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The God of Beat 'em up NeoJ (455) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
Thoughtless violence Asinine (1006) 2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars2 Stars
Thumbs up OrganicTissue777 (3) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
Wonderful, almost like a movie!! David Bryan (25) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
Adds beautifully to the original's immense impact. John H. (59) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.1
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.7
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.5
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (77 votes) 4.1

Critic Reviews

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Gaming since 198x (Jun 16, 2008)
Le Dieu de la Guerre est de retour, et quel retour. Incontestablement ce second épisode de God of War est encore supérieur à son prédécesseur, qui avait pourtant placé la barre très haut. Une aventure épique, haletante, et indispensable à tout amateur de beat'em all.
UOL Jogos (Mar 23, 2007)
"God of War II" é basicamente uma extensão do primeiro jogo. Isso quer dizer que continua excelente e ainda foi melhorado onde possível, principalmente na dimensão e intensidade da aventura. Não é o suficiente para compensar a perda de impacto - afinal o mesmo "truque" não funciona tão bem numa segunda vez -, mas o saldo ainda é muito positivo. Com uma produção primorosa, o título só não deve agradar quem não é afeito à ação e violência. É a melhor despedida que a série poderia ter no PlayStation 2.
The Video Game Critic (Apr 16, 2007)
The only technical flaw I could detect was some slight waviness in the graphics, but I'll chalk that up to the game pushing the hardware to the brink. And if Sony is trying to impress me by tossing in a bonus DVD with trailers and behind the scene documentaries, well, its working! They could have included it in some overpriced "premium edition", but thank goodness they didn't. The Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 may have the best technical specifications, but the Playstation 2 has the best game: God of War 2.
Game Shark (Apr 09, 2007)
God of War 2 brings back all the things that made the first game such a huge hit, including an incredible battle right at the start of the game to set the pace for the rest of the way. Although some things can be more than a little frustrating like the Pegasus portion of the game or the need to use Icarus’s wings to access places, the overall game is a masterpiece matched only by the first God of War. The second game builds on what made the first so good and makes it all that much better of an experience. The graphics are gorgeous and the sounds and voices are bang on. Not only is the game play a fantastic experience, but the graphics and voices all combine to make the game an above average outing. The God of War series is one the best out there for the Playstation 2 and this second incarnation keeps it going full steam. Do yourself a favor and pick this game up and keep it in your collection for a long time to come.
Jive Magazine (Apr 02, 2007)
Mythological monsters are abundant with familiar faces like the gorgon and the harpies. The new monsters like the gryphon give gamers something to be excited about. In the end, there are plenty of monsters to kill. Kratos will also encounter some famous names in Greek mythology, emphasizing just how much the Gods love to make life a living nightmare.
Digital Chumps (Mar 18, 2008)
Games like God of War II are so exceedingly rare. I’ve been playing games for about twenty years now, and for a game to come along and instantly become one of my favorites of all time is something truly special. God of War II manages to take everything great about the original blockbuster classic and improve upon it, making an even more powerful and memorable experience.
Maxim Magazine (Mar 13, 2007)
The first level alone manages to top even the original's awesome hydra battle. (We seriously thought it was un-toppable. We were wrong.) Yank the eyeball out of a Cyclops. Pop the head off a Gorgon. Make a mini-minotaur deep-throat your blades. Brutal violence, big tits, and some of the finest boss battles you'll ever see leave us wondering why the fuck we even need the PS3 when awesome games like this are still being made on the supposedly "dying" PS2.
God of War II is a must-have game. Seriously, if you're an action fan and totally ignore the game's release, you're missing out on one of the best examples the genre has ever seen.
TotalPlayStation (Mar 15, 2007)
Congrats, guys, you've managed to create the defining experience on the PlayStation 2. This is, hands-down, the most impressive game you'll see on Sony's loveable black box, and seeing as it's been arguably the most impressive console in the history of games, that's a serious accolade. Now, get to work on that God of War PS3 game we're all clamoring for. It's your fault for ending the game on such a cliffhanger.
100 (Mar 23, 2007)
In the end, though, this is essentially the same game as God of War with more packed in: more carnage, more involved puzzles, new magic and weapons, new extremely beautiful areas, more collectables and unlockable minigames, a Titan Mode difficulty, unlockable costumes, and more bosses and enemies than before. Those who enjoyed the first game will feel right at home without feeling either bored or tricked out of a new experience. Those that haven't will enjoy it, too. There are a few problems - as said, the camera can be a bit annoying at times, and there have been reports of serious glitches (so do yourself a favor and use multiple save slots), but ultimately none of the flaws are either too game-breaking or detracting to the overall experience which is, in a word, impressive.
100 (Apr 13, 2007)
More an evolution of the classic formula than a revolutionary new approach, GOWII polishes every aspect of the first game and boasts some of the richest, most imaginative graphics in console history. The PS2 may be on its last legs, but this is one hell of a way to go.
Mansized (May 02, 2007)
So what if it’s just more of the same. When the gaming’s this good, who really gives a monkeys? Get out there and buy this beauty right now.
AceGamez (May 29, 2007)
It's a game that has everything - a dark and disturbed anti-hero on a quest for vengeance against the God of Gods, the most satisfying and visceral combat system you're ever likely to experience, visuals that yet again push beyond the limits of what we all thought the PS2 could achieve, a soundtrack that puts all but the very best fantasy movies into the shade, and some of the most varied, challenging and intelligent enemies you'll ever come across, with some truly stunning landscapes full of obstacles and puzzles to overcome and platforms to navigate. It's one of the most addictive, entertaining and satisfying games you'll ever play and yet another absolutely unmissable PS2 title that every gamer who's old enough simply must buy. It's a mistake to say that you take control of Kratos; from the moment the action begins, Kratos takes control of you - and he won't let go for a long time to come, so go and buy this game right now, before you incur the wrath of the God of War!
FZ (Jun 06, 2007)
Och då, när jag avslutat min vandring i de vackra vyerna med den arge Kratos och lämnar över kontrollen till min trånande sambo för att ge honom samma vackra spelupplevelse som jag just fått, just då kan jag bara säga att God of War II förmodligen är det bästa hack 'n slash-liret som gjorts till PS2 - någonsin! Det spöar, rent ut sagt, skiten ur God of War och alla dess gelikar. God of War II är som en våt dröm, helt klart så perfekt som ett avsked till en älskad konsol ska vara.
