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What then is my recommendation? It will probably take you at least fifteen to twenty minutes at least to beat each level, assuming you win, and there are nineteen levels. Couple that with the fact that you can play through the game again under the individual rules rather than team rules and you've got a single-player mode that will last you a decent amount of time. If you have a friend who likes the game as well, the multiplayer could potentially also have a fair share of time put into it. I would say that if you have any interest in strategy games, you owe it to yourself and to the makers of this game to give it a chance. In my opinion, it could have been a reasonable choice at full-price, so it is well worth what you are likely to pay for it.
Adventure Lantern (May, 2006)
Considering the bargain price of this title, I would put it into the “Must Have” category. Whether you buy it new or used, you’ll get your money’s worth – assuming you like the kind of game I’ve just described.
Game Chronicles (Jun 25, 2004)
Tactics videogames have been around since the 1980s and let's face it: despite better graphics and more powerful systems, not a whole lot has changed over the years. Tactics games are RPG’s for people who love micromanaging their troops. They stress statistics in battle as well as strategic placement on a battle board, which is usually represented by a map with movement squares on it. There are ratings for everything - attack, defense, jumping and moving distances and so on. Battles are extremely slow and often incorporate large parts of story into them, rather than being separate from story segments as in a traditional RPG.
PGNx Media (Jun 18, 2004)
In Future Tactics, you control a character named Low in an alien-overran Earth. Low has lost his father to an attack from these aliens, simply named Creatures. So far, they couldn’t be stopped because they posses regenerative powers. Fortunately, Low has discovered this and is now powered by the Immortality Engine. He has set out to free his fellow humans from the Creatures.
IGN (May 06, 2004)
If you happen to like the basic premise of tactical RPGs but aren't so keen on shifting through complicated math formulas to learn how much damage a certain attack will cause, don't like having to plot out movements in advance because you can't properly calculate movement costs, or simply dislike gridded environments, Crave Entertainment might have the perfect solution for you. Developer ZedTwo's Future Tactics: The Uprising blends tactical planning with action elements -- revolutionizing the way you view strategy games. With the right ideas in place -- turn based action -- is ZedTwo able to back Uprising with solid gameplay? Read on.
GameZone (Jun 01, 2004)
The world was one of stability, then the creatures came. They overran the world and took away the sense of permanence people felt. Humankind was afraid to lay down roots, and basically went on the run.
GameSpot (May 06, 2004)
Future Tactics: The Uprising is a genre-bending title that takes both turn-based strategy and action-oriented gameplay elements, combines them with RPG-style character advancement, and then throws everything into a world with highly destructible and deformable environments. It's an intriguing experiment that ultimately suffers from shallow, simplistic gameplay and an uninvolving story mode rife with bland characters.
The game, a more action-oriented take on the tactical-RPG genre, comes from a small publisher, Crave, with almost no advertising budget pushing the game to the forefront of anyone’s minds. It’s the kind of title that could easily get overlooked since it’s not connected to a pre-established franchise, as in the case of last year’s Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced on GBA. Instead, Future Tactics is an increasingly rare beast in console gaming: something new and a little bit different, rather than a copycat title or a sequel.
PSM (Jul, 2004)
Future Tactics was clearly created for players who find the development trees and the scores of units in most RTS games overwhelming. It's a bit short and simplistic, but not bad at all given it's $20 bargain price.
Worth Playing (Jul 15, 2004)
None of the videogame consoles are exactly brimming with strategy games. The Playstation 2’s got Disgaea, the Game Boy Advance has Advance Wars and Final Fantasy Tactics – and, well, the Gamecube and Xbox just haven’t been lucky at all. Is it to good to be true that a new console offering called Future Tactics is here, and attemps to mix turn-based strategy with real-time action elements? And that it’s available at a budget price?
60 (UK) (Sep 15, 2004)
Having spent many a happy handheld hour hiding in the corner with an Advance War in progress, or steering our ragtag band of oddly named Fire Emblemeers towards their goal, we've long kept an eye open for a turn-based strategy title to play on our consoles under the TV. And with Kuju's Advance Wars offering still some way off, and surprisingly few similar titles in the PS2, Xbox or Cube's back catalogue, Zed Two's Future Tactics has swallowed up a fair bit of our curiosity ever since we first heard about it - the subsequent downfall of the UK-based developer notwithstanding [Zed's dead - dead Ed]. It's been out for a few months in the States, as you may know, but now it's on its way to Europe, and should be with us by the end of October courtesy of the good folks at the questionably capitalised JoWooD. We couldn't be bothered to wait any longer.
However, it does have a $20 price tag, so if you really enjoy turn-based strategy and want to see an interesting new take on the genre, this could be worth a look.
GamerDad (Jul 14, 2004)
Creatures have taken over the world.And thus begins Future Tactics: The Uprising, a melting pot of tactics strategy and action shooter elements, combined haphazardly into an often repetitive gaming experience.
The enemy AI is terrible, as is the fact that losing one unit can end the game. Other than the price, Future Tactics has nothing to offer.
Netjak (Jun 09, 2004)
Someone must have known that this game is lacking, because it's opening price is almost half that of other new games. But this is a true case of getting exactly what one pays for. We at Netjak can only hope that other publishers will be just as honest about their games.
40 (Nov 26, 2004)
Future Tactics aurait pu s'en tirer honorablement si sa maniabilité n'avait pas été sujette à tant de problèmes. Ces soucis seront autant de raisons pour bouder ce titre puisqu'à aucun moment le joueur ne sera véritablement à l'aise. Dommage, d'autant que l'idée de départ qui était de proposer un jeu d'action tactique accessible à tous, était excellente.