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General Hints/Tips - PlayStation 2
  Get some extra health Nov 06, 2001 Brian Hirt (10072)
  Bomb da Base - act ii Nov 08, 2001 Brian Hirt (10072)
  Trial By Fire Nov 15, 2001 Ray Soderlund (3609)
  commit some serious crimes Feb 27, 2004 korn man (4)
  Borgnine Taxi Jul 20, 2007 Jeremy Petho (293)
Cheats/Codes - PlayStation 2
  Some fun cheats (SPOILERS INSIDE) May 09, 2002 Lothian (13)
  Gore Mode Feb 28, 2003 Exodia85 (2183)
  Infinite Health Apr 02, 2003 Exodia85 (2183)
  Infinite Armor Apr 02, 2003 Exodia85 (2183)
  All Weapons At Hideout Apr 02, 2003 Exodia85 (2183)
  Never Wanted Apr 02, 2003 Exodia85 (2183)
Easter Eggs - PlayStation 2
  Change the size of moon Dec 28, 2006 Jeremy Petho (293)
  "Why yes, I do have a house for sale.. bom wakka wakka.." Sep 17, 2007 lasttoblame (427)

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