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A great installment to an already superior series! Twilightseer (264) 4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars4.6 Stars
Solid, no-frills racing simulator with a few drawbacks CoffeeCrack (26) 3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars3.6 Stars

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Category Description User Score
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.3
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Overall User Score (55 votes) 4.1

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UOL Jogos (Mar 04, 2005)
"Gran Turismo 4" não é um jogo para qualquer um: ter de completar 16 provas diferentes só para obter sua primeira licença é capaz de desestimular os fãs de jogos menos realistas como "Burnout" e "Need for Speed", e essa tendência não melhora com o desenrolar da experiência. Mas aqueles que buscam o simulador mais realista e completo não devem ter dúvidas em comprar esse jogo.
Gamezine (Jan 09, 2005)
Pour oublier l’absence du mode online, on se consolera avec un jeu de bagnoles sublime, avec une bande son qui arrache. L’immersion est très forte, on s’y croirait. Alors oui, Gran Turismo 4 est bien le chef-d’œuvre que j’attendais, et c’est une claque dont la concurrence aura du mal à se remettre. Les gars de Polyphony Digital ont réussi un sacré exploit en réalisant un jeu qui fait honneur à la PS2. Il sera difficile de faire mieux…
PSX Extreme (Jan 11, 2005)
It's baffling when you think about it, but GT4 has finally arrived after a long and excruciating wait. Only with the GT series can I sit down and plug away 10 hours straight and not realize where the time has gone; no other franchise has that effect on me. The Gran Turismo series is by far my most favorite gaming series of all time and there are no amount of �thank yous' that can describe how much I love every iteration. GT4 is no exception and it is easily the best of the series, the most refined, and without a doubt one of the most gorgeous videogames of this generation. Gran Turismo 4 is a masterpiece and there's no two ways about it.
GameZone (Mar 02, 2005)
When Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec came out I believed that this was the racing game all games in this genre would try to aspire to be and why not? The game featured hundreds of cars and enough tracks that gamers played this one for month. As a loyal follower of the series since its introduction on the original PlayStation, I’ve seen the game go from good to great to why-can’t-I-put-this-controller-down? Now, with Gran Turismo 4, you can bet that this girl won’t get any sleep at all. Is it that good, you might ask? All I can say is that they had to pry me away from my PS2 to write this review.
Next Level Gaming (Mar 20, 2005)
Gran Turismo 4 is the definitive racing game on the PlayStation 2 or any other console. It contains a degree of realism that is unrivaled, and it mixes that well with some of the best graphics that I have seen in a game. From the time you turn the game, you will be immediately sucked in, and you will find the hours will start flying by. Before you know, several hours will have passed, and you will still want more. Gran Turismo 4 is hands down the best racing game that I have played. You owe it to yourself to check this one out.
IGN (Feb 22, 2005)
When Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec came out it was hard to believe that anything better could come from the little black box underneath our TV, but GT4 has gone and proved that that was just the beginning for this system. The graphics have been redone absolutely everywhere. The cars are more detailed, the levels have been given a flurry of new details and taking in the whole experience is like being cleaning off a dirty pair of glasses to see the world as it truly is.
GameStar (Italy) (Jul 08, 2005)
In definitiva Gran Turismo 4, seppure non presentando una rivoluzione rispetto al passato, si conferma come il re assoluto delle "simulazioni" di guida. Se avete un volante, magari con force feedback, sarebbe da folli lasciarselo scappare. Se non ne siete in possesso vi do un consiglio: compratene uno e una copia di Gran Turismo 4, non ve ne pentirete di certo.
Gran Turismo 4 left me gawking, smiling, and shaking in excitement. I just can't stress how amazing the game feels. Despite my small gripes, it will keep me sucked in for a very long time. From the feeling of accomplishment of getting your first racing license to the extreme sense of joy after winning a difficult championship, Gran Turismo 4 does what it needs to and does it almost perfectly. For that, I must tip my hat to Polyphony Digital on a job well done.