God of War II is a masterpiece of action gaming. Story, production values, gameplay, … it’s the whole package, and it runs just beautifully on the PS3 too in case you’re interested. Unless you absolutely hate action gamers, you’ll absolutely love God of War II.
Digital Spy (Apr 28, 2007)
Stunning cinematography aside, God of War 2 is near flawless in its design. With intense battles, stunning views, great puzzles and just the right amount of exploration, the game oozes quality. Currently riding high at number one in the American charts, this is just what the PlayStation 2 needs to give it a boost. If you thought the PS2 was on its way out, this epic title may just help change your mind.
GameSpy (Feb 12, 2007)
Undoubtedly, you didn't even need to read this review, because you're already planning on hitting up your local game store so that you can nab a copy of God of War II. If anything, the most I can do hear is confirm what you already suspect: God of War II is an awesome experience full of all the things that made the original so mind-blowingly rad (and even a few surprises that you wouldn't expect). Rather than make the tired Clash of the Titans analogy (because, let's face it, while nostalgically valuable, that movie was hopelessly flawed), I'd compare God of War II to the classic pre-Clash masterpieces of Ray Harryhausen (be sure to click that link if you don't know who he is, he's important), especially since Jason and his Golden Fleece (sans Argonauts) make an appearance.
GamePro (US) (Mar 13, 2007)
Suffice it to say, no review can truly capture the magnificence of God of War II. There are memorable moments galore, the kind that you'll try in vain to describe to your friends but words can't fully do justice to this game. God of War II's sole imperfection is that its graphics remain relatively unchanged from the original, but at the end of the day this is an insignificant pimple on the face of this goliath of a game.
Yahoo! Games (Mar 13, 2007)
We haven't been able to evaluate the second disc of extras Sony is packing into every retail copy, as our gold master didn't include the bonus material. Not that it matters. God of War II is the strongest game to hit the PS2 this year, and should be high on the list of best games on the system, period. The days of the PlayStation2 may be numbered, but it's rare that a console is able to go out on such a high note.
GameStart (Apr 30, 2007)
God of War II é o jogo de ação que não deve ser deixado para trás. Do tipo feito para aqueles que gostam de jogar e ponto final, esquecendo as plataformas. Violento, sanguinário, massivo, memorável e acima de tudo, divertido. A última aventura de Kratos no PlayStation 2 não só encerra o eterno videogame da Sony com chave de ouro, mas também entra para a história com uma das melhores e mais competentes seqüências (senão a melhor) de jogos de ação já criadas.
JustPressPlay (Apr 12, 2007)
If this is the swan song for the Playstation Two, then it’s a great one. God of War 2 is nothing but an experience that any gamer should not miss and with a game that’s twice as long as it’s predecessor you won’t be disappointed.
While the story issues and a slight “I’ve done this before” factor stop it just short of perfection, God of War II is a title you simply cannot miss. It never stopped being one of the best games I’ve ever played. Consider this fair warning, though: From the moment you pick up this game, your life will transform into a constant struggle. Should you fulfill your everyday responsibilities or play God of War II? Responsibility will lose the battle often – but even then, you win.
With the number of original, exclusive titles showing up on the PS2 dwindling, God of War II is perhaps the system’s last great send off – making it a must play for any action fan, or fan of good games in general.
Lawrence (Mar 19, 2007)
If you own a PS2, it would be an absolute crime not to buy God of War II. Like the first, it's a relatively short experience, but it's easily amongst the top five on the system. Every single aspect of the title exhibits an extraordinary amount of production value, and it's stellar on both a gameplay and narrative level. I wouldn't want the PS2 to go out in any other way.
PSX Extreme (Mar 17, 2007)
Essentially, God of War II takes everything great from the original and amplifies it by a factor of ten, while ditching most of the flaws. As such, God of War II is not only the best action/adventure game ever to grace the Playstation 2, but also one of the most amazing gaming experiences of the entire generation, and one that should not be missed by anyone who can handle the extreme violence and sexual content.
It may still be early in the year, but God of War 2 has set the bar for all future 2007 Game of the Year contenders. You simply won't find a more satisfying single player experience on the PS2.
97 (May 04, 2007)
Considering the near flawlessness of the original it would have been tempting to produce nothing more than a new set of levels and call it a sequel, instead it seems like the developers listened to the few small criticisms of the original, fixed those while also using a general bigger is better policy to come up with a game that remarkably manages to outshine the original while retaining everything that made it so good. Epic is a word that tends to be thrown around a lot when it comes to games but in GOWII we have a game that deserves such an accolade far more than most, from its sweeping dramatic cinematography to the massive scale of its levels there's a real sense that the game's whole development has been a labour of love which has resulted in a game of outstanding quality. There isn't a reason I can think of for any PS2 owner not to rush out and buy God of War II at the first opportunity, Sony have saved the best for last and we should all be thankful.
PGNx Media (Apr 05, 2007)
God of War II doesn’t have the same freshness that the prequel did. That’s a given. It doesn’t reinvent the wheel but for some 12 hours we’re seeing tighter, nimbler combat, fantastic level designs, and great gameplay. GOW II is undoubtedly better than its prequel and ultimately one of the best games on any last generation console. Even gamers with a PS3 should be picking it up since the scope of the game is still very impressive, even considering new-gen competition.
IGN (Feb 12, 2007)
God of War II may in fact be the best action game ever made. It outdoes the original God of War in every way, even if only by a tiny bit as the first was so good to begin with. It's an evolutionary step rather than a revolutionary leap, but it has basically perfected the formula that the original set up. If you own a PlayStation 2 (or PS3) and don't mind excessive amounts of blood, you absolutely must play this game. If you don't own a PS2, find someone who does and sit yourself down in front of their TV for 12 or so hours as you'll otherwise be missing out on one of gaming's most intense and engaging experiences available.
