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*I* *AM* *THE* *GOD OF WAR* St. Martyne (3649) 3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars
An excellent fighting adventure, marred only slightly by a heavy overdose of pointless gore Greg Mitchell (74) 3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars3.43 Stars
God of War shows not only what can be done with the PS2 now, but what developers should have been doing all along Terrence Bosky (5463) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
You are Kratos, and you will MURDER the God of War! Dwango (300) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
Kratos is quite simply just one big "pee yoo es es why" lasttoblame (425) 4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars4.14 Stars
Hell of a great game...unfortunately the final moments ruined my gaming experience Indra was here (20865) 3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars3.86 Stars
It's not easy to be a human being Melody (119) 4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars4.71 Stars
Very gory.. but the more blood, the merrier I am! lord of daedra (66) 3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars3.57 Stars
A perfect example about what gaming is all about. Little God (4) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
Outstanding game, very movie like. David Bryan (25) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 3.9
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.2
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.3
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 3.9
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.0
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 4.1
Overall User Score (135 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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Gaming since 198x (Nov 04, 2007)
God of War est un véritable joyau, un hit absolu, une réussite sur tous les points. Magnifique visuellement, formidablement animé, extraordinairement mis en scène, il surclasse avec brio le reste de la concurrence et entre directement dans le top 5 des jeux Playstation 2 que tout joueur digne de ce nom se doit de posséder, à moins d'être vraiment allergique aux beat'em all. Et ça, c'est passer à côté d'une expérience phénoménale.
Le Geek (Nov, 2006)
If you have been waiting for a 3D action-adventure game to match the best 2D has to offer, God of War is your game. A must own if you have a PS2!
Lens of Truth (Dec 21, 2009)
God of War is a pleasure to play. All the gameplay aspects are perfect. I’m not kidding, from the onset, the story is gripping, the combat seamless, and the score fits as if John Williams orchestrated it. There are only a few games over time that can be put into a special category. Zelda: OoT, Super Mario Bros. 3, Resident Evil, and Final Fantasy 3, are in this category of gaming perfection, now add God of War to the list. For those of you out there who feel that God of War is just a Hack n’ Slash, I challenge you to even get off the boat on God Mode. Fear not even if you can’t,(which you won’t), I placed a little Easter Egg at the end of the video so you can tell your friends you beat God of War on God Mode.
UOL Jogos (Apr 01, 2005)
Kratos entra para a galeria dos heróis dos videogames, protagonizando uma aventura refinada e de equilíbrio primoroso, agradando tanto jogadores novatos como os mais experientes. Um dos poucos empecilhos é seu conteúdo violento ou sexual demais para pessoas sensíveis, mas, de resto, aproveite: a qualidade de "God of War" aparece só algumas vezes em cada geração.
The Video Game Critic (Aug 05, 2005)
I did my best to find flaws with God of War, but there are really none worth mentioning. Unlike other adventures that seemed designed to make you buy the strategy guide, you're not likely to get stuck or frustrated, and there are ample save points. With top-notch production values and brilliantly addictive gameplay, this is one for the ages.
Jive Magazine (Apr 23, 2005)
If you’re lost, look around at the environment and you’ll be able to figure out where to go. The combat system is one of the finest I’ve experienced in an adventure game. Since it’s combo-based (a la Devil May Cry), Kratos unleashes deadly attacks with the mash of a few buttons. Also, the finishing move mini-games are entertaining in and of themselves. The first time you force your blade into a Minotaur’s mouth, your jaw will drop. Oh, and then there’s that minigame in which Kratos beds a pair of pneumatic maidens. Yeah. This one’s rated “M” for a reason. All around, I emphatically recommend this title. There isn’t much more I can say. There have been a few gripes here and there about the length of the game (diehards will burn through it in a few days), but the replay value is high (good luck with finding those Muse’s Keys) on it, and since it’s a Sony first party title, you know there will be a sequel. Pick it up.
GameCell UK (Jul 22, 2005)
If you had a list of features that made a great game GoW would tick almost all of them; great gameplay, great characters, great story, great sound, great graphics, great presentation and probably most importantly it's great fun. This is one slick action adventure title that you shouldn't really miss - sure you fight in pretty much every room, but that didn't stop games like Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden being great games. Go buy God of War now.
Gameplanet (Jul 23, 2005)
God of War truly is an epic game, filled with memorable battles and sequences. Even battles that are not against bosses are memorable, partially because of the unswerving level of difficulty right throughout the game. Despite the occasional annoying platforming area and brevity of the game God of War would still have to rate as one of the best action games on the PlayStation 2, a testament to the prowess of the developers in creating a seamless and exciting experience. It also comes across as a complete game as well, with the visuals, narrative, sound and action all of such a high standard. As such, we couldn't recommend God of War more.
Really high scores are a rarity from me; perfect scores even rarer. From start to finish, God of War is a true gaming experience that, at least in my opinion, really captures why we play games in the first place. The story is engaging and the action is non-stop. Although some areas will push your frustration level to its limits, even that won't keep you from coming back for more, even after unlocking all its secrets.
Yes, f'n way. After all, Kratos is a bastard... and the game's designers are brilliant. Whether ripping skulls off corpses to solve puzzles or marvelling at the Temple of Pandora — which is literally chained to a titan's back, as he crawls across the desert on all fours — God of War is a creative masterpiece. Call me a trend-follower, doubt my gushing praise, or perhaps even say "nice review" — do what you like, but what I'd like is for you to buy God of War and give it a shot. Closed-minded skepticism and open-minded sloth aren't good reasons to miss this fantastic adventure.
