God of War Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main menu
Kratos standing on the edge of the highest mountain in all of Greece.
Kratos trying to defend himself from being eaten alive.
The Blades of Chaos raining down upon a hydra.
Zeus grants Kratos with the power of Zeus' Fury.
Kratos shows no mercy for those who get in his way.
After banging these two chicks, Kratos still cannot forget the horrid memories of his past.
Bashing a foe's head into a rock.
A powerful blow to an enemy
Shoving a blade down a minotaur's throat.
Another large creature with a spiked ball and chain.
Ripping an enemy apart with his bare hands is all in a day's work.
Traveling across on a rope with enemies on both sides.
Ares, the current god of war, destroying Athens.
Kratos is amazed at Ares' size and stature.
Kratos slicing up a cyclops.
Using one of four powers, Zues' Fury, to electrocute anyone nearby.
A twirling blow to many foes
One of the many beautiful scenes
Traveling down a long, spiral staircase.
Fighting in the sewers of Athens.
Cronos, the last of the Titans. He must carry the temple of Pandora on his back and wander aimlessly around the desert.
How's that for a mouth?
Heading across a bridge to Pandora's temple to retrieve Pandora's Box.
More large enemies to be fought.
Timing is essential to escape this room of moving saw blades.
Yes, Kratos is pulling the head off of a corpse.
Be warned! This game has puppy killing in it!
Killing a soldier with his own sword.
Carefully edging along the side of the chained mountain atop Chronos' back.
The gods require a human sacrifice.
Swimming in an underwater tunnel.
Take some of this!
Steps transcending upward.
No, this isn't hell. Not yet.
Dodging big fire balls.
One step off the narrow path means death.
One large creature stands between Kratos and Pandora's box.
Welcome to hell.
On the pathway out of hell to defeat Ares and become the new god of war.