Cheat Code Central (Mar 15, 2007)
God of War II lives up to the hype of the last great title for the PS2, by offering a lot of the old and a healthy dose of new. The game's pace is quicker than the first so you might finish it quickly, but like the first title there are tons of unlockable content, including new levels of difficulty and costumes. Much like the first, you will spend countless hours playing and not even realize how much time has passed. Once you do beat it you will immediately want to start it again. It is great to have a title that is rife with mindless carnage, easy controllability, and Greek Mythology all rolled into one. It will be amazing when SCEA moves God of War over to the PS3, but for now this is as good as it gets.
Gamer Within (Apr 03, 2007)
As far as games on the seminal black monolith go, it just doesn’t get any better than this. The gameplay, aural and visual elements, not to mention the sheer scope of the environments and momentous battles you’ll be engaged in are some of the best you’ll ever experience in our favorite medium. Aside from the occasional frustrating battle (especially with those pesky medusae), the only negative part about this game is that it’s over in about thirteen hours and ultimately leaves you hanging at the very end. Sure, there are some bonus games, alternate costumes and unforgiving harder difficulties, but those just seem like obligatory consolation prizes in comparison to the completed story mode. In the end, great action, great story, an excellent main character, and great environments make this game a must have, but the technical feats this game brings make it even more. A 2,000-word review just can’t do it justice.
Gaming Target (Apr 10, 2007)
With all the attention directed to the next-gen systems, here comes a game that shows that the PS2 is still the baddest boy on the block and probably will be for a good while. If it's a final sendoff before Sony begins to slightly phase it away in favor of PS3, God of War II is a hell of a finale. Sure it doesn't rewrite the books and has some nagging design issues, but what you get is still one of the most intense, savage, and satisfying action games out there. There aren't too many games out there that are designed for pure thrill anymore, but this is one of them, and Sony is to be commended for delivering such a quality title, and delivering a sequel that arguably surpasses its predecessor in almost every way.
Jolt (UK) (May 03, 2007)
Still, it’s not as if these points could actually have an effect on the overall impact of the game. God of War 2 is every bit the classic action/adventure game, not just living up to its predecessor but overtaking it. It’s brutal, beautiful and brilliant. God of War 2 gives gamers more of exactly what’s wanted: unashamedly blood-thirsty combat, an epic storyline and one badass anti-hero who doesn’t say anything without shouting it. You’re doing your PS2 a disservice if you don’t see it out with God of War 2.
The first God of War was amazing, and the second picks up right where the original left off with an incredible story, addicting gameplay, mesmerizing environment, and memorable epic boss fights. Santa Monica Studios once again came through with a mega-hit and launched Kratos into one of the best PlayStation mascots. If you love an epic story, hack-and-slash gameplay mixed in with a few puzzles, this game is for you.
GamesCollection (Jun 05, 2008)
Che dire di più. Kratos entra di diritto nella mitologia degli eroi videoludici. Degli antieroi in verità, che forse proprio per questo sono più amati di quelli senza macchia (e Kratos ne ha di macchie!). E God Of War 2 con i sui spazi immensi, con l'incredibile tecnica grafica, con la cura estrema per il dettaglio e per il modo in cui rende videoludicamente appetibile la mitologia greca (e ne inventa nel frattempo una sua), merita di stare nell'olimpo degli action. Chissa cosa ci riserverà il buon David Jeffe su ps3...
Softpedia (Mar 28, 2007)
This is the best game I've played in 2007, by far the best action-adventure title for the PS2. The producers managed to use the same recipe that created the hit God of War, without creating an annoying and repetitive title. It's filled with new content, new characters, beautiful environments, tons of combos to do, lots of violence and there's even a sex scene (censored of course) added for the adult public. God of War 2 is a must for anyone that calls himself a true gamer, because it's a masterpiece and the ultimate exploitation of the PS2's resources.
IGN UK (Mar 30, 2007)
Little of the core gameplay has been changed for this sequel – the combat, huge-scale settings and beautiful cinematography of the first game returns, but with a whole new quest. It’s still near flawless in design and structure: a game that puts you on a path and lets you follow it, concentrating on smart, bite-sized puzzles and enjoyable, brutal combat – with some magnificent views along the way. It’s got the Hollywood beginning, but, unlike many blockbuster films, never descends into cheap thrills and action. The quality remains throughout. The PS2 might be on its way out, but the great games keep coming. This is one of the greatest.
95 (May 30, 2007)
Nikt nie jest doskonały – także Kratos. Produkt jaki zaserwowało nam Sony Computer Entertainment ociera się o ideał, ale posiada kilka rysek. Większość niedociągnięć poprawiono i gra prezentuje się fenomenalnie i dostarcza ogromną ilość rozrywki na najwyższym poziomie ale są dwie rzeczy, które mi się nie podobają. Szkoda, że często zdarza nam się wracać do odwiedzonych już miejsc – czas spędzony na powrotach do znanych już komnat powinniśmy przeznaczyć na odkrywanie nowych terenów.
Games Master (Apr, 2007)
Critics might wonder that if God of War 2 turned out this good, imagine what it would have been like on PS3... yet in resisting the lure of all that next-gen horsepower Sony Santa Monica have instead crafted a sequel that somehow - amazingly - coaxes out every last drop of PS2 juice to create a fitting testament to the system. Astonishing.
Gamernode (Mar 13, 2007)
The fact that so much of God of War II is similar to God of War makes it hard to give an accurate score. Should it be docked since it's "same ol' same ol'," or should it be praised for doing the same thing, but doing it so well that you don't care? In the end, I'm going to have to lean more towards the latter. The first God of War was never about deep, involving combat -- it was about solving puzzles, having an entertaining classical setting and hacking your way through hordes of enemies. God of War II continues the tradition, but improves in just about every area. Sure, the combat isn't something to write home about, but the scenery, design, pacing, plot, characters and fun are. In my opinion, it's the greatest action adventure game on the PS2. If you loved the first game or love insane, bloody and intense action in general, you need to pick up God of War II.
Daily Game (Apr 05, 2007)
You shouldn't have wasted time reading this review; instead, you ought to have been playing what is easily one of the best games of the last few years. God of War II does nearly everything right: beautiful visuals and sound, intense action gameplay, impressive design. Forget the next-generation; God of War II proves PlayStation 2 still has plenty of game.