Gaming Age (Nov 06, 2007)
God of War is the complete package, and I believe it's the best game on the PS2. The gameplay is gripping and the story is so good, my wife wouldn't let me play through the end of the game without her present. Playing through it is now one of my fondest gaming moments. I can remember specific encounters all throughout the game like it was a part of my past. All in all, what I've written here can't do it justice. Find a way to play God of War.
Gaming Nexus (Apr 29, 2005)
It’s only April but we already have our strongest contender for Game of the Year. Play Sony Santa Monica’s God of War for five minutes and it’s easy to see why it’s easily the best game up to this point; its polished visuals will draw you in but its addictive action and compelling storyline are the tenets that will keep you there. If you only have $50 to spend right now there’s no better choice than God of War.
100 (May 31, 2005)
Do yourself a favor and go purchase this game right now. It is worth every single cent of a fully-priced game, and you will not want to put it down until you've played it several times.
100 (Jul 08, 2005)
But even without its storytelling skills, God Of War would still be an incredible achievement; the controls are simple to learn and give you mastery of a riotous range of attacks, the graphics and music are stylish, and the monsters you meet are scary enough to give even Ray Harryhausen the willies.
EL33TONLINE (Sep 15, 2006)
God of War is not only a defining game for the PS2 but it is really a triumph for console games as a whole. The game is slick and the amount of research that has gone into the characters, settings and story is easily identifiable. Often it is all this background work that goes into a game that can really bring it to life and make it so much better than just another third person action adventure game. A definite must for any gamer (so long as you are old enough not to be scarred by the graphic imagery).
Empowered by the gods and fueled by revenge, Kratos tries to bury his inner demons under the corpses of soldiers and in the willing arms of women. His rampage is terrifying, but it is impossible to put down. While playing God of War, I honestly found it difficult to resist the urge to simply genuflect and be humbled to be in the presence of such digital divinity, this god among games.
Really high scores are a rarity from me; perfect scores even rarer. From start to finish, God of War is a true gaming experience that, at least in my opinion, really captures why we play games in the first place. The story is engaging and the action is non-stop. Although some areas will push your frustration level to its limits, even that won't keep you from coming back for more, even after unlocking all its secrets.
Game Shark (Apr 01, 2005)
I somehow suspect that I will be playing through God of War more than once. Some movies bear a second viewing to catch all the subtle nuances and some games bear a second playing for the same reason. It is my firm belief that almost every mature gamer out there will find a lot to love in God of War. It never talks down to the player and the presentation is near flawless. Too bad it’s a PS2 exclusive. Xbox players would love this one and the GameCube could really use it. A perfect 5/5 effort for the home team at SCEA.
Every once in a while a game comes along that pushes the boundaries, that takes risks and innovates without losing the qualities that make games so enjoyable – God of War is one of those games. It’s a “best of system” quality game, game of the year material, and more. If you own a PS2, you really need to own this game.
From the moment we started playing we knew it was time to put on a fresh pot of Folgers, because it kept us going into the wee, small hours. Seriously, we did more cool things in God Of War in the first 20 minutes that we do in the entirety of most games. Lush visuals, sweet combat, and more "oh-shit" battles than we can shake our shit stick at.
On a rubric, you could take away points for nitpicky weaknesses in God of War. However, I didn't care about the minor flaws, because I was enjoying myself so much, and enjoyment is just one of those things that a rubric can't sufficiently measure. This is not a perfect game, but it is a great one.
GameSpy (Mar 22, 2005)
It doesn't happen often, but every now and then a game is released that's so outstanding that all kinds of gamers must play it regardless of their genre preferences. God of War, Sony's latest first-party action game, fits into this rare category. Gameplay, graphics, story, or production, this modern take on Greek mythology is a fantastic experience. In fact, God of War is the best thing to happen to Greek mythology since Harry Hamlin donned a tunic and fought claymation monsters as Perseus in Clash of the Titans. Gamers would be doing themselves a severe disservice by passing over this stellar game.
1UP (Mar 20, 2005)
The genre name "action/adventure" gets thrown around a lot. It generally describes an adventure game where the hero has a weapon or two and goes around chopping his way through hoards of enemies. This can be fun, but as a rule, one half of the game usually overshadows the other. That, or both halves are a mess because the developers didn't have time to polish it all. With God of War, SCEA Santa Monica has created a game that successfully hits on both levels -- for once, the action and adventure aspects of a game are stellar. The title action/adventure has never been more appropriate.
GamersMark (Mar 31, 2005)
Aside from the cheap and tacked-on feeling final boss battle, as well as the relative brevity of this title, God of War is absolutely perfect. It’s definitely the greatest action title to have come out, and is a clear contender for Game of the Year. With its smooth controls, amazing visuals, and brutal combos, no gamer should be without this title.
Game Freaks 365 (Apr 08, 2005)
Greek mythology geek or not, you're going to love this game. I'm not a mythology geek, nor have I ever been inclined to reading Greek mythology. I've found a renewed interest in it due to playing God of War. The action is intense, the puzzles will bend your brain, and the storyline will keep you enthralled. If you can only buy one game this spring, God of War should be your pick.
Daily Game (May 04, 2005)
God of War is a story about deceit, revenge and redemption. It is the story of Kratos, a man driven by his thirst for blood and desire to conquer all that was laid before him. He was brutal in his quest for domination and feared by all. Now, a man haunted by his violent past and the demons in his mind, he is destined to destroy the god that he once served: Ares, the god of war.
