Godai: Elemental Force Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The game's start screen follows a long, scene setting, animated introduction

Played via an emulator
The game's main menu. Nice and simple.
After entering their name and creating an initial save point the player starts their game
Hiro starts the game atop this hillock in a short cut scene. Enjoy the view my son because from here on in you're going to have to fight every inch of the way
When playing the game takes up the full screen. This is from the first, short phase where Hiro has a minor scuffle then enters the Wind temple
After first fight Hiro ascends the hill and prepares for the first major level. This is an opportunity for the player to equip him for the battles ahead
The load screen for the Wind element
The first major level is the Wind element. As with other elements it starts with an animated sequence, this shows the Wind temple with a couple of guards on the central roof
There are a couple of guards in the Wind temple, they weren't so tough
Sometimes Hiro needs to step on stones like this to open doors. In the distance there's some flesh eating zombie-like baddies
In combat the opponents have a health bar.
In addition to baddies there are obstacles such as these gateposts that belch steam or something just as deadly. Beyond them are pillboxes that shoot arrows
These guys look like they mean business but they are advancing towards Hiro across a field of lava so they don't last long. This is how the game prepares the player for the next bit
The game configuration options screen
These are the game controls
This is a shot from the training session. It takes the player through all the moves they need to play the game.