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On the whole, I'd say Freestyle Metal X is an excellent game that's worth a purchase from any fan. However the reversal of the clutch and preload buttons from their location on the game HUD is a serious problem that can't be overlooked. The player is going to want to press the wrong button just about every time; there's no getting around it. This and the few other gameplay flaws have cost the game a few points, but it's still a great title after the fact.
GameZone (Jun 24, 2003)
This game plays well, and looks good. The musical score pops and drives this game very well. The action is well rendered and fast paced. Freestyle MetalX may come up a little short in the overall options, but this game is a terrific, high-flying action game with a touch of the arcade thrown in.
Overall the game has a enough going on with it to make its own mark on the Video game world and leave a good impression in the genre of which it takes its place. The large world, which takes about 12 hours just to make your way through with all of the challenges, gives enough variety to keep the game interesting. the mini-games (events) are fun and incredably interesting, which a special mention to human darts, which is enough to keep me entertained for hours. The music and overall feel of the game at least warrant a rental if not a purchase.
Worth Playing (Jul 23, 2003)
With blood and easy gameplay, what more can you ask for? Freestyle MetalX is great fun, and the controls are easy to pick up. It is also incredibly entertaining to see your player bail out. For you Tony Hawk players out there, this game might be a bit too easy, but you may still enjoy it.
Game Chronicles (Jul 25, 2002)
Freestyle Metal X takes all the great concepts from games that have come before it and genetically engineered them into an enhanced super-game. The trick system is overwhelming in scope and the difficulty is challenging yet rewarding once you master its nuances. Combined with creative level design, fun challenges, and a rocking soundtrack you couldn’t ask for a better game.
PGNx Media (Oct 12, 2003)
Freestyle MetalX does well on its promises. It delivers a fast, arcade-style experience in your console. The visuals are nice, the sound is alright, the controls are tight and well, it’s a very easy game to get into.
80 (GAF) (Jul 31, 2003)
Freestyle Metal X is like a summer blockbuster movie, what is lacks in originality it makes up for in refinement and sheer fun. Like the soundtrack it boasts, it’s loud, fast and hard…okay, really it’s loud, fast and moderately challenging but never let it be said I let the facts get in the way of a well-turned phrase. It’s Freestyle Metal X up your ass…now let’s hope Lars doesn’t notice that logo.
80 (Sep 19, 2003)
Freestyle Metal X est un excellent jeu qui vous fera passer de bons moments sur votre PS2. Son système de combos novateur ainsi que ses nombreuses options de jeu lui assurent un franc succès. Ne vous en privez pas !
IGN (Jun 30, 2003)
While it won't win any beauty contests, and the control is a little tough to master at first, Freestyle Metal X is unique in that it is a trick-based motocross game. Most of the others, including the trick-heavy Freekstyle, have been racers at their core. This is fresher. FMX is nearly an 8, and should appeal to extreme sports game fans across the board. Even if you've been bored with the recent crop of X-titles, check this one out. It's wide-open, fun and has a good sense of humor, to boot. Besides, who can resist the allure of Motley Crue, Megadeth and Motorhead contributing heavily to the soundtrack?
AceGamez (Oct, 2003)
Freestyle MetalX is a welcome addition to the extreme sports line-up and might actually give Tony Hawk a run for its money if discovered by enough gamers. This is the best dirt-biking game I've played; huge air, cool tricks, fun challenges, multiple mini-games and its own awesome style and presentation make Freestyle MetalX a very good extreme sports title that's worth purchasing if you're a big fan of extreme sports or dirt-biking. If you're not, go ahead and try renting it - you never know, you might just like it.
GameSpot (Jun 30, 2003)
Freestyle MetalX is worth renting if you're a fan of the motocross genre, but the game has enough problems to keep casual fans from finding too much to enjoy here. The trick system might be cool, but the rest of the game can't really pull its own weight, leaving behind an uneven final product.
Game Revolution (Aug 01, 2003)
Overall, Freestyle Metal X is an average game built on a lot of great, borrowed ideas. The playability is good and there are plenty of tricks to be tried, but folks with more active imaginations and sensitive fingers might want to stay away from this C-class jump-fest.
The trick system is what keeps me coming back to it. I find it one of the best trick systems I've played. But I can see it frustrating some people. These issues may be cleared up on the other platforms. But the Playstation 2 version is still fairly decent, and is worth renting. Extreme sports people are going to like this game I think. But the average gamer may shy away from it. Like I said, not great, but certainly not terrible.
Game Critics (Sep 10, 2003)
As the game loudly and crudely screams its carefully marketed 'anti-establishment' message, it also manages to ask "Why care anymore?" When videogames are capable of so much, yet consistently deliver so little, it's hard not to feel a little depressed. But that could be the Dostoyevsky talking.