IGN (Mar 18, 2005)
Not in a very long time have I been so completely absorbed in an action title. God of War boasts an incredibly developed combat system, the ultimate combination of artistic integrity and technical wizardry, an utterly brilliant collection of music and sound effects, and a storyline so satisfying its culmination left me in a giddy stupor. Buy it or face damnation.
Game Over Online (Mar 22, 2005)
Simply put, this is what the PS2 was designed for, and this is what we’ve been waiting for: games that literally show off the power and technology of Sony’s machine. Sure, it might be one of the oldest kids on the block, but it still knows plenty of tricks to put its competition in its place, and God of War captures every single nuance of action/platforming gaming. Personally, my words do the game a disservice, because I can’t even explain how beautiful this game is. If you own a PS2, you owe it to yourself to get this game.
GameZone (Mar 22, 2005)
Simply gorgeous graphics, with an immersive and challenging storyline that incorporates ancient Greek mythology in a manner to draw you further into the game. The camera angles can be a little off at times, and the game is rather linear, but those are minor players to the superb cast of elements represented in this title. This is one title that should be in the library of any PS2 owner.
An amazing title by SCEA, God of War is an absolute must-buy for anyone into Greek mythology or who enjoys the action/adventure genre. It’s beautiful, plays smoothly, is absolutely epic, and will please anyone with a taste for a dark atmosphere. Possibly the best title in its genre yet.
En definitiva, respecto a apartados técnicos este juego se lleva un merecidísimo sobresaliente, ya sea por sus sobrecogedores gráficos, su soberbia banda sonora, o sus impresionantes secuencias de vídeo, y por si fuera poco también está doblado al español. Sin duda alguna tenemos ante nosotros un juegazo en todos los sentidos. Los chicos de Sony se anotan un puntazo con esta superproducción, dejándonos con la boca abierta y demostrándonos que cuando se ponen las pilas son imparables. God of War está a la altura de juegos como "GTA: San Andreas", "Resident Evil 4" o "Metal Gear Solid 3", y es que no esperabamos menos de un juego que venía reforzado con unas críticas inusuales y que prometía convertirse en la mejor aventura fantástica. Y lo ha conseguido con creces. Todo un surtido de innumerables virtudes y casi ningún defecto comprimidos en este DVD.
Lawrence (Apr 05, 2005)
While it may be only eight hours long, it's enthralling the entire time. There really isn't any section of the game that I would have removed or shortened. It's truly one of the most polished and entertaining gameplay experiences I've ever had, and ranks among the PS2's best.
Video Games Daily (Mar 29, 2005)
Games like this don't come around often, and when they do, you want to cherish them. The scores listed above are not given lightly, and are only awarded to an elite few. The oddity surrounding this particular masterpiece is that most games this great are revolutionary in some way. In this case, the game simply hones and refines almost everything we know and love about the industry. God of War isn't just everything it should be, it's just about everything it could be.
96 (Mar 31, 2005)
In conclusion, God Of War is an amazingly delivered epic journey through Ancient Greece overflowing with action and adventure. Finally, someone has taken all of the elements every game in this genre needed and combined them into a beautiful masterpiece. For all of the reasons mentioned in this article, you can be sure to expect God Of War to be a likely victor for the prestigious Game of the Year Award.
96 (May 09, 2005)
God of War should be played by you and every other self-respecting games player on the planet. And if you don't like God of War, then you do not like videogames. Plain and simple
Estamos frente a un juego impresionante e impresicindible que todo jugador que se precie, y que no sea detractor del género, debería tener ya mismo. Sus aproximadamente diez horas de juego, según la pericia de cada uno, estarán llenas de momentos de tensión, de otros inolvidables pero siempre estarán marcados por una jugabilidad frenética y que debería ser un referente para desarrolladores que tengan en mente juegos similares. Sólo una palabra final: cómpralo.
Softpedia (Nov 28, 2005)
After playing Kratos, I want to be Kratos. This 250 pound dude has it all. Glory, women and the grace of gods. What could you want more? This is in the top five games for Playstation 2 for me. I can't remember the last game I had so much fun with. This is a great title with the potential of becoming a gigantic movie. Do NOT miss this!!!
Those that played and enjoyed Devil May Cry and or Rygar will undoubtedly be very satisfied with God of War, but even if you aren't familiar with those games, God of War has a lot of fun to offer and is easily one of the best PS2 games of 2005. If you're in the market for a great action game, look no further.
NZGamer (Jun 27, 2005)
If you like buckets of blood with your action, puzzles to lose sleep over, platform stunts that give your gamepad a serious workout, FMVs that threaten the safety of your eyeballs and monsters that leave saliva on your face then God of War is the game for you. Even if you don't you will love God of War anyway - I promise.
95 (Jul 10, 2005)
God of War is easily one of the best Playstation 2 game of all time. The game combines action with platforming and puzzles perfectly to create a stunning blend of genres. This is a no brainer - just buy it.
Armchair Empire, The (Apr 25, 2005)
God of War is a highly polished gore-fest that is easily the best game that I have played on the Playstation 2 this last year.
DarkZero (Nov 11, 2005)
If you have a PS2 and are old enough to play it, then you need this game, the action is superb and backed up by a rich engrossing story, smooth controls gorgeous environments portrayed with the best graphics seen on a PS2 to date. With great replay value and a wealth of extras to tie the bow on the perfect package this is definitely a contender for the highly sought after game of the year award.
