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Consoles Plus (Apr, 2003)
Doté d'une ambiance unique et d'un système de jeu original, Galerians mélange subtilement survival-horror et aventure. Un soft qui ne passera pas inaperçu !
PGNx Media (Feb 19, 2003)
While Galerians: Ash has some shortcomings, it is a very good game. You get a good, powerful storyline, innovative attacks, visual flair, excellent sound effects and a good adventure title to round things up. There are some gripes, and “what ifs” but Galerians: Ash should keep PS2 owners busy for a few weeks.
Graphically, the cutscenes are very stylish, exhibiting some striking sequences and Gigeresque character designs. On the downside, the gameplay sections are not nearly as detailed. Also, once you've become accustomed to the odd playstyle, it's apparent that the game simply involves a lot wandering around until you stumble across the next boss battle. These fights are compelling, but seem to depend more on having the correct inventory than your skill. Despite its shortcomings, I was charmed by Galerians: Ash.
GameZone (Jan 21, 2003)
Overall, Galerians: Ash will probably cater to the survival horror fans out there and offers something a little more unique than the run of the mill action game that is seen so frequently today. It’s a good blend of horror, science fiction, and unique gameplay that stands alone in its genre. While it improves on the original title for PSX and definitely operates and looks a lot better even boasting 60FPS consistently, it unfortunately has flaws to it that may cause even survival horror buffs to get a tad frustrated. Ultimately, science fiction, anime, and ex - Raccoon City veterans will probably get enjoyment from it, and fans of the original will love it, but if those types of games just aren’t your thing … you will definitely want to rent this one first.
Game Chronicles (Feb 23, 2003)
Galerians: Ash may not be for everyone, but if you enjoy action, adventure, survival horror, or just a good old sci-fi inspired story you will at least want to give this a rental.
The combat of Galerians: Ash isn't quite up to par with some of the top games in the genre like Resident Evil or Eternal Darkness, but it does offer an incredibly over-the-top story that reminded me many times of the anime classic Akira. If you can look past the repetitive action and are just looking for an intense, anime-styled tale, Galerians: Ash will not disappoint. Be warned however, that the adventure is short and not for everyone.
PSX Extreme (Mar 14, 2003)
Although Sammy provides a solid localization of Galerians: ASH, the game itself is a game ridden with flaws. Mediocre sound with average graphics coupled with a combat system that lacks fluidity brings the game down. While the story is a bit interesting, the game is, at best, worth a rental.
65 (Apr 24, 2003)
Comme son prédécesseur sorti sur PSX, Galerians : ASH fait une entrée discrète sur PS2 avec un titre qui vaut surtout pour son excellent scénario, ses superbes séquences cinématiques et son univers troublant, tandis qu'il déçoit parfois par la répétitivité de son gameplay et la médiocrité de sa réalisation. Un titre que sauront tout de même apprécier ceux qui avaient été séduits par le premier opus.
GameSpy (Feb 01, 2003)
That's easier said than done; I have a feeling Polygon Magic, who've left a trail of mediocre games behind them (PlayStation's Vs., Countdown Vampires, and this game's prequel to mention a few, um, highlights) throughout the years will eventually grind to a halt without having achieved anything. When I started this game, I thought they were almost there -- but in truth, they're nowhere near.
GameSpot (Feb 07, 2003)
Galerians: Ash is not only a surprisingly difficult game, but it's also a fairly boring one. You'll spend too much time running around bland environments, trying to figure out who you need to talk with next to advance the story or trigger the next enemy encounter. The dialogue is often generic and the tasks are often banal, making the game a lot less interesting than it could have been. Ash's premise may be fairly imaginative, but the plot doesn't hold any real surprises, and it provides little incentive to press onward through the mire of the gameplay. It's a shame--the game features some pretty good ideas, but they aren't quite brought to fruition. With a little more polish, Galerians: Ash could have been something special, but as it stands, it doesn't really live up to its potential.
49 (May 19, 2003)
Wie so viele Fortsetzungen, ist auch Galerians: Ash deutlich schlechter als das Original. Das ist um so ärgerlicher, als dass Story und Spielidee eigentlich jede Menge Potenzial gehabt hätten. Doch was auf der PSone noch relativ gut funktionierte, entpuppt sich auf der PS2 sowohl technisch als auch spielerisch gesehen nur mehr als Schatten seiner selbst. Das einst taktische Kampfsystem wurde dabei genauso verpfuscht wie die ehemals originellen (Scan-)Rätsel oder das beklemmende Survival-Horror-Feeling. Zudem ist der Spielverlauf so linear und künstlich in die Länge gezogen, dass man sich wie ein Statist in einer interaktiven Seifenoper vorkommt. Auch das Gameplay wirkt umständlich und träge und der Schwierigkeitsgrad teils ziemlich überzogen. Nicht einmal die düstere Endzeitstimmung kommt überzeugend rüber. Wie auch, wenn die eigentlich interessante Story immer wieder unter banalen Dialogen, stereotypen Charakteren und haarsträubenden Übersetzungen zu leiden hat.
Insert Credit (Mar 20, 2003)
Galerians: Ash is not a good game. I was really hoping for something good to come out of this, given that Polygon Magic was involved. They’re the quirky developers of Incredible Crisis and Slap Happy Rhythm Busters. I expect good things from these guys! Hope and expectations dashed, this is what we’re left with; a poor battle engine surrounded by amateurish hunt and grab exercises. And it’s too damned hard! Play it in easy mode if you must play it at all. You’ll get a few more items this way and might not have to resort to tedious wall crawling for your health fix.
IGN (Feb 04, 2003)
Galerians: Ash could be categorized as a survival horror, or an action adventure, or even a light RPG. Call it what you want, but I'd call it dull. There are just too many problems and too little to do in the game to make it worth anyone's time. If you were a big, and I mean big fan of the original, trying renting Galerians: Ash. Everyone else, avoid at all costs.
Enterbrains försök att kombinera film och spel är långt ifrån unikt. Med Galerians: Ash visar de hur svårt det kan vara. Det största problemet är att spelet saknar en vettig balans mellan det omständiga stridssystemet och den näst intill usla kontrollen. Allting är så segt och trötgt att jag vara vill springa vidare istället. för att stanna upp och tänka. Därmed missar man både utforskandet och problemlösningen, vilka utgör äventyrets kärna. Och då spelar det ju faktiskt ingen roll att konceptet som sådant har stor potential. Jag stänger av ändå.
Gaming Target (Apr 30, 2003)
If you can manage to sit yourself down and actually play through the entire game, Ash offers a pretty long quest. Like I said, this is only if you can get yourself to play through the entire thing. As for playing through it a second time, I honestly don’t see how it’s possible. If you attempt to go through it a second time, don’t blame me if you cause yourself physical harm or turn to insanity.
30 (UK) (Apr 22, 2003)
The repetition of the exploration, the game world, and the unsatisfying combat leaves Galerians: Ash failing to engage at any point. It's one of those games that has you looking at your watch, praying that you've played it long enough so you can go and write the review and never have to play it again (nice box and manual though!). And now for the sound bite, for all those of you that skip straight to the last line. Not so much survival horror, just a horrible survival game.
Factornews (May 26, 2003)
La sauce ne prend jamais quand on joue à ce Galerians Ash. Si le jeu n’est pas totalement mauvais dans le fond (grâce à un scénar déroutant mais au final bien ficelé), son gameplay répétitif et désormais déjà vu vient compléter une réalisation honteuse tant au niveau artistique que technique. A vite oublier.

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