Daily Game (Apr 13, 2005)
There’s always been a plethora of racing games available across all of the platforms, but there are few that have been able to rival the success of Sony’s exclusive powerhouse franchise. For years, Gran Turismo has been the game that racing enthusiasts turn to when they desire a more realistic driving experience. With over 650 cars, 100 tracks, and new game modes, it appears as if Sony’s GT4 will remain the dominating force in the driving simulation genre.
Here’s the simplest, most accurate statement ever made: In Gran Turismo 4, you race cars. That’s it – find cars, buy cars, try out cars, and drive them around predetermined tracks. In the real world, people gladly hemorrhage money to buy a new car or race on a famous course. Why would we, stranger still, even want to do the same things in a virtual, digital world? The answer to both is the same: People love their cars.
92 (Oct 20, 2005)
Mimo dużej dozy odtwórczości, grzechem byłoby nie nazwać gt4 grą przynajmniej bardzo dobrą. Lepszej gry wyścigowej na PlayStation 2 już nie będzie – w zasadzie możesz przyjąć to za pewnik. Pomysły i patenty wprowadzone w poprzednich częściach zostały dopracowane niemal do perfekcji, liczmy więc po cichu na jakąś rewolucję w gt4. Póki co jednak – masz przed sobą jedną z najlepszych gier, w jakie możesz zagrać na obecnej generacji konsol.
Mania (Mar 03, 2005)
GRAN TURISMO 4 is a gorgeous game though, and the Grand Canyon track will blow your mind the first time you race it. The car models are awesome and I was blown away by the visuals. The game supports 1080i support and widescreen which really helps create an immersive driving experience for those of us with HDTVs. The soundtrack is excellent with a wide range of music including classical songs. The sound effects are all recorded from the source cars and sound perfect.
91 (Mar 11, 2005)
Polyphony Digital und Sony haben sich mit der Veröffentlichung von Gran Turismo 4 viel Zeit gelassen und dabei alles richtig gemacht. Ein von vorn bis hinten derart gelungenes Rennspiel ist in der Spielgeschichte bislang einmalig. Die wirklich wenigen Kritikpunkte wie leichtes Kantenflimmern, das Fehlen eines Schadenmodells oder die nicht absolut perfekte Gegner-KI werden allein durch den gigantischen Umfang an Strecken und Autos locker weggemacht. Ein echter Zeitkiller ist wieder einmal der toll aufgemachte Gran Turismo-Modus, auch wenn die teils zähen Lizenzprüfungen sicherlich nicht jedermanns Geschmack sind. Letztlich vermisst man in dem Meisterwerk nur den lange eingeplanten Online-Modus, der aber vielleicht Ende des Jahres in Form einer neuen Version nachgereicht wird. Aber auch trotz dieses Makels dürfte der Xbox-Konkurrent „Forza Motorsports“ gegen GT4 nicht den Hauch einer Chance haben.
91 (Mar 06, 2005)
Das Warten hat nun auch für uns Europäer endlich ein Ende gefunden. Die lang erwartete und sehnlichst herbeigeflehte Rennspielreferenz ist da! “Gran Turismo 4“ hat endlich unseren geweihten Boden erreicht. Kaum ein Rennspiel hatte im Vorfeld für mehr Aufregung, Gerüchte und Newsmeldungen gesorgt wie das neueste Werk der Polyphony Entwickler. Wir sagen euch ob es “Gran Turismo 4“ abermals zur Rennspielreferenz gereicht.
Jolt (UK) (Mar 18, 2005)
And it’s this that ultimately decides Gran Turismo 4’s fate. Yet again the series fails to become a proper racing game, with its rigid car physics and lack of decent opponents to face off against, but it’s still a fantastic and lengthy game in its own right. Those who weren’t keen on previous titles won’t find much to change their minds here, but true fans have a gigantic amount to dig into while the wait for the online version and Gran Turismo 5 begins. Just how long that will take, however, is anyone’s guess.