1UP (Feb 11, 2007)
And really, that's not much of a disappointment considering that the framework all this is laid on is a game we scored a 10 a while back. But it does play into the fears that some have expressed about the game not being a proper sequel, given its release on PS2 rather than PS3. (Though to counter that, it's nearly impossible to argue that this isn't the prettiest and one of the most ambitious games to come out for PS2.)
GameZone (Feb 12, 2007)
It doesn’t need to be said, but I’m going to say it anyway: if you could only have one PlayStation 2 game this year, there is no title more deserving of your time than God of War II. This is the perfect example of what serious teamwork can achieve. It’s not just one element that turned the game into a masterpiece, it’s every element – the controls (perfection), world design (unbelievably creative), combat (exciting and challenging), and enemy selection (unreal) are just a few of the reasons why this is PS2’s best first-party release.
GamingTrend (Feb 19, 2007)
God of War II is an incredible game. Not many games reach this level of polish and immersion. The brutal action, the fantastic sound and voice work, the incredible cutscenes, and the well-crafted storyline makes for a complete package that rivals any game you’ll find on the shelf. This game may not be the end of the line for PS2 games, but you’ll be hard pressed to find anything better.
Just RPG (May 05, 2007)
Not only is God of War II one of the best titles to be released for the PlayStation 2, but to be released for any console in a long time. If you own a PlayStation 2 or a PlayStation 3, then there is no reason that you should not add this to your collection. God of War II is an amazing game and has everything from great graphics and great sound, to fun combat and an exciting story that make this one of the most epic titles in a long time.
Game Positive (Apr 12, 2007)
Those looking for a first-rate title to entertain them through the veritable gaming wasteland that is the summer release schedule need look no further than Kratos' latest adventure.
GamingExcellence (Apr 18, 2007)
I don't say this for a lot of games, but if you're a fan of action, you should definitely pick up this title. The depth of combat rivals a fighting game, while the story will keep players glued to the screen. Couple that with the high production values that God of War 2 has and you get what is perhaps the last great jewel in the PS2 crown. The bosses are a blast to play through, the levels are well done... Need I say more? This is one of those rare games that you will play through again and again and continue playing long afterwards. Keep in mind that this game should be played on Hard mode for the best experience, as Normal mode can turn the game into a button masher. God of War 2 also features a Bonus DVD with interviews and "Making of" Documentaries that are actually worth viewing. If you have a PS2 (or PS3), you owe it to yourself to pick up this game.
IGN Australia (May 02, 2007)
There. Can you live with that? We think you probably can - given the sublime action, sex and gore and a great story that is compelling and entertaining from the first moments to the last. It's long, comes with extra modes and a heap of secrets; above all else however, it's fun. It doesn't stop being fun, either. God of War II sits at an exclusive table shared by other gaming greats - Mario, Halo, Zelda, Final Fantasy. Kratos has proven he has the potential to be something that Sony really needs right now - a face for the mature masses, a figurehead and a game that is bold and brilliant. Go out and buy it.
94 (Jul 08, 2007)
God of War II is in the end nothing more than the original quadrupled. More action more violence, better levels, a better balance between puzzles and fighting and due to that in the end a more balanced but not less brutal experience that will keep you at the tip of your seat. We can't wait to play the subtly hidden titties and bloody fights in HD with God of War 3
93 (May 03, 2007)
Ein wahrhaftiges Spiel der Götter! Unglaublich, wie die Entwickler nach dem schon erstklassigen ersten Teil von God of War für die Fortsetzung noch mal eine gute Schippe draufgelegt haben, sowohl in Sachen Präsentation als auch Gameplay ist God of War 2 das absolut beste Action-Adventure aller Zeiten. Dank einiger netter Neuerungen spielt sich der neue Teil sogar nochmals abwechslungsreicher und hat auch eine etwas längere Spielzeit. Erfreulich ist ebenfalls, dass der Schwierigkeitsgrad ein wenig einfacher ausgefallen ist, dennoch bleibt God of War 2 kein Spiel für Gelegenheitszocker. Wer sich auch nur ein wenig für Action-Adventures erwärmen kann, muss dieses Spiel aber einfach gezockt haben, nie zuvor habe ich derart gebannt vor dem Fernseher gesessen und mich mit so viel Spaß durch das antike Griechenland gekämpft oder gerätselt. Entstaubt eure alte PS2 und verpasst nicht das wahrscheinlich beste Spiel des Jahres 2007.
Atomic Gamer (Mar 21, 2007)
There is a whole new set of extras available as well, but most of them this time around aren't quite as exciting as the first game. Still, it's a lot of stuff, and you don't have to spend an extra ten bucks on a Collector's Edition to get it either. But combine all this with an excellent dynamic soundtrack, wonderful action, great voice acting for a pretty big range of characters, and an epic scale that will dazzle any PS2 gamer (and even a few Xbox 360 and PS3 players as well), and it quickly becomes clear that God of War II is just as much of a contender for Game of the Year as the first one was.
GoW II proves that you don't need £400-worth of technology to make a fantastic game, as Kratos' second outing is more intense and rewarding than anything we've played last- or current-gen.
A grandes rasgos disponemos de un título pulido, de mayor escala, pero muy fiel al original, lo que le hace perder algo de frescura e impacto. Pese a ello nos encontramos ante un juego brutal, superlativo, que exprime totalmente las posibilidades de PlayStation 2, convirtiéndose en rival serio incluso de las producciones de nueva generación. Sin duda nos encontramos ante un cierre de la trayectoria de PlayStation 2 inmejorable, una obra de arte impensable en los orígenes de la consola, cuando algunos exclamaban que DreamCast era más potente, y un imprescindible para cualquiera que sintiera el más mínimo interés por el original.
93 (May 03, 2007)
There's little doubt that this will likely be one of the last, if not the last true 'must have' game on the PS2. God of War 2 is a blast from start to finish and an essential addition to every PS2 collection - even if you have moved to 'next-gen' systems.
