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Game Vortex (Dec 07, 2002)
They may not be gorgeous, they may not sound fantastic, but Gradius III & IV are blastathons from the "Get ready!" till the last twinkling explosion of the Vic. They're hard as hell, old-school as hell, and a hell of a lot of fun to play. If you don't mind getting thrashed repeatedly by a game, you owe it to yourself to pick up Gradius III & IV. If, on the other hand, you found Spyro the Dragon to be a little rough at times, you'll want to stay far, far away. Hardcore gamers only need apply.
GamePro (US) (Nov 24, 2000)
For a retro shooter package, Gradius III and IV is an excellent value-just don't expect anything on the level of Colony Wars. It's nice to know that with all the hype surrounding the PlayStation 2 launch, classic gaming hasn't been completely forgotten.
Mega Fun (Nov, 2000)
Gradius spielt sich genauso wie in der Arcade. Videogame-Nostalgiker dürfen sich über eine akkurate Umsetzung der Shoot‘emUp-Klassiker freuen. Alle anderen, sollten vor dem Kauf auf jeden Fall Probe spielen.
72 (Nov 28, 2000)
Konami hat es sich mit diesem Titel wohl eher zur Aufgabe gemacht eine Serie, die uns seit nunmehr etwa 15 Jahren begleitet, auch PS2-Jüngern zugänglich zu machen. Die Grafik entspricht keineswegs dem heutigen Standard und auch der Sound ist gerade einmal Mittelmaß. Wer aber einen Klassiker auf seiner neuen Next-Generation-Konsole aufleben lassen möchte, dem wird Gradius viele unterhaltsame Stunden bieten. Ein weiterer Vorteil sind die zwei enthaltenen Versionen, die sich zwar auf den ersten Blick kaum von einander unterscheiden, aber wer sich durch den recht hohen Schwierigkeitsgrad nicht abschrecken lässt, der wird nach und nach immer neue Features entdecken. Abwechslung bietet ebenfalls der 2-Spieler-Mode.
As good as the games on the disc are, and all the extras, Konami SHOULD have fit all the Gradius, Parodius, and Twinbee shooting games on a DVD and released them instead. It would have been especially cool to see the Japan-only Gradius Gaiden, as it's probably the best game in the series, I think. This would have been a much more impressive collection than what's here, but I suppose I really shouldn't complain. Sales figures will determine what other classics show up, but I'm hoping for all the old Contra and Castlevania games on the next two discs. Or perhaps the complete Metal Gear series and hopefully Snatcher and an English version of Policenauts. I'd write more, but my trigger finger is getting itchy. If you're like me, and remember the "old" stuff (or are among the curious), pick up a copy of Gradius III & IV, and save your quarters for the snacks you'll buy for when you're camped out in front of the TV.
Gaming Target (Aug 06, 2001)
But Konami has added a few little things into Gradius III and IV to make it more than just a port of some old classics. First of all, when you first turn on the game you are treated to one of the coolest Full Motion Videos to ever work it's way into a video game. Forget Final Fantasy, somebody get Konami working on a Gradius CG movie. If it looked anything like this FMV, I would be first in line opening day. Gradius III is also given a save option, so you can pick up your game again later (but why Gradius IV didn't get this too is beyond me).
GamersMark (Sep 18, 2004)
Gradius III & IV is a great package for fans of not only Gradius, but of the shooter genre in general. It’s great to finally play Gradius IV. This collection’s obviously not going to win many new fans, especially not those raised and weaned on 3D experiences, and it might piss off a few people who wanted more out of it, but those who are even slightly interested will be pleased if they know not to expect a complete catalog or total reinvention.
PlanetPS2 (Mar 29, 2001)
Gradius III and IV was the single PS2 title I simply could not wait to play. Unfortunately, my excitement was tempered upon discovering that Gradius IV, despite its fancy graphics, is merely a weak rehash of earlier titles in the series. Gradius III is a relatively flawless port, but still suffers from the basic gameplay problems and assumptions inherent in all Gradius games. In addition, a relatively decent port has been available on the SNES for ten or so years, diminishing the need for this version of the game.
IGN (Nov 15, 2000)
But so what if they're years old? These are still both excellent shooters - the Gradius weapon design has withstood the test of time - and the arcade ports are perfect, even including the bootup RAM and ROM check screens just before the main titles. Gradius III and IV is certainly a purely retro affair, aimed only at a small enthusiast market, but it's retro gaming done properly, a package that's worth the money to its target audience (hey, you would have paid 60 bucks for just Gradius III back in the day). May I suggest a Castlevania collection for a follow-up? Parodius, maybe? How about Twinbee? And hey, the home port of Super Contra wasn't quite perfect...