90 (Mar 07, 2005)
GT4 remplit son contrat haut la main. Passionnant, magnifique, exhaustif et remanié dans son design, le soft de Polyphony Digital se pose une nouvelle fois en tant que référence de la course automobile sur PS2. En effet, et malgré l'aliasing relativement présent, on retrouve dans GT 4 les points forts de GT 3 sublimés, ce qui implique légitimement un regard empli de louanges. Un grand jeu donc, mais qui on l'espère apportera son lot de nouveautés dans sa prochaine édition.
Yahoo! Games (Feb 17, 2005)
Whether you love, hate, or could care less about racing games, the Gran Turismo series deserves respect. Since its inception in 1998, the game has gone through four iterations on two different consoles and sold over 35 million copies worldwide. Countless photos have been shot, hours of engine revs and tire screeches recorded, all in a quest to create the most realistic driving simulator on the market. As far as realism is concerned, the game has certainly made its mark -- even Toyota and BMW have used it to show off their new toys in a "virtual test drive."
Worth Playing (Mar 30, 2005)
It’s easy to see why the Gran Turismo series is so popular. It has the cars, the tracks, the cars, the control, the cars, and not to mention, the look … and the cars. This latest iteration has over 650 cars ranging from "horseless carriages" to the most advanced, specialized racecars of our time. There are dozens of tracks that beg you to learn their nuances. The control is as tight and unforgiving as you've come to expect, and let's not forget the visuals, which are some of the best you'll see in a racing game, or any game for that matter. However, the core gameplay is nearly identical to its predecessors, with only a few fringe updates and additions. Online support and car damage are also missing. Nevertheless, Gran Turismo 4 continues the franchise's trend of evolution over revolution, with excellent results overall.
GamePro (US) (Feb 23, 2005)
Memorize every meter of tread-eating tarmac as thoroughly as the potholes and crosswalks on your morning commute. Roller coaster altitude changes, steep bobsled-style banks, switchback bends--Nurburgring is too technical, too unforgiving to blindly bump and grind around. GT 4 reproduces the goliath (the German circuit runs 14 miles in its current incarnation) in consummate detail, right down to the sponsor banners, and you can measure your progress by the brand names you pass, much like the string of Applebees and Wal-Marts on your way to school or work Learning the line (racing lingo for the shortest route around a track), however, only counts if you can keep your car on it.
GameSpy (Feb 28, 2005)
The core of the game involves spending literally hundreds of hours racing, tuning, and tweaking history's finest automobiles on some of the most grueling tracks and locales from around the world. Sporting a selection of over 700 perfectly modeled cars and 50 or so tracks, there's nothing else that comes close to providing such a realistic slice of four-wheeled history. Sometimes it will frustrate you, and other times it'll enthuse you, but putting any quirky issues aside, I fear no other racing simulator offers as much to the gamer as GT4 does.
90 (Apr 01, 2005)
So here we are. Gran Turismo 4 has finally arrived after multiple delays, but along the way the promised online mode (maybe we'll see it later this year with GT4 Online) was thrown overboard. So basically what we're left with is some kind of Gran Turismo 3 Redux. Can it be we're seeing the first signs of decay on the long-reigning emperor of racing games?
89 (Mar 09, 2005)
Jetzt ist es also da, das lang erwartete Gran Turismo 4! Es hat mich genau so gepackt wie die drei Teile zuvor und wird euch ebenfalls über Wochen, wenn nicht gar Monate beschäftigen. Der geniale Kreislauf aus Tuning, immer anspruchvolleren Rennveranstaltungen, dem herrlich realistischen Fahrgefühl und PS-starken Rennmaschinen wird innerhalb weniger Spielminuten zu einer wahren Sucht, der man nicht entrinnen kann. Bei all der Euphorie gibt es aber auch einige zum Teil schwerwiegende Kritikpunkte: So sorgen wie schon in den Vorgängern deplatzierte Gegner hin und wieder für einen unausgewogenen Schwierigkeitsgrad und damit einige Frustmomente, Neuerungen wie das Straf- oder Punktesystem werden inkonsequent umgesetzt und die KI hat an fahrerischen Manövern abseits der Ideallinie kaum zugelegt.