92 (Apr 26, 2007)
Holy Fuck! Schon der Einstieg ist jenseits von bombastisch, und auch die nächsten 15 Stunden geht es Schlag auf Schlag von einem Superlativ zum Nächsten! All diese Pracht auf der alten PS2 in vollem Dampf zu sehen ist fast surreal. Man denkt sich die ganze Zeit »Das kann nicht sein! Nicht auf dieser Konsole. Das ist un-mög-lich!«. Scheinbar ist es das nicht. Allerdings definiert Sony das Action-Adventure-Genre nicht schon wieder neu: God of War 2 ist »nur« eine brillante Fortführung des umwerfenden Erstlings. Der Aufbau folgt den Fußstapfen des Vorgängers lückenlos, viele Elemente kommen einem bekannt vor, neue Magieformen sind zum Teil alte in anderer Hülle. Aber wer will denn das Rad ständig neu erfinden? Allein durch diese unglaubliche Lässigkeit und Eleganz der Angriffe, diese herrlich dreckige Brutalität, diese fantastische Mischung aus brachialer Action und cleveren Puzzles ist God of War 2 bestes Actionkino für Erwachsene.
Game Over Online (Apr 26, 2007)
God of War II begins with a bang louder than a falling Kraken and does not let up for the next dozen or so hours you will spend engrossed in its mythos. Once again, David Jaffe & Co. have delivered a masterpiece of visual beauty, brutal violence and compelling gameplay that will serve as a befitting end to the PS2’s natural life. Do not think twice about spending your money on this one, as it is destined to become a revered classic of the PS2 generation.
GameSpot (Mar 12, 2007)
You could easily tag God of War II as "more of the same," but while the game definitely feels familiar, there's more to it than just a simple rehash of what made God of War fun. Its tighter, more focused pacing and dedication to creating vast, memorable levels sets it apart from the last game and makes it a better overall experience. Simply put, it's easily one of the best action adventure games of the last console generation, and it even trumps much of what has been shown in the current generation. For fans of the first game, and fans of bloody, violent, exciting action in general, God of War II shouldn't be missed.
VGNZ (May 02, 2007)
If you even remotely like action adventure games, God of War 2 should be on your ‘to play’ list. Although this title adds nothing really new to the genre, it sticks to the key strengths of the original God of War and expands on them where possible. The story presentation seems limp and the unhelpful fixed camera angles are still a pain. Thankfully the graphics, sound, controls, combat and extras make up for this, although the key improvement seems to be adding more to the game - more weapons, powers and fighting moves, more enemies and bosses, more blood, gore and violence. If that formula sounds like something you handle, God of War 2 is for you.
Gamer 2.0 (Mar 20, 2007)
God of War II, in every way, is better than the original game. That is a testament to the quality considering the first is one of the best games of the last generation, and serves as the perfect send off for the PlayStation 2. It’s a wonderful game that fans of the original would be fools not to play. From start to finish, God of War II is one hell of a ride and will leave you with more memories than you will even be able to realize from your first play through. Whether or not you own a PlayStation 2 or a PlayStation 3, this is the game to have so far this year.
Game Revolution (Mar 16, 2007)
And hopefully, so have I. God of War II has its weaknesses, but its strengths are unparalleled. This is yet another bloody, tasty, tough piece of code made flesh from Sony, and we can’t wait for another helping. Don’t listen to Nietzsche, this God is alive and kicking ass.
Da Gameboyz (Mar 21, 2007)
I came into God of War II with an open mind and what I discovered was a game that fully exceeded any expectations I had. The movie style production values from the visuals to the voice acting to the sound and story were far above anything I would expect out of a PS2 game. Sure, there were some very minor graphical anomalies but the rest of the package so outweighs the slightest of negatives. I whole heartedly recommend this title to anyone who may want a truly great gaming experience.
90 (Apr 20, 2007)
God Of War II est un jeu qu'on peut maudire tant il suscite le désir chez le joueur qui à mesure qu'il avance éprouve un plaisir infini tout en redoutant d'arriver à la fin. De cet hédonisme naît ainsi un paradoxe qui veut qu'on progresse toujours plus rapidement tant la jouissance de la découverte est intense tout en réfrénant ses ardeurs de peur d'assister trop hâtivement à la conclusion d'un des plus grands beat'em all jamais créés. Cependant, il va de soi que le titre de Sony est supérieur en tout point à son aîné, les nouveautés apportées servant véritablement le soft. Magistral et définitif, GoW II n'est au final rien de moins qu'un idéal de jeu d'action.
90 (May 07, 2007)
Après l'énorme surprise du premier opus, God Of War II confirme son statut de « miracle » de la PS2 avec une réalisation hors norme et un gameplay toujours aussi fin et jouissif. Peu d'innovation, un scénario un peu moins prenant certes, mais une durée de vie améliorée, tout comme les cinématiques et le nombre de boss. Un titre tout bonnement divin, c'est le cas de le dire, dont on attend déjà beaucoup de son passage sur PS3. Il se range directement avec les indispensables de la ludothèque PS2, parmi les nouvelles pousses marquantes de la deuxième console de Sony (Okami, Jak & Daxter, Ratchet & Clank, Sly Raccoon, Devil May Cry, Ico, Shadow Of The Colossus et j'en passe).
90 (Jun 09, 2007)
Alors me direz-vous, pourquoi ne pas lui attribuer un 10 ? Sur l’échelle strictement PS2, il mérite peut-être cette note glorieuse, mais on ne note pas les jeux dans le vide. On en restera donc à 9, mais un 9 à mettre en rapport avec tous les autres titres, quelle que soit la plate-forme considérée. Le seul petit bémol concernant cette suite fabuleuse est qu’il ne s’agit, justement, « que » d’une suite. La suite d’un jeu qui avait fait sensation il y a deux ans. Même le fan que je suis doit le reconnaître. Certes, le gameplay a subi un enrichissement et un peaufinage, mais ça ne produit la claque énorme de son aîné, même si l’ensemble est meilleur. Mais bon, manque d’innovation ou pas, l’essentiel reste que God of War II hausse le niveau dans tous les domaines. C’est donc le jeu que se doit d’acheter tout fan d’action aventure qui se respecte. Satisfaction garantie !
Frictionless Insight (Mar 23, 2007)
Keeping in mind the changes in difficulty and the fact that any PlayStation 2 graphics, no matter how well rendered, are hard on an eye conditioned to newer platforms, God of War II is an amazing ride. It starts you off fighting the Colossus at Rhodes, a gigantic statue intend on smashing Kratos into pulp, and grows more exciting with every level.