PGNx Media (Apr 07, 2005)
God of War is one of the best games available on the PlayStation 2. Everything from the game screams high production values. The visuals are amazing, the audio is remarkable, and the gameplay is top-notch. It all comes together in a rare package. The game is definitely recommended.
Project COE (Apr 15, 2005)
Games like God of War are not very common nowadays. Games that accomplish what they wanted to do in every single category are not things you see everyday. God of War is a simply brilliant title. It starts off amazing and it ends better. From the very start players will see incredible things like a Hydra, one of the best bosses of all time. At the end of the game players will experience one of the most magnificent battles in any videogame. Every category builds off each other. It's one of the very first epic action games ever created. While the concept was truly simplistic on paper, what Sony has done with this game has surpassed most people's wildest expectations. God of War is one of those unforgettable games and while it’s not one hundred percent perfect, it’s definitely one of the best games for the Playstation 2. It really isn't an understatement to say: behold the new God of action games.
95 (Apr 19, 2005)
This game is destined for greatness, it was foretold by the stars and by stars, I mean, myself. God of War is more than just a beat’em up; its mind-numbing action with great elements of platforming, and so much more. If this is how games are to be made for the coming generation of consoles, then sign me up right now because God of War is too fun and action-packed to pass up. Get this game now because if you don’t, you too, may be forsaken. God of War is an instant classic. Go. Buy. Now.
Total Gaming UK (May 21, 2005)
If you've got a PlayStation 2 you couldn't pray for a better action adventure.
Deeko (May 31, 2005)
It's too bad God of War has come to us near the end of the PS2's life cycle; it will be nice to see the next installment whether it is on the next generation or we get a treat and have it out on the PS2 first. Even though some say the game is short and could have been longer, I feel the length is perfect for the game. Just as you get tired of the puzzles, the game is over, so it all evens out by the time you have played through it once. Also, God of War has a fun replay value that I know for sure everyone will be checking out. You can even get a new costume for Kratos and other goodies about the making of the game and back story for the main anti-hero himself. The best action game of the year.
PTGamers (Jul 12, 2005)
God of War é um dos melhores jogos que a Playstation 2 viu nos últimos tempos. Provavelmente será um dos últimos grandes títulos do género, e provavelmente a sequela vai ser guardada para a próxima geração. No entanto fica o legado deste excelente título no panteão dos melhores da consola. Um jogo sólido, de valores de produção elevados. Um título fantástico, não há dúvidas!
Meristation (Jun 15, 2005)
De la Grecia más profunda, oscura y violenta nos llega la historia de una venganza. Kratos, el general de Esparta, desea acabar con las pesadillas. Y para ello, qué mejor que coger los mandos de uno de los mejores juegos de acción de los últimos años. A mi señal, ira y fuego...
The only thing that should stop you from playing "God of War" is a weak stomach or your age. This is NOT a game for someone who is sensitive or a child. There's nudity, gore everywhere, body parts lying around, and some of the most gratuitous violence you'll ever see. Unlike some other games though, it all has a purpose and it's not included just to be there. The first time you see Kratos stab a panicking citizen repeatedly in the stomach, you know just who he is. That's enough to carry this revenge story by itself, but add in pick-up-and-play combat along with some epic battles, and "God of War" becomes one of, if not the, best title on the Playstation 2 to date.
Jolt (UK) (Aug 02, 2005)
Sometimes a game like God of War comes along and we wonder; if this is the quality of game that can be made during a standard development cycle, why are games of this quality so few and far between? Sadly finding an answer will have to wait for another day.
Worth Playing (Mar 29, 2005)
When I mention God of War, the first question people ask me is always, "Is it as good as the hype?" To truthfully answer the question, you have to explain a few things, the first being that God of War is a gruesome game in which you are required to inflict your evil will on countless amounts of undead, and even human, foes. Things are sounding good so far, but there is a catch. The second thing is that the ESRB label reads as long as a Christmas list, with items such as gruesome violence, blood and gore, nudity, and sexual themes, but I truly feel they forgot to warn that this game is only as good as the hype when taken in small doses. High quality game as it may be, God of War is not a title that you can sit down with for three to four hours at a time because God of War gives you too much, too fast. Ultimately, however, the game is as good as the hype.
Atomic Gamer (Apr 06, 2005)
God of War is a must-have for any action gamer. It's a remarkable experience with plenty of depth, great graphics, intense and rewarding combat, and one of the biggest badasses you'll ever get to take control of in any action title. Few games are so good that I'd recommend people go ahead and buy the console for if they don't own it already - alongside maybe a dozen other titles over the past two decades, this is one of those games.
94 (Apr 28, 2005)
Overall, God of War is an in your face, kick butt, super game that offers some of the best graphics, sound effects, and action ever made in a game to date. The art direction is amazing, and the game is facilitated by a story that will recapture audiences. One of the more original and just plain fun titles of 2005. Highly recommended for purchase!
Just RPG (Sep 19, 2005)
What else is there to say about God of War except that it is an excellent game that is highly recommended for anyone, especially those who fell in love with games like the original Devil May Cry. If you are old enough to purchase this game, then go out right now and do it. You won't regret it.
