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There's no nice way to say it, GoDai is a total disappointment all the way around. After seeing all the neat mechanics and directions the game presents, it never once feels complete. To me, it seemed that in the rush to do the 'cool' things, someone skipped over the fundamentals. GoDai is a pass - it is as simple as that. If you are craving some kind of martial arts game, or at least something with an Eastern flair, I can recommend at least five other games that will do just nicely.
GameSpot (Jan 25, 2002)
With so many great action games available at the moment, there's no remote reason why you'd want to subject yourself to GoDai. Despite some solid ideas and some very cool game mechanics, the game is technically flawed to a degree that's almost criminal. 3DO clearly didn't give the game the time it needed to have its individual elements fully fleshed out, which is a shame, because GoDai could have been a very cool experience.
IGN (Feb 07, 2002)
This game is bad. It looks bad, plays bad, and sounds bad. I know I said the music is great, but the voices are so annoying I had to turn off the sound. Godai is also one of the worst representations of the Japanese culture I have ever witnessed. It's not even funny bad, like Big Trouble in Little China, I realize this is not Japanese but you get the idea. Granted the game might not be trying to be Japanese (yeah right.) but if it is, the game shouldn't have items such as sushi that regains your health. Sushi replenishing health? That's just poor. The game feels like they asked some guy who knew nothing about the Japanese culture to make a game with ninjas. "Ninjas are cool, I watched all three Ninja Turtles movies and they were awesome!" I highly recommend against buying this game, if you must rent it first. And like everybody in the office has said to me at one point while I was playing Godai, "I wish this game would Go Die!"
GameSpy (Jan 28, 2002)
GoDai is a horrendous combination of bad gameplay, graphics, character design, and a complete lack of charm; a complete affront to gaming.
H.P. Lovecraft couldn't have come up with a better scenario if this game had been extracted from the festering bowel of Cthulu itself. Godai sucks in ways that mankind was never intended to know, and exposure to its sheer awfulness will leave deep emotional scars that may never completely heal, even with years of intensive therapy. Stay away. Stay far away.