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Go Go Golf is a player golfing game for one to four, where there's only one human player the game provides the opposition.

The player(s) play as one of eight predefined golfing characters, each with their own strengths, on three golf courses which can be played in three ways:
Stroke Play: here the match is played over eighteen holes and the player who completes the round in the fewest strokes wins
Match Play: where it is the player who wins the most holes who takes the match, here if a player is, say, five holes ahead with just four remaining they are declared the winner
Tour: Here the objective is to win more than $1.5m in one season. In order to achieve this the player must win a qualifying match in May so that they can compete in a major tournament. There are four major golfing tournaments in Japan in June and July, two nationals the All Japan Masters and the Asian Open, and two internationals the International World Classic and the World Classic. By winning the nationals the player can progress to the internationals and the big prize money. Games can only be saved during a tour

The game has an unusual, one button, style of gameplay. Cross is used to initiate a stroke. As the player shapes up to take their swing a shadowy outline appears behind them and the player must press Cross again at, or near to the top of the swing, the game does not allow Cross to be used beyond the top of the swing. On the downswing the player must press Cross again at the point of impact. With each press during the back and down strokes the player sees a message ranging from "Too Fast"; "A Bit Too Fast", "Correct", "Perfect"; Amazing Skill", through to "Too Slow" and others.
Club selection is automatic and the player cannot make their own shots, with most approach strokes the player has a choice of three shots to play and on the green there is only one shot option.

There is no course or hole flyby in this game, no gimme's, no mulligan's, and no character creation. Neither the eight players nor the three courses are based on anyone or anywhere in real life. In-game the player can view the ground ahead before they play their shot but all camera viewpoints are automatic.
All matches are played over eighteen holes, none of that 'front nine', 'back nine' rubbish here.


Go Go Golf PlayStation 2 The game is played entirely with the CROSS<br>This shows the shadow image of the backswing<br>CROSS must be presses when the player reaches that point of their stroke for a perfect shot
Go Go Golf PlayStation 2 Things don't always go to plan
Go Go Golf PlayStation 2 The game's title screen
Go Go Golf PlayStation 2 Lining up at the tee<br>The mini map shows three possible shots the player can make

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