God of War is a monumental achievement and a pleasant surprise from SCEA. It has been awhile since we could play such a violent game and say it was “violence used well”. From its entertaining combat system to its superb storytelling, the experience is refreshing! Except for the small technical issue and the faint presence of repetitiveness
GamingTrend (Oct 30, 2005)
Sony's God of War is possibly the best first-party game to ever come out on the Playstation 2. That's a tough thing to say with Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Sly Cooper and Gran Turismo out there, but it's simply the truth. Do not play this game in front of children or play it late at night when they are in bed because it is especially gory and has some nudity in it. The storyline is very mature and dark, but this is Greek mythology they're building on here. God of War is simply one of the best Action/Adventure games out there with cool boss fights and a superb gameplay engine. I never thought I would say a game in this genre would be better than Devil May Cry 3 this year, but with it's easier difficulty and the compactness of the game (it is overall shorter than DMC3), God of War simply wins out. Possible early candidate for Game of the Year, but we have a long way to go before the end of the year. Highly recommended.
93 (Sep 05, 2005)
As a raging tornado this game takes you on a trip through ancient Greece, with giant and mythical creatures, under threatening views with swirling waves and screaming balls of fire... it relentlessly takes you by the throat from the moment the menu appears, drags you around by your controller during the hours of brutal bloodshed and then smacks you against the sharp rocks in the Egeyan sea. God of War, my dear friends, is what we call a top game!
Gamer 2.0 (Mar 28, 2005)
In the end, it is impossible to summarize the overall experience of playing God of War. If it seems like there's nothing wrong with it, it's because there isn't, or because the problems require such nitpicking that they're not worth mentioning. It's just that good. If you've been waiting for an excuse to go back and play your PS2, here it is. If you've been craving something grittier than Devil May Cry, here it is. God of War is soon to be a classic, and should not be missed by anyone able to get their hands on it. It is so much fun, so well-paced, that hours will flow by leaving you with a grin on your face, enveloped in this divine virtual game experience. It is the will of the gods that you buy this game.
Gaming Target (Apr 01, 2005)
This is it. This is the one. The. Killer. Application. God of War is it and it's that. It's the game on the PlayStation 2 you want to be playing now, not then. Now. Buy this one now. Buy God of War. Too busy playing Halo 2? Break it! Too busy beating Resident Evil 4? Burn it! If you're not playing or at least intending on purchasing God of War, you're really missing out. God of War is the action/adventure extravaganza you might've thought looked to be good. Well, that's where you thought wrong. God of War is not just good. It's great. If you don't believe me, buy the game yourself. Try it and if you don't like it, you're a liar. If you do, stop by and thank me. Trust me on this one: God of War is THE game you should be playing at the moment. Get it? Got it? GOOD.
GameSpot (Mar 21, 2005)
Action adventure games of the quality of God of War don't come around often. God of War takes a tale of vengeance, set against the backdrop of ancient Greek mythology, and turns it into an epic adventure filled to the brim with bloody, stylish, over-the-top combat, challenging puzzles, and highly impressive production values.
Game Watcher (Jun 17, 2005)
Finally, I would like to end saying that this game is one of the best experiences in a game I have had in a very long time. While it could have been a bit longer, I think it ended just right. Any game that is this fun to play will feel short due to the fact you can play for hours and it feels like minutes since you started playing. For people wondering if its a rent or buy, personally I rented it and beat it but it is definitely worth buying.
Gamer Within (Aug 01, 2005)
David Jaffe said that God of War is the game he’s been wanting to make since he was a little kid. I can honestly say that his dream has come true. And that dream is God of War.
Netjak (Apr 21, 2005)
All told, God of War is easily one of the best games to come out in 2005 so far. Even despite the occasional frustration and the abbreviated length, God of War is a must-play for the PS2. From the elegant battle system to the beautiful graphics and excellent sound, everything just comes together beautifully to grab the player from the very beginning and not let go until Ares has been sent to Hades. If you can handle the gore and blood, and you’re looking for an action-packed game that will keep you busy for a couple of days, God of War is your game.
Next Level Gaming (Apr 10, 2005)
God of War, looks like just another Hack n’ Slash huh? Wrong! This game has so much more to offer than I first suspected. I have to be honest, before I started to play this game I really had no idea why everyone was so excited about this game. Well now I know, and let me share with you a few of the things that I learned.
91 (May 01, 2006)
Sucht euch einen Gott eurer Wahl aus und dankt ihm auf Knien oder opfert ihm ein Schaf dafür, dass God of War endlich auch bei uns offiziell erhältlich ist – wenn auch etwas unverschämterweise zum Vollpreis statt wie beim Rest der Welt zum Midprice. Denn dieses Spiel ist ein hochglanzpoliertes Action-Meisterwerk, das überdeutlich zeigt, was auf der PS2 möglich ist, wenn wahre Könner am Werk sind. Es sieht fantastisch aus, es klingt noch besser, es bietet furiose Action sowie einige der brillantesten Bosskämpfe aller Zeiten. Und obwohl es ein Schlachtfest ist, wirkt es größer und epischer, als die meisten RPGs, die ich kenne. Einige Abschnitte wie Pandoras Palast sind schlicht und ergreifend Meisterwerke: ineinander verschachtelt, gigantisch groß, voller Tücken, Fallen und Rätsel – herrlich! Andere wie Hades gingen mir einfach nur auf den Sack und kurz vor dem Finale verliert das Spiel merklich an Verve, was es einige Sympathiepunkte und mich viele Nerven gekostet hat.
