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Galerians: Ash Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Loading screen
Dorothy, the main computer that created galerians and proclaimed itself as their god
Opening cinematic introduces main characters and other galerians
Main menu
Prior to starting the new game, a brief yet long cinematic summarizes the events that took place in the original game
Rion and Lilia, taking off around the place the first game ended
You can look through Rion's eyes in 1st-person perspective, but cannot move and the same time
Thanks to his psychic powers, Rion can see images of the past connected to certain places
You can save your game at the computer terminals
Someone should teach this guard some manners, but Rion cannot attack friendly NPCs, though
Rion testing a nalcon-drug psychic attack by fire
Rion's inventory
Various files at hand will provide you with a useful info or unnecessary details
He's clearly underestimating the skill of a player