GameSpot (Feb 22, 2005)
Not many game series can be referred to as genre-defining, but in the world of console racing games, Gran Turismo fits the bill. Since 1998, the GT series has aimed to bring the vivid world of auto enthusiasm to your PlayStation and PlayStation 2 through a combination of realistic driving physics, massive car rosters aimed at pleasing the obsessive collectors in all of us, and courses from around the world, all topped off with state-of-the-art graphics and sound presentation that's redefined the technical capabilities of the console each title has appeared on. With the fourth installment in the series, the aptly named Gran Turismo 4, we find the franchise at the peak of its quantitative powers in a game that makes superlatives such as "big" and "sprawling" seem somehow inadequate. Yet beneath all the considerable content, Gran Turismo 4 remains remarkably similar to previous iterations in the series, which, depending on your point of view, may or may not be a good thing.
games xtreme (Apr 04, 2005)
Coming packed with 700 cars and roughly 50 courses means there is a lot to see in Gran Turismo 4, although a lot of the cars really aren’t worth bothering with on account of being crap when compared to what else is on offer, although overall GT4 is definitely a worthy entry into and continuation of the Gran Turismo series, while fans of the previous games are not going to be disappointed they may feel as though they are repeating most of what they did in GT3, new players to the GT series will be blown away by whats on offer here. Absolutely worth checking out and if you get seriously into the game you might find that sleep will soon become a long forgotten memory.
Game Watcher (Jun 27, 2005)
Overall, this is a huge upgrade to the GT series on the PS2. I just can't help the feeling that I played GT3: A-spec more because at that time it was a major leap for the series arriving on the PS2, but this is the best of the two. I spent a lot of time with GT4 and both games are great. With some new tracks and huge amount upgrades/cars, fans of the series are going to get this game no matter what. The game takes what we got from GT3 and adds on with awesome new cars, graphics that are outstanding to the point of almost unbelievable, and a Gran Turismo mode that's more satisfying then ever before.
Softpedia (Feb 15, 2007)
We're dealing with THE racing game, one of those rare titles that define a genre and match the exact definition of the type of production they are. GT 4 is a realistic driver simulator in its essence and its arcade elements are zero, unless you count the damage concept. Not having so many competitors in this field, it's easily the best game of the genre, challenging even mildly-related games like Need for Speed, TOCA Race Driver or the Test Drive series.
What's fun about GT4? It makes you fall in love with cars because you start to become more and more interested in what all those numbers on the spec sheet means as you race them. GT 4's got its core racing down. Now Polyphony Digital needs to start innovating, not simply re-making the same game very four years.
Computer Bild Spiele (Jun 06, 2007)
Gran Turismo 4 ist ein äußerst realistisches, umfangreiches Rennspiel. Damit fährt es sich einfach "gut".
Game Revolution (Mar 04, 2005)
But other than those two gripes and the lengthy start up time, Gran Turismo 4 is a superb racing excursion that is currently unmatched in the video game racing world. Its simulation style of play and lack of flashy, vinyl coated cars may discourage a few, but with all of the other spot on features and hours of racing enjoyment, this is one ride you won't mind paying sticker price for.