PSX Extreme (Mar 24, 2005)
God of War has been the recipient of a lot of hype and gamers have been waiting a long time to get their hands on it. While it's not perfect, it was definitely worth the wait and successfully melds several different kinds of gameplay together and binds it all up with an open-ended storyline that doesn't quite end as you might think. Parents should be forewarned, however, that God of War is quite violent as blood flows like wine and there are some truly grisly images. Other than that disclaimer�and a few minor flaws and nitpicks�God of War can easily compete as one of the best action games that we've seen so far this generation for the PlayStation 2. Highly recommended.
Game Revolution (Mar 31, 2005)
And while you're at it, be sure to take advantage of your credit card by picking up a copy of this glorious action doozie immediately. We're hard to impress when it comes to action gaming, but God of War really gets it right. With style and verve, this one is worthy of its classic Greek iconography as well as your hard-earned denari.
MAN!AC (Jul, 2006)
Excellentes Action-Spektakel, das die PS2 technisch zum Glühen bringt.
Factornews (Aug 22, 2005)
God of War est un jeu marquant, par l'efficacité de son gameplay, par la qualité de sa mise en scène et de son ambiance, par la richesse de son univers. La violence jubilatoire de ses combats apporte un plus et on se délecte de démonter minutieusement chaque ennemi qui croise notre chemin. Cependant, God of War n'est finalement qu'un beat'em all et ce n'est pas le leveling de quelques compétences qui renouvellera l'expérience d'une partie à l'autre. On pourra finalement ne regretter que l’absence d’un mode co-opératif avec de nouveaux combos adaptés qui aurait été l’élément décisif pour faire de God of War un jeu définitivement indispensable.
90 (May 10, 2006)
God of War ist für mich immer noch schlichtweg das beste Playstation2-Spiel. Auch wenn spielerisch wenig Neues geboten wird, konnte bislang kein anderes Action-Adventure ein dermaßen gelungenes Leveldesign und eine solch umwerfende Präsentation bieten. Zudem ist das Szenario des antiken Griechenlandes erfrischend unverbraucht und auch sehr stimmungsvoll mit den Locations und Monstern eingefangen. So bleibt als Kritikpunkt eigentlich nur die mit etwa 8 Stunden zu kurze Durchspielzeit, dafür wird man aber auch ohne Pausen auf höchsten Niveau unterhalten und gleichermaßen gefordert, denn God of War ist beileibe kein einfaches Spiel. Wer bislang vor einem Import des Spieles gescheut hat und volljährig ist, darf dieses Meisterwerk zum Ende der PS2-Generation einfach nicht verpassen. Und das Beste ist: Kratos wird schon nächstes Jahr wiederkehren!
Retrogaming History (May 11, 2009)
Inutile spendere altre parole per descrivere l’incredibile lavoro svolto dai Santa Monica Studios. God of War è come un puzzle perfetto, dove ogni singolo elemento, incastrandosi con precisione millimetrica a tutti gli altri, concorre alla creazione di un affresco globale praticamente inappuntabile, capace di traghettare il genere d’appartenenza verso nuovi e più alti lidi qualitativi. In poche parole un’esperienza imprescindibile per ogni amante dei videogiochi che si rispetti.
Realm of Gaming (Mar 22, 2005)
In the end, so what? None of those things could ever really blemish this wonderful game. God of War is brutally stylish, menacingly original and a malevolent joy. It seamlessly blends together each element of any decent action game and even adds a few of its own. For all those who think of Devil May Cry and Castlevania as the lords of the action genre, make way for the new God.
GameDaily (Mar 25, 2005)
So should God of War be deemed any kind of hardcore effort? I'd say so. It's right up there in the leagues of Ninja Gaiden in quality, and perhaps even beyond. It carries with it a story and a character that are memorable, and then backs them up with the kind of dreamy graphics, sound, and gameplay that will keep you coming back for more long after you've conquered Ares. It may not be for everyone (in fact, kids and those with weaker stomachs might consider, oh, I don't know, Sonic?), but those who are looking for substance to go with their style will certainly not be disappointed by this, an effort truly from the gaming gods. One only wonders if Jaffe's got a sequel cooking up in PS3 land, another test for the hardcore elite. Bring it on.
God of War is a solid adventure through-and-through. What could have been a generic action platformer with yet another forgettable gruff hero has turned out to be one of the best titles on the PlayStation 2 with a fresh and memorable main character. Kratos’s aggression makes him tough, but his absolute single-mindedness in the face of tragedy makes him an interesting and non-standard hero. There are a few snags here and there, but this is a title that is worth owning.
90 (Jul 05, 2005)
So, there you have it. God of War is one of the greatest games this generation of consoles has seen. The fact that you are playing it on a PlayStation 2 makes it even more unbelievable. It's a brilliant experience from the moment you start the game, right through to its dramatic climax. If you can handle the considerable amount of gore, you simply must experience God of War.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 07, 2006)
God of War is a great game. Some may scoff at it in favor of the likes of Devil May Cry 3 or Ninja Gaiden, but this game can hold its own as a must-have title for the PS2. It’s got everything you could possibly want in an action game; it’s got a refreshing and likeable anti-hero, fast-paced action that never lets up, and a presentation that few can easily rival. It may not have the most complicated gaming plots ever, but the game makes up for it with some insanely fun and engaging gameplay and a ridiculous amount of blood and gore to boot. Fans of action and brawler games, you need to pick this up. The same goes for anyone looking to add a stellar title to his or her PS2 game collection. Who says ancient history is a boring subject?
