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You have to think of GK as more of a cool toy than a game. If you come around to that line of thinking, you'll probaby understand and appreciate what Taito has created here. This isn't a game in the traditional sense, although certain aspects such as the fighting enemies tries hard to pretend that it is a game. If you leave your pre-conceived notions at the door, Graffiti Kingdom will most definitely entertain you.
1UP (Aug 12, 2005)
I won't pretend that this game is for everyone. It's a highly specialized title, with a unique feature that will either delight you or drive you crazy. But those who get into the nitty-gritty of designing custom monsters to play will find in this game rare pleasures and rewards.
As much fun as the character creation is, it doesn’t help to extend the game’s replay value that much. While it’s true that you can create nearly anything you want, there isn’t much to the game itself. Still, the more creative types will probably enjoy tinkering away with the drawing tool to see how far they can push it. If this sounds like you, then by all means pick up Graffiti Kingdom. If not, it’s still a great rental (or two).
76 (Jul 26, 2005)
En conclusión, Graffiti Kingdom es un juego que gustará a unos y otros no acabarán de verle el puntillo. Un RPG con ganas de innovar, pero que se queda en la superficie y, de no tener el potentísimo editor de personajes y técnicas, a duras penas llegaría al 70, ya que ni los diálogos con ese humor tan simple que impregna el desarrollo, ni los personajes, en algunos casos memorables, lo salvan de ser uno más en la marea de RPGs de la Bestia Negra de Sony. Si te gusta el género y quieres probar cosas nuevas, dale una oportunidad, si buscas historias épicas tira de lo clásico.
Worth Playing (Aug 24, 2005)
Overall, Graffiti Kingdom is a slow starter, especially when enemies run away from your character like there's no tomorrow. Once you acquire charge attacks, the game gets a lot more fun. It is definitely a title that I'd suggest trying out just because of its original concept; the idea is great, and overall, the developers did a good job, even with the game's occasional slowdowns. With only four worlds, Graffiti Kingdom is rather short and is beatable in under five hours. If you have a friend who also has the title, you can battle it out in two-player mode and get some more play time out of it.
GameSpot (Aug 05, 2005)
Graffiti Kingdom is basically 3D modeling software with a simplified interface and a barely-there story to give it some context. Despite the lackluster action and brief story, Graffiti Kingdom is definitely entertaining for anyone with even the slightest flicker of creative ambition.
Darkstation (Jul 28, 2005)
I like Graffiti Kingdom more so because of its originality then the actual game itself. This game dares to be different, and in a lot of areas they do accomplish this goal. Had they found a way to make the combat in the game more enjoyable this could have really been a force to be reckoned with. With that being said, if you have a creative side to you and you want to put it to use in a video game Graffiti Kingdom is a great option for you.
It is not too often that we come across a game that is actually innovative. And that goes double for titles that are rated E for Everyone. Normally they are either dull classroom type titles or just straight games with simplistic and uninspiring game play. Graffiti Kingdom sounds a little bit like it would be about teens going out and tagging buildings, like a mod for GTA: San Andreas or something. But in fact, the Graffiti Kingdom is a place where everything seems to be made out of paper. So logically, those that can draw in a world like that would have a lot of power in an almost god-like way.
IGN (Jul 26, 2005)
Rating such a game is a bit of a difficult task since Graffiti Kingdom unleashes a huge amount of potential for those who are willing to put in the time to know it, but still fails overall as a game. So in that way the game doesn't have a high score at all, but that by no means says that the game is totally worthless. Not at all. While I'm sure that there will be those who will fall in love with the game and the possibilities it provides, it still needed some more work so that it was more fun to play with the results.
Graffiti Kingdom is not the kind of game that will appeal to the gaming masses. It is destined to be a cult favorite among gamers willing to put the time into creating bizarre and unique characters and who can look beyond the lackluster gameplay. If you feel that you may fit into this category, give the game a rental and try your hand at creature design. You’ll find out pretty quickly if Graffiti Kingdom is a game for you.
Game Chronicles (Aug 12, 2005)
Original ideas are novel these days it seems like, but even more novel are original creations. Graffiti Kingdom is one of those. It’s a great idea which sounds like a lot of fun, but falls short when it comes to fruition. I'd love to see Hot-B and Taito try this again, while paying closer attention to gameplay, controls, and streamlining the create-a-character in such a way that makes it much more accessible. While Graffiti Kingdom isn't a horrible game, it is disappointing. Oh well. Maybe next time.
GameSpy (Aug 04, 2005)
So, is Graffiti Kingdom worth withdrawing some cash to pick up? Depends on what you're looking for in a game. Casual gamers may or may not get into the saccharine storyline, but they might enjoy messing around drawing all sorts of things, innocent (my grey multi-legged jumping creature) and not-so-innocent (the marauding can of a famous Irish stout), and siccing them on cute, yellow spongy blobs. RPG fans and fans of titles such as Monster Rancher and Magic Pengel will probably adore it.
RPGamer (2005)
Looking at it strictly for its standard RPG elements, Graffiti Kingdom has a lot of shortcomings, which would push it into obscure mediocrity if not for the drawing system. By drawing creatures to use, the game gains a flair only shared by its predecessor, and since it is used in a whole new way, it doesn't feel old or rehashed. And when it comes down to it, whether they are completely imaginary or they are favorite characters from other series, drawing a graffiti creature and abusing the baddies with it is just plain fun.
Game Critics (Aug 31, 2005)
Graffiti Kingdom is a hard game to score because the two parts that make it up are so wildly disparate. It's sublimely complex and bursting with potential on one hand, unbelievably limited and shortsighted on the other. Just like Magic Pengel, this game about customization would be better served by being a complete game with customization. As it stands, it's another interesting niche oddity that could have been much more.
Calling a game "charming" is sometimes the equivalent of saying that a heinous psycho hose beast has "a good personality." Graffiti Kingdom (the follow up to Magic Pengel) follows this formula – it seems conscious of the fact that it has awful controls and braindead combat, so it overcompensates with a nauseating quirk factor. The easy-to-use creature creator is fun, and it is extremely satisfying to watch your demented aberrations come to life (especially in versus mode), but everything else about it is just plain no good.
Video Game Talk (Aug 12, 2005)
So we have some poor audio, low-grade graphics and gameplay that is so simple it hurts. The camera is about as poor as it can get and it makes an easy game only semi-easy. Even with all that in mind I still have to recommend Graffiti Kingdom because of the ingenious creative control the game has. Spending oodles of time perfecting a creature and then unleashing him on the masses is entertaining, but it will only appeal to gamers that are patient and enjoy art (which is me). I would love to see a game use this creation engine, but involve it with a more in depth game with better features. As it stands this is about as good as it gets for this theme and if you have an open mind you may find yourself addicted in no time. Recommended
40 (Aug 11, 2005)
Si vous guettiez ce jeu avec un brin de curiosité, sachez que Graffiti Kingdom ne fait aucunement partie de ces titres décalés qui présentent un réel intérêt, à l'instar de Vib Ribbon, ou de Katamari Damacy pour rester plus proche de nous. Ses seuls points positifs sont la collecte des cartes et la création de monstres, mais ça ne suffit pas à rendre l'ensemble un tant soit peu passionnant.