GameSpot (Nov 22, 2000)
While some consider it a cashing-in tactic by game companies, Konami has done a graceful job of repackaging and rereleasing Gradius III & IV. Both games represent their arcade counterparts flawlessly, to the point of including the flaws. Konami's sights may be locked dead on the retrogaming audience, but Gradius III & IV are both excellent, albeit incredibly difficult, games in their own right. Anyone looking for a solid side-scrolling shooter would do well to pick up this game.
En annan aspekt som säkerligen kommer att reta många spelare är att Gradius III & IV är ett så infernaliskt svårt spel. Glöm att du klarar spelet på en credit på medium svårighetsgrad i Gradius IV. Skulle du lyckas är du antingen kungen av shoot 'em up eller så hade du bara tur. Majoriteten kommer inte ens att lämna fjärde banan. På så sätt är Gradius III & IV ett spel som kommer att få dig att slänga handkontrollen i väggen och vråla "fan!". Garanterat.
I adore the Gradius series and drool over the prospect of a PS2 sequel. Yet if Konami wanted to do a classic collection, all the Gradius titles should have been included.
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
Hmm, zwei uralte Shoot'em-Ups als Mini-Compilation zum PS2-Launch – das kann's nicht sein. Warum hat man nicht eine richtige Gradius-Sammlung mit Nemesis, Life Force, Salamander, Parodius & Co. auf eine CD gepresst? Das wäre vielleicht ein Kaufgrund für Ballerspiel-Freaks mit Hang zur Nostalgie gewesen. So aber bleiben mit Gradius III ein unansehnliches und langweiliges und mit dem vierten Teil ein zumindest grafisch aufpoliertes Laser-Festival aus längst vergangenen Tagen, die den heutigen Top-Shootern R-Type Delta, G-Darius, Einhänder oder Radiant Silvergun nicht das Wasser reichen können. Das Extrawaffen-System mag damals innovativ gewesen sein, heute gehört es ins Museum. An diesem Titel könnt ihr getrost vorbeischlendern, wenn ihr euch schon dazu durchgerungen habt, tausend Mark für die PS2 hinzulegen.
The Video Game Critic (Dec 06, 2000)
I'm a sucker for side-scrolling shooters, and this package provides a healthy dose of old-school action. Many reviewers have criticized the game for not fully utilizing the Playstation 2's graphics capabilities, but I say fun is fun. Why should people have to pull out their old Genesis to enjoy a good 2D shooter?
PSM (Dec, 2000)
It'd recommend Gradius III&IV only to the most hardened Gradius fans and shooter buffs. For most gamers, the nostalgia appeal just won't be there. Seeing how similar both games are, even the two-games-for-the-price-of-one argument doesn't warrant the $40 price of admission.
50 (Jan 05, 2001)
Pas mauvais pris pour ce qu'ils sont, des shoot'em ups, ils restent quand même la marque d'une volonté de Konami de faire de l'argent facilement. A réserver aux inconditionnels.
Gradius III & IV is just as you might have guessed –- a little combo title featuring two Konami shooters from the past. As you would expect, there is plenty of challenge here. So much so that even with unlimited continues you aren’t gonna go anywhere fast in this one, unless you’re a shooter game wunderkind. Neither game is bad, but neither is impressive. Sure, Working Designs’ Silpheed wasn’t groundbreaking, but at least it was made for PS2. This game is just a classics collection being pawned off as a PS2 title. Shame on you Konami.
Gradius III and IV is only enjoyable if you equate fun with frustration, but most gamers have long since outgrown that philosophy, as have most games. Yet Gradius III and IV clings to its roots like a long rotting tooth. I recommend some Novocain to dull the pain of the experience, an extraction of this CD from anyone's PS2 library, and reconstructive surgeries for the numerous controllers hurled across the room in a simmering rage. This once-proud series deserves better, and quite frankly, so do we.
PSX Nation (Jan 21, 2001)
If you just have to have this old school collection, remember what you're getting. Two arcade perfect ports of games that will get stale within a short few minutes. Back then, way back then, this may have been revolutionary but on the PS2 it's almost like an insult to the grown intelligence of gamers. Either way the gameplay just doesn't hold up to today's standards.
Gamekult (Nov 26, 2000)
Gradius III & IV est un jeu qui ne conviendra qu'aux fans de la série. Malgré une vidéo d'introduction remarquable, la PlayStation 2 n'est vraiment pas mise en valeur par ce titre. Intérêt nul, jouabilité ancestrale, la plupart des joueurs n'éprouveront aucunes sensations à évoluer dans cet univers désuet. Malgré un léger effort de réalisation, Gradius III & IV n'arrive donc pas à convaincre et, si ce genre de reconversion continue, la série toute entière pourrait hélas sombrer dans l'oubli.