Console Obsession (Jul 23, 2005)
God of War is an impactful title for many reasons, and one that we'll be certain to remember for a very long time. The Console Obsession jury is still out on whether this is as good as the excellent Devil May Cry 3, but regardless of this, God of War is an outstanding and landmark title for Sony, which shouldn't be dodged by any self-respecting action adventure fan.
90 (UK) (Jul 01, 2005)
When the dust settles on the PS2 era and it's time to sit back and reflect upon the system's best games, God Of War stands out as an absolute colossus that towers over the competition - on any format. It not only deserves to become part of any gamer's (not just PS2 owners') collection in the immediate future, but will be held aloft as one of the true greats of this generation. It's not often a game just comes along and floors the competition, but that God Of War does so in such breathtaking style is incredible. For the love of God, buy it.
90 (Jul 18, 2005)
The only real weak points to the game are in its length (it could be longer on the first play through) and its use of 'stock enemies' (you will see the same ones over and over). But both of these can be put in a positive light: the length is increased due to added difficulty and challenge modes upon completion, and the enemies are so varied and numerous that the fact they are recognised in appearance and attack pattern is a credit to the way the game represents them (you will develop a unique strategy for each enemy, so when multiple variations are tackled you must decide which to focus on).
Cheat Code Central (Aug 25, 2005)
God of War came as an incredible surprise. I wasn't anticipating much, and even if I had, what is presented here would have blown me away anyway. May this game be with you.
Game Critics (Jul 12, 2005)
From beginning to end, God of War pounds on the same few notes of rage and aggression with such unwavering focus that it's hard not to get sucked in. But what makes it work is that it envelops those raw notes in an air of righteous brutality. Put simply, the player gets to be an unholy brute and feel good about it.
SwankWorld (Apr 28, 2005)
I said it once and I’ll say it again; God of War is one of the best action games to come out in the past few years. It offers up some of the best over the top action gameplay on the PS2. Fans of action games should be required to play this game, that is, if they’re not weary of blood and nudity (Did I mention nudity? Yeah, there’s nudity). Match this up with some really great visuals, story, and sound and you’ve got an instant classic that shouldn’t be missed.
GamerDad (Nov 20, 2005)
God of War, Sony's action-adventure hybrid, is as brutal as it is beautiful. This mega-violent take on Greek mythology begins with the suicide of a ruthless Spartan warrior, Kratos. While plunging to his death off the side of a mountain, our protagonist has a flashback to the last three weeks of his life. As Kratos, you get to relive those final days by battling all kinds of vicious enemies with the aid of a double-bladed weapon chained to your wrists, all the while navigating through bizarre locations littered with fatal traps and challenging puzzles.
Gamestyle (Aug 01, 2005)
It's unlikely that Gamestyle will be returning to play God of War anytime soon, but the memory of it will always stay in our hearts. It is by no means a perfect game, but it is one that simply must be played by every PS2 owner. It's like that blockbuster movie that you know won't be too deep or make you think, but nevertheless will be an essential experience to go and see it. Don't miss out on this at any cost. If you need a bit more convincing, just remember: you get to have a threesome.
90 (Jun 20, 2005)
Visuellement magnifique, bien pensé, jouissif au possible, cette nouvelle production de SCEA doit autant aux capacités de la PS2 qui donne tout ce qu'elle a, qu'au talent de développeurs qui ont injecté toute leur passion dans la réalisation de ce titre. C'est maintenant à vous de débuter ce voyage qui vous mènera aux confins de l'Olympe derrière lequel se cache une destinée divine...
Gamereactor (Sweden) (Jun 12, 2005)
Mina första minuter tillsammans med Kratos framkallar högljudda skratt, vilda skrik och härliga rysningar längs ryggraden. God of War är rått, brutalt, blodigt och vansinnigt intensivt, för att inte tala om hur vackert det är. Jag kan ärligt säga att jag hade förväntat mig något annat av Sonys egenutvecklade God of War, något mer stillsamt, något mer standardiserat, något i klass med Capcoms urvattnade Devil May Cry-serie. Ack så fel jag hade. Efter en 12 timmar lång våldsyttring är jag och Kratos ett, vårt uppdrag slutfört, vårt liv nu förbrukat och Hades brinnande dödsrike fullt av själar vi förpassat dit. Jag är kung, jag är störst, jag är gud.
The gameplay in God of War is engrossing, which is almost a shame because gamers might miss the spectacular graphics. Fortunately the beautiful cinematic flashbacks allow players to relax and enjoy the intricate detail for at least a few minutes. Part of what makes the gameplay engrossing is the music, which fits nearly every scene and situation perfectly. The voice acting is terrific too, as every time Kratos speaks, his voice aches with loss, and the narrator's wispy voice instills an instant sense of mystery. The story is fantastic, and the storytelling is masterful. All of these things add up to make God of War one of the very best games ever made for the PS2.
God Of War was, for us, so very nearly a perfect ten. Unfortunately, things slow down before the end, with increased reliance on fiddly jumping and bits where you're forced to battle dozens of pointlessly respawning enemies before a door opens. There's an exact point in the final stretch (a journey through hell itself) which, while as visually gawpworthy as the rest of the game, includes the exact moment that we shaved that 10/10 down to 9/10. This section, which gives you two brutally unforgiving sections to beat (made all the more impossible via the glitchy way Kratos touches the spinning shaft you must climb), will probably go down as one of the most frustrating points in a game ever.
Pro-G (Jul 05, 2005)
Special games are rare; the kind of game that grips you from the start and doesn't let go; the kind of game that you never thought was possible on the system you are playing it on; the kind of game that you can't stop talking about, even to your friends who don't care one bit about the games you play. God of War is one of those games. It is by no means perfect, but as gaming experiences go, this is up there with the best of them.