Good Game (Apr 03, 2007)
It’s probably going to be one of the last good ps2 games, and it’s a fitting conclusion to the end of the consoles life. Get God of War 1 if you see it in the bargain bin as well, its old but still fun in biblical proportions.
90 (GAF) (Mar 16, 2007)
For what it is though, God of War II is a great game with a well-balanced mix of a awesome story, intriguing puzzles, and a fun fighting system. There is definitely room for improvement, but considering the series' lifespan will probably be indefinite, those improvements will undoubtedly come. Cory Barlog must have made David Jaffe proud.
ZTGameDomain (Mar 26, 2007)
The two major elements of this game, combat and puzzles, were both implemented very well. Combat seemed flawless; the puzzle element, while at times unnecessarily misleading and therefore frustrating, was even more rewarding because of the joy of discovery. If you have not already purchased this game on the strength of the first God of War, I would highly recommend it.
NZGamer (May 02, 2007)
Of course, God of War II would be nothing without its sound and graphics. And it’s in these two areas that it easily surpasses the first game. The voice acting is completely believable, the sound effects are fitting and realistic, while the rousing soundtrack is simply stunning, and lifts God of War II out of the realm of ‘ordinary’ and into ‘epic’ - which is something that no other game I’ve played has managed to do. Graphically, you’d be hard pressed to find anything else on the PlayStation 2 that even comes close. Everything is crisp and clear, and the lack of loading times earns God of War II four gold stars. But then, God of War II is a winner all around.
Boomtown (May 09, 2007)
If the PS2 died tomorrow, I'd sleep easy knowing it had the pleasure of housing this beauty. NOT to be missed.
90 (May 21, 2007)
There is a lot going for God of War II, despite these annoyances and that you have no real empathy with the main character, best summed up by a line from Atlas – “ Kratos, still the arrogant and foolish warrior.” – this is one of the better games of its type. It is relatively simple, with an engaging storyline, if only to see if Zeus does get his comeuppance and mostly solid gameplay it is worth having a gander at.
GameCell UK (May 25, 2007)
God of War 2 is a very, very good game. It’s not too short, it has the right balance of puzzles and action and the gameplay is varied enough to keep on slashing. It just misses out on the big 10 because at times (although briefly) it was terribly frustrating and the shearing (v-sync is turned off to stop the on-screen action from slowing the frame rate down) really does spoil the game. Nevertheless, anyone who does still own an operating PS2 should buy this game, and be ready for a AAA gorefest you’ll never see again on PS2.
Bordersdown (Jun, 2007)
There isn’t much else to say about this stupendous game. It is among the very best games to have graced the console, indeed it is among the best of this or any other generation. That it isn’t that much different conceptually to its prequel doesn’t matter; it has simply taken the formula and tweaked it to near perfection. You simply could not imagine the hardware taking Kratos any further, however without wishing to spoil it for anyone, the game's ending is nailed-on for a sequel. It boggles the mind thinking about what Cory Barlog and his team may achieve with the power available to them now. A classic.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 20, 2007)
What you get with GoW2 is undoubtedly the equal of its predecessor, although not particularly superior. At times the overwhelming similarities to the first game can be a little off-putting, but at the end of the day this is an action adventure of the absolute highest calibre, outstanding in every respect, and with some of the most awe-inspiring set-pieces and fantastic action sequences ever committed to a videogame. This title has been created by a development team at the absolute peak of their talent, and it will be interesting to see what they can produce with the untapped potential of the PS3. Utterly utterly essential if you enjoy action games, or even good games in general.
GameDaily (Feb 16, 2007)
God of War II deserves to be experienced by any player able to play an M-rated game, regardless of preferred console and genre. Not only does it cement the PS2's amazing legacy, it delivers one of the best gaming experiences in the video game history. Play it. Love it. Keep it. Just don't live it.
USA Today (Mar 01, 2007)
God of War II is a highly intense, beautiful and gratifying action-adventure hybrid for mature players — and it proves there's still some life left in your PS2 after all.
GamerDad (Mar 31, 2007)
Lay your eyes on video game graphics that rival the PlayStation 3 ヨ without shelling out up to $600 for the new machine ヨ by picking up "God of War II" for the 7-year-old PlayStation 2. Miraculously, the game makers at Sony Computer Entertainment America's Santa Monica studios have created a seemingly high-definition experience out of the aging PS2 console. And yes, the game is as fun as it is gorgeous.
There’s no doubting that the sheer quality of God of War was unexpected by many. A new franchise from a team of developers, whose previous work consisted of Twisted Metal Black and not a lot else - these were hardly the ingredients for a triple-A action adventure game. But with God of War, that is exactly what we got, and then some. Predictably, work hastily began on a sequel and now, nearly two years later, God of War II provides the PS2 with as fitting a swansong as arguably the last big game to hit the system.
TotalVideoGames (TVG) (Apr 30, 2007)
Some of the praise has to be saved for the cinematography and direction that Barlog and the team at Santa Monica have infused within every section of God of War II. Using the much-maligned fixed camera perspectives that typically become the source of frustration in many games, God of War II provides stylish camera shots that enhance what's happening onscreen without ever presenting difficult angles to struggle against. The overall tempo of the game is fast and frenetic; game sections collide seamlessly with interactive cut-scenes to deliver a stunningly cinematic experience, but one that never sacrifices core videogame qualities for this.
Gamestyle (May 02, 2007)
In fact, there is little to depreciate the scale of your own enjoyment from playing God of War II, but it's worth mentioning that there is no 60Hz mode available for us poor PAL users, and there is a smidge of screen tearing, but otherwise the game is graphically breathtaking. Length-wise, the whole adventure can be completed quite comfortable over 10 hours for a first try, and that includes the time spent re-doing certain sections that can cause imminent and honestly frustrating death. Still, these gripes are minor at best and in no way detract from the enjoyment of the game. Gamestyle eagerly awaits the follow-up in the series: "God of War III: Kratos Stabs The Universe In The Face".
90 (Apr 23, 2007)
If Sony were to choose a game to see off the greatest console of the previous generation, God of War 2 would be it. It might simply build on the foundations laid down by its predecessor but that's by no means a bad place to start. There's nothing particularly new about what God of War 2 brings to video games but as a popcorn game nothing but its older brother comes close to being as epic and downright entertaining.
