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Advertising Blurbs

Back of Case - PlayStation 2 (UK):

    Galerians: Ash

    It is the year 2528.

    Humanity is fighting a losing battle against a new breed of technology.

    6 years ago... After developing a flaw in her system, Dorothy, a sentient computer is convinced she is a God. The creation of the Galerians has now begun. By creating a super race of humanoids with extraordinary psychic abilities, Dorothy will be both Ruler & God.

    By polluting the atmosphere with radiation, Dorothy plans to wipe out the rest of humanity, leaving Earth to the Galerians.

    Rion, a young man with great psychic abilities managed to destroy Dorothy, in an intense battle that resulted in his death.

    6 years later... The surviving Galerians are now attempting to revive Dorothy, which would result in the complete extinction of humanity.

    Top Scientist Lilia has succeeded in bringing Rion back to life, with a new mission, to destroy all surviving Galerians.

    Rion is mankind's only hope for survival.


    Stay with the action with a lock-on targeting system.

    Psychic battles in 60fps.

    Over 60 minutes of high quality CG.

    Contributed by TechSmurfy (915) on May 24, 2012.

Back of Keep Case (US):

    Stay with the action with a lock-on targeting system.

    Real Time battles in 60FPS.

    Featuring over 60 minutes of High Quality CG cutscenes.

    It is the year 2528.

    Humans are still at war against evolved technology.

    Humanoids with Psychic abilities were created by a sentient computer named "Dorothy". Dorothy used them to pollute the atmosphere with radiation to eliminate the human race. Rion, a young man with great psychic powers, defeated Dorothy 6 years ago. Now her followers are trying to revive her, and it's up to Rion to defeat the Last... Galerians.

    Contributed by MAT (214452) on Dec 14, 2004.

    The year is 2528, six years after the young psychic powerhouse Rion destroyed Dorothy, the sentient computer with delusions of God-like grandeur, and fatally 'crashed' his own brain in the process. Since then, his friend and top scientist has kept him preserved in a super hypothermic preservation device while she continues to research how to bring him back to life.

    That time has now come, and not a moment too soon as the surviving Galerians - psychic beings created by Dorothy to eliminate mankind - are now attempting to revive Dorothy, and Rion is the only being in existence who has the power to shut them down for good.


    A sequel to the acclaimed PS one 'psychic survival horror' Galerians, this dark adventure see you, as Rion, battling your own kind while dealing with your own addiction to the Psychic Power Enhancement Chemicals (PPECs) that enhance your extrasensory abilities. An intuitive new lock-on targeting system makes combat a far more enjoyable affair, while over 60 minutes of beautiful cutscenes make the grim proceedings a little easier on the eye, if not the mind.


  • Over an hour of top quality CG cutscenes

  • Engage in psychic battles at a silky-smooth 60 frames per second

  • Lock-on targeting ensures you never lose track of your foes

    Contributed by Xoleras (66593) on Sep 23, 2004.

antstream tournament