Yahoo! Games (Mar 22, 2005)
God of War's been on our most anticipated titles list since we first saw it demoed in early 2004. Imagine a title which combines the best aspects of Ninja Gaiden and Devil May Cry, and it's easy to understand our enthusiasm. It travels back to ancient Greece, leveraging classic mythology and devious monster designs into one of the most spectacular action titles to grace the PS2.
GamePro (US) (Apr 27, 2006)
The PlayStation 2 got a decent dose of bloody Roman history earlier this year with Shadow of Rome, a more or less playable version of the movie Gladiator. However, Sony has completely upped the ante with God of War, an adventure of Herculean proportions that brilliantly plays off Greek mythology and delivers one of the most intense gaming experiences of the year.
MikroBitti (Aug, 2005)
Jenkkilässä hyvän vastaanoton saanut God of War rantautui hiljattain myös Eurooppaan. On helppo nähdä miksi Hollywoodkansa innostui, God of War tarjoaa massiivista mättämistä, tyylikkäitä maisemia ja osaavaa kamerankäyttöä. Myös korean kuoren alla oleva peli on hyvä - pääosin.
USA Today (Apr 07, 2005)
From a blood-soaked twist on Greek mythology to stealth combat in the near future, two new video games offer excellent but very different action thrills.
Superb from start to finish. With game releases quieting down now until Christmas, this should be on every PS2 owner's wishlist.
Edge (Apr 14, 2005)
Still, few others have such an eager eye for explosive action, nor do they make such a splendid setting for it. With loading times limited to short, occasional pauses and some sensible, invisible checkpoints in place, it's a game that's held together as much by its technical muscle - as well as some striking design and cut-scenes to which the soundtrack is a phenomenal and suitably overblown accompaniment - as by the deadly, manageable grace of its combat. From the near-pornographic money-shot that occurs during the slo-mo moments of certain vicious attack combos, to the ludicrous events that send the player travelling down a monster's throat, God Of War is made from the stuff of legend, to become the stuff of legend. While it's far from being a supreme ruler of the action landscape, it succeeds in one truly godly task: that of making itself worthy of devotion from so many mortals.
Game Critics (Apr 13, 2005)
It's undeniable that God of War is an outstanding technical experience. As a critic, I really can't find any flaws in the production values or the intensity of the graphic content, but I still couldn't help feeling a little bit empty after all was said and done. It may set a new high watermark by polishing its mechanics to near-perfection, and the integration of combat, animation, puzzle-solving, environmental design, and graphics are about as fine as anyone making an action game on the PlayStation 2 could hope to produce. Still, I can't help but think that a little more depth and soul underneath Kratos' untouchable repertoire of fatalities would have lifted the game into true super-stardom.
Bordersdown (Apr, 2005)
Emerging almost from nowhere Sony has provided a must-play game for anyone who owns their console (and is of course old enough to meet the age restriction). Very few titles this generation have managed to cram as many unadulterated thrills and spills onto one disk and as an overall gaming experience, God of War will wholly satisfy any player's gaming hunger.
AceGamez (Jun 03, 2005)
God of War is a great game. Its engaging story, astounding visuals, rousing soundtrack and non-stop action are more than enough to bring you in and keep you playing to the end. It has a convincing atmosphere and a central character that truly comes to life as you play. However, there isnt' quite enough variety to make this classic and after the ten to fifteen hours it takes to beat the game, the monotonous fighting feels overly arduous. But the satisfaction in having completed this amazingly theatrical adventure is enough to make it worthwhile. Rent it, beat it, enjoy every painstaking hour that went into creating it and if you decide it's a must-buy then by all means buy it and tell your friends just how wrong I am.
The Next Level (USA) (Sep 22, 2005)
Overall, God of War provides all of us with an outlet for inner rage and evil, while still staying within the confines of our mortal law.
Diehard GameFan (Apr 04, 2005)
God of War is a game that is really well presented and polished, but which features some flaws that keep it from being a true god amongst games.
70 (GAF) (Apr 17, 2005)
In the end, I'm selling my copy of God of War, and I've only had the game since Friday. Its short length (about 10 hours), camera angles that sometimes are the worst thing ever created by man or machine, frustration factor in some areas, and an end boss that should end up being one of the best boss fights in history turning into the biggest chump on the planet makes me feel like I wasted my money at full price. It's not that God of War is an overall bad game, because it isn't, but it would be easier to deal with the faults it has if it was $20-$30 instead of $50.
From a Christian standpoint, this game has serious appropriateness issues (the ESRB rating says as much), and because of that is definitely a game aimed toward adults rather than children. From a secular standpoint, God of War is near-perfection. One could complain that the experience is over too quickly, but the quality of the 10 or so hours it takes to finish the adventure is so high that the draw to replay the game is enormous. This is the sort of game that captures the imagination on every level. In short, the bar has been raised.
69 (Jan 01, 2007)
So what’s bad about the game? Well, it does sometimes get tedious, but you can say that about almost any action game at some point. The stupid little sex sequence on Kratos’ boat could go away, as well. Other than that, I guess the best thing I can say about this game is that I didn’t notice too much, which means Sony did a pretty decent job. I will say the final boss was the cheapest piece of shit I’ve encountered in quite a while, though. That being said, this is now a Greatest Hits so you can probably buy it used for $8 or so, and it's definitely worth that in my book.