Video Games Daily (May 04, 2007)
I've played a lot of PlayStation 2 games over the last seven years but few have felt as satisfying as God of War II. Sure, you could say that it's more of the same, but considering the game's pedigree, in no way is that a bad thing. But God of War II goes further. Cory Barlog and his team have managed to outdo the first game in the series no matter which way you want to slice it and they've giving the aging PS2 a last chance to truly sing. The God has returned. Come pay your respects.
Realm of Gaming (Dec 03, 2007)
That, unsurprisingly, is it. A dim soundtrack and a control glitch is certainly not enough to taint such a wonderful and entertaining game. Brilliant visuals, intense action and a few new additions make God of War II--dare I say--just as good as the first part. The developers even left the ending open, perhaps hinting at a third installment. Fine by me. Sony can make as many as they want, so long as they make them as good as this one. I’ll keep buying them. You should too.
Overall this is just about the best game released on the PS2. If no other game ever comes out on the PS2 this would be a fitting final showing! The graphics are stunning, the sound is massive and the game plays brilliantly. As I said at the start, this is the kind of game that makes you re think what good actually is in a game! So why are you still sat there reading this, go and buy it now and wash the thoughts of the PS3 out of your head for another week or 2 while you complete this!!
Fortunately for the team, and for gamers everywhere, God of War II meets its lofty expectations and serves as a perfect companion for the PS2's ride into retirement.
GotNext (Apr 09, 2007)
Clocking in at a little under twice the length of the first game, the sheer level of challenges, endless fatalities, great orchestral soundtrack as well as the visual easily outdo the first game. You might as well stuff all your other PS2 games in a soon-to-be dusty box in the rear of your closet, as this venture through the life of Kratos is one you do not want to miss. Coupled in with the Bonus Features offered in the second disc, costumes, deleted levels and urns (offering bonuses on New Game + plays), being of underage is the only viable reason for you not to play God of War II. It has all the bells and whistles to be unanimously nominated the PS2's glorious swan song. Be sure to pick it up before you fall out of the loop of your office's water cooler discussions, because its one hell of a climb up from Hades' Lair.
Deaf Gamers (Jun 04, 2007)
Many will view God of War II as a superb swansong for the PlayStation 2. Of course it certainly would be but given the unbelievable popularity of the console and its capacity to still sell very nicely indeed you can't help but feel that it will continue to be Sony's main console for the foreseeable future. Even so it's difficult to imagine the PlayStation 2 having many better games than God of War II added to its ever-increasing catalogue of games. The harsh reality of it though is that the game does nothing to endear itself to deaf gamers. Deaf gamers will miss out on the entire story and all of the game's dialogue. Yes it's still a great game to consider for deaf gamers but it's unfair that they should have a lesser experience and miss out on the entire story. Even with this rather large disappointment though, it's still a game that's difficult for fans of the action game genre to ignore.
Defunct Games (Apr 25, 2007)
God of War II is one of the best games I've had the good fortune of playing this year, it's easy to recommend to everybody who loved the original or just enjoys a good action game. It may just be a PlayStation 2 game, but it's a damn good one that demands your attention. In every way possible God of War II is a better game than the already amazing prequel, and I can't wait to see what Sony is able to do on the PSP and PlayStation 3. Some may complain that the ending is somewhat anticlimactic, but it does wrap up this story while still offering enough threads to see where the sequels will go. Even if you're not in the market for a brand new action game, God of War II should be your next purchase ... that is, if you haven't picked it up already. He may be angry, but I would hang out with Kratos any day of the week.
90 (May 01, 2007)
Nun, so komisch es klingt: Insgesamt war Teil 1 ein noch stimmigeres, beeindruckenderes Erlebnis. Das kann man auf die bessere, weil tragischere Story des Erstlings schieben oder auf das "freche" Ende von Teil 2. Eigentlich liegt es aber nur daran, dass die ergriffenen „Ahh“s und „Ohh“s die einem God of War 2 entlockt, vor zwei Jahren im Vorgänger noch ein bisschen lang gezogener waren. Ob das Kratos zweitem Wutausbruch mit all seinen genialen Momenten jetzt unbedingt zum Nachteil gereicht, müsst Ihr für Euch selbst entscheiden. Ich für meinen Teil empfehle, diese müßigen Vergleiche sein zu lassen, und schleunigst zum Händler Eurer Wahl zu spurten. Denn es passiert bereits: The end begins! Hier und Jetzt!
90 (UK) (Apr 27, 2007)
So why isn't it a 10? Perhaps in purely PS2 terms it deserves that sort of hysterical mark, but we can't rate games in a vacuum, so it's a 9, but a 9 that stands up to any other game regardless of the platform. Maybe the one notable down-side of this incredible sequel is that it is 'just' the second part of a game we all loved two years ago, and even die-hards like myself have to acknowledge that. As such, as refined and honed as the gameplay is as a whole, you can never quite replicate the wow factor of the original - even if it ends up being a better game. Lack of innovation or not, the important thing to stress is that God of War II boasts some notable improvements in every area, and is therefore a game that any fan of action-adventures should rush out and buy immediately. Satisfaction guaranteed.
90 (Apr 24, 2007)
God of War II is een prachtig vervolg dat het eerste deel op elk punt weet te overtreffen. Toch blijft het vooral trouw aan de mogelijkheden die in het eerste deel aanwezig waren en blijft échte vernieuwing uit. Niet dat dit nodig is voor een topgame, maar wél om een felbegeerde 10 binnen te slepen.
Worth Playing (Mar 12, 2007)
It's God of War II. If you're even reading this review, you've probably made up your mind to buy the game, and nothing short of a disaster could change this. Luckily for all of the fans of the first title, God of War II is a worthy sequel. It adheres very strongly to the concept of, "If it isn't broken, don't fix it," perhaps to the point of excess. It is a well-designed game, with terrific level design and a smooth, excellent combat system, but it also doesn't particularly bring anything dramatically different to the field. This isn't a bad thing at all, but returning players will surely feel a serious case of déjà vu on Kratos' latest adventure. However, that's the worst one can say about this latest outing, and anyone who enjoyed the brutal action in the original God of War will be pleasantly surprised by God of War II.