FiringSquad (Feb 06, 2005)
I gave GT3 a 96% in 2001. GT4 is unquestionably a better game than GT3 in every way. In fact, if GT4 were delivered to me in 2001 via time machine, we’d be looking at a 100% Final Verdict with a special “Diamond” Editor’s Choice that’s never been given out before. In terms of PS2 games, GT4 is even a better overall gaming experience than Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Yet at the same time, while GT3 represented the most fun I had in a long time, I cannot say the same for GT4. It’s a good game and definitely up there with the best of experiences, but not an epiphany of excitement. More importantly, whereas GT3 saw no competition, Enthusia is on its way and if there’s anyone who can beat Polyphony Digital, it’s Konami. The bar simply has been raised.
80 (UK) (Mar 09, 2005)
What's disappointing for the rest of us, however, is that while this is unquestionably the pinnacle of Polyphony's attempts to capture driving in game form, it still isn't - and isn't even trying to be - the pinnacle of racing games. And that's where the series needs to start heading if it wants to keep us coming back with another wad of notes every four years.
Gamekult (Mar 07, 2005)
On ne peut en effet que s'indigner devant l'I.A., toujours aussi lamentable et sans échappatoire possible, étant donné que le mode de jeu en ligne a purement et simplement été rayé de la carte à la dernière minute. L'absence de dégâts physiques et ce fameux combo aliasing/scintillement toujours aussi gênant feront encore grincer les dents. Autant de défauts qui empêchent ce quatrième épisode de la dynastie Gran Turismo de gravir la plus haute marche du podium, même s'il déborde de qualités. Gigantesque pour ne pas dire démesuré, riche, ultra complet, pointilleux à souhait, GT4 cumule les bons points mais paraîtra peut-être pour quelques-uns encore trop proche de Gran Turismo 3 A-spec. Une fois la manette ou le volant bien en main, ce n'est vraiment pas le cas, mais on peut tout de même se demander si Polyphony Digital compte un jour combler les grossières lacunes de son simulateur. Il faudra malheureusement attendre GT5 pour en avoir le coeur net.
Edge (Feb 17, 2005)
There it is: Gran Turismo 4 is fundamentally unconcerned with furthering the art of the videogame. This titanic franchise, this critical, load-bearing pillar of the house of PlayStation, is barely even a videogame at all. It’s a hobbyist software suite, a racetrack tutorial, an encyclopaedia you can get in and drive off. Perhaps that makes it a fitting flagship for the company that coined the evasive term ‘computer entertainment’; but however you look at it, it’s a labour of great love and erudition, and indispensable to those who care.
Factornews (Mar 18, 2005)
Alors, une déception ce Gran Turismo 4 ? En partie, oui. Pourtant, j'aurais voulu l'adorer, lui mettre une note quasi-maximale et sortir mon petit dictionnaire de superlatifs pour en faire l'éloge. Mais non, il y quelque chose qui manque, cette petite touche magique qui m'avait transporté de longs mois durant dans GT3. On se retrouve ici avec un GT3.5, certes rempli comme on était en droit de l'espérer, mais à la progression vraiment trop laborieuse. Bien sûr, le jeu reste tout de même une référence sur PS2, mais plus par manque de réelle concurrence qu'autre chose. Sa réalisation ne souffre en revanche d'aucune critique possible, tant elle pousse la PS2 dans ses derniers retranchements. Allez, Yamauchi-san, tirez pas la tronche, il est quand même bien votre jeu ; on se donne rendez-vous sur PS3 pour un GT5 qu'on espère encore plus beau, plus complet, avec une vraie IA et des dégâts enfin gérés, bref, plus riche en nouveautés que cet add-on déguisé.
The Video Game Critic (Jul 08, 2007)
Unnecessary new features include the ability to manage a race team or be a race photographer. Nobody ever asked for these options, and to this day, nobody has ever used them. Meanwhile the damage modeling and on-line play gamers really wanted are nowhere to be found. The music is a mixed bag, despite a few standout tracks from Van Halen, Judas Priest, and The Roots. Gran Turismo 4 offers ample racing action for your money, but for most gamers, the formula is has worn paper-thin. In the end, GT4 amounts to a great looking, super-realistic racer that nobody wants to play.