Charsley, John Dwyer, Gavin Fitzgerald, Jon Kendrew, Gareth Molan, Stewart Shephard, Jay Weston, Adrian White
DesignThe Formula One Development Team
Additional DesignChris Grannell (credited as Chris Grannel)
A.I Level and Car Dynamic BalancingWayne Smith
Graphic DesignJohn Machin
In‑game MusicGary McKill
Sound EngineerMichael de Belle (credited as Michael DeBelle)
FMV Creative SpecialistNick Beedles
MISBarry John Edwards (credited as Barry Edwards), Mark Hall
Formula One Management Ltd.Sharon Garcia, Virginia Della Mura
Packaging Image Created byJonathan Eggelton (credited as Jon Eggelton)
Senior European Product ManagerColin Thomas
European New Release Manager Lauren Barry
Manual and Packaging TextSam Holding
QA Manual ApprovalStephen Griffiths, Andrew Kennington
QA ManagerGeoff Rens
Internal QA ManagerDavid Parkinson (credited as Dave Parkinson)
QA SupervisorGary Spencer
Lead TesterAlan Mawer
TestersIan Turnbull, Martin Gibney, Kieran Gaynor, Liam Robertson, Terence Matthews (credited as Terry Matthews), Jason Platt, Scott Denton, David Lyons (credited as Dave Lyons), Simon King
Lead TRC AuditorPaul French
TRC AuditorsJohn Hale, Michael Kennedy
CD DuplicationCraig Duddle, Chris Stanley
Localisation Lead TesterDomenico Visone
Localisation Testing FrenchGaëlle Grenapin, Yannick Paulet, Nadège Josa, Nathalie Marchau
Localisation Testing GermanDeniz Ulu, Nadine Martin, Katharina Tropf, Sandra Raue
Localisation Testing ItalianMonica Dalla Valle, Domenico Visone, Sacha Fellica, Giorgio Anselmi
Localisation Testing SpanishLeire Corcuera, Virginia Martin, José M. Flores, Yolanda Akil

Additional In-Game credits

Central PR ManagerImogen Baker
Studio AdministrationLisa Tyler
Art TeamDean Ashley, Mark Stokle
Music & Video Production: Production ManagerNicole Adams
Music & Video Production: Technical ConsultantJeff Culshaw
Music & Video Production: Film & TV SpecialistPerelandra Blanche
IT Systems: Web CommunicationsRobert Foxx
Executive Vice President DevelopmentPhil Harrison
Commentary ScriptClemens Wangerin, Richard Byron, Chris Granell
TV Commentary: EnglishJames Allen, Martin Brundle
TV Commentary:  FrenchJacques Laffite, Christophe Malbranque
TV Commentary: ItalianAndrea De Adamich, Claudia Peroni
TV Commentary: GermanChristian Donner, Heiko Wasser
TV Commentary: SpanishBalba Camino, Jamie Sornosa
TV Commentary: FinnishMatti Kyllönen, Erkki Mustakari (credited as Erikki Mustakari)
Pit and Arcade Commentary: EnglishColin Hoult, Evral Walsh
Pit and Arcade Commentary: FrenchHervé Caradec, Patrice Baudrier
Pit and Arcade Commentary: ItalianStefano Albertini, Marco Balzarotti
Pit and Arcade Commentary: GermanAndreas Gröber, Gilles Karolyi
Pit and Arcade Commentary: SpanishCarlos López, Salvador Serrano
Pit and Arcade Commentary: FinnishToni Immonen, Olli Koivusalo
Special Thanks toAll the Recording Studios and translators.
In‑Game PhotographyAll in-game photographic images supplied by Sutton Motorsport Images[]

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (166040)