If you loved the first God of War you're probably already set to gobble this game up and love it too if you haven't already. I personally found it to be just as solid and well-balanced as the original with subtle refinements and a bit of shift in terms of where the weight of the game's presentation is carried. Like the first, this game was definitely good enough to keep my attention to its completion but also like the first, still ultimately failed to truly hook me in the way that a truly exceptional game should.
Good Game (Apr 03, 2007)
Repeatedly slamming a demi-god’s head into a giant door and riding enormous stone horses while dragging an island through the sea on massive chains, has never been so much fun. The scale of the game is what I like about it, and even though the choice of where you can go is very limited, the difference in areas and surprise battle sequences are interesting enough to keep the flow of the game going. I’m giving it 8.5/10 chickens.
God of War II is a great game, and while it runs on the short side, there is plenty of replay value of the completists in the audience. Everything that you loved about the original is here, and some in higher doses. Just as with any Hollywood sequel you get exactly what you asked for, but you know that it is not the original. While this is a great game, it won’t be making any game of the year lists. A solid entry to build the franchise, but it could have used to stand, as it’s own game.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 30, 2007)
Regardless of whether or not you played the first game, God of War II is a title well worth spending some time with. The action is fast, and furious, it looks damn good, and the adventure is a whole lot of fun thanks to how it embraces Greek mythology. Top notch.
Deeko (Mar 22, 2007)
God of War II is a good game. Better than the original? I'm not so sure. Maybe it's because I knew what was coming after getting a few seconds of play time at E3 while a hundred sweaty geeks behind me chanted ooh and ahh over and over. I'm not exactly sure. What I am sure of is once I came to terms with my own inner demons of what this series actually is when the cold harsh light of reality is upon it, I forged ahead and skewered my enemies, giggling all the while.
84 (May 29, 2007)
Overall God of War II shouldn’t be missed by fans of the first God of War. There really isn’t much new here to speak of, but the magnificent storyline does continue which is a huge plus. Fans will love that the game is exceptionally violent and makes no attempts to apologize for it. You won’t find any brain teasing puzzles, but it still manages to feel like it’s much more than just some forgettable hack-n-slash game. The ending also reveals a very memorable surprise that you may or may not see coming, but one that will definitely make you want to play God of War III immediately after the credits end. God of War II is still as much fun as anything else on store shelves right now, and its 10-12 hour adventure will most likely be a blast to play for the majority of gamers out there.
I don't know if I'd put the full blame for this on the constant use of quick-time events, but I did feel like this game wasn't clicking with me as much as it should have. I enjoyed it and played through it, but it tended to be in small doses where I'd pick it up and make it to the next save point or the one after that before feeling like I wanted to play something else. With the games I truly love, I find that I can pick them up and play for hours, but here? I'd play for an hour or so and decide I'd done enough for one day.

Still, while I haven't figured out just how this series became so acclaimed, that doesn't mean I don't like it. God of War II does a great job of improving upon the original, giving players the same sort of challenges, but with the combat and puzzle-solving mixed together in a way that prevents either from becoming tiresome. In a lot of ways, this is a pretty stunning game -- it just didn't connect with me to the degree I'd have liked.
The previous game in this franchise scored a 71%. The two games were reviewed by different people, and although the scores are different, keep in mind that the content in the game is much the same. This game is very violent, gory and bloody, and contains a lot of objectionable content. However, if you are looking for one of the top action games on the PS2, this really is a very well made game. Due to the extreme nature of the game, I cannot wholeheartedly recommend the game to anyone; however, if you played and enjoyed the first game, expect more of the same here.
Retrogaming History (Feb 03, 2010)
God of War II è un sequel sicuramente divertente, ben confezionato e visivamente molto appagante, che farà la gioia di coloro che si sono appassionati alle vicende di Kratos a partire dal primo episodio della serie. A conti fatti, però, l’impressione di avere tra le mani una versione graficamente aggiornata del prequel è parecchio vivida. E’ altrettanto vero che non c’è da aspettarsi chissà quale spessore da titoli del genere ma un po’ di impegno in più nel rinnovare la profondità di un brand ormai così noto sarebbe stato gradito. A questo punto vedremo cosa ci riserverà di meglio il terzo capitolo atteso con trepidazione su Playstation 3.
Game Critics (Apr 25, 2007)
Yet even with everything that God of War II has going for it, I can’t deny a certain twinge of disappointment. I wanted so much to experience the same sense of exhilaration that the original had given me, but that feeling never arrived. There were moments that came tantalizingly close, such as the opening battle with the Colossus of Rhodes, but it never got all the way there. Make no mistake, God of War II is a great game. But I was already here two years ago. Two years is a long time in the videogame world, and with “next-generation” gaming in full swing, God of War II can’t help but feel a bit dated.
Computer Bild Spiele (May 02, 2007)
Grafisch gehört das Spiel zu den Schwergewichten für Playstation 2. So faszinieren die wunderschönen, fantasievollen Spielumgebungen nachhaltig. Auch die zahlreichen Gegnertypen - zum größten Teil tatsächlich der griechischen Mythologie entlehnt - gefallen. Wenn Kratos mit seinen Doppelklingen zuschlägt und schlitzt, spritzt allerdings eine Menge Pixelblut - deshalb gehört dieses Spiel auf keinen Fall in die Hände von Minderjährigen. Am sonst positiven Gesamtergebnis nag der etwas monotone Spielablauf, in dem Sie eigentlich nur einen Gegner nach dem anderen bekämpfen, bis Ihnen fast die Finger schmerzen. Das werden Sie wohl nur eine Weile "gut" finden.
Edge (Mar 15, 2007)
Its biggest problem is its length, and that its formula can't quite endure its sequel-dose duration. Whether or not it's overlong in terms of play hours may be a matter of preference, but it feels slightly stretched during its final third, exposing its shallowness a little in the process; that chequerboard pattern of combat and spatial puzzling can start to feel like a rollercoaster with the wrong kind of loops, deflating the otherwise exceptional grandeur. Its scenic sheen, however, never dulls - and nor does its urge to showboat a divine grasp of the PS2's enduring brawn. That such an achievement is a vital part of GOWII's appeal isn't meant as a criticism of any superficiality, more a warning - you're just hitching along for the trip, but if you're willing to hold on then it can still jangle the bones in a manner that few games can rival.