Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
The beginning credits
One of the loading screens.
A number of costumes and outfits are available at your safe house.
After completing the Car Salesman side mission, the Hellenbach GT spawns inside the dealership.
Running over spike strips tears your tires to shreds.
It is probably a good idea to roll out of a vehicle that is up in flames.
Rainy, dark nights are common in Portland.
I'll take this ride off your hands for you.
Sometimes fiesty drivers want their vehicle back and are willing to fight for it.
Callahan bridge is under construction so you have to find more non-traditional ways to get across.
You can also take the ferry to the other islands for $25.
The bikes are a nice upgrade from GTA III.
Stick 'em up!
Unfortunately, you aren't able to fly any of the many planes at the airport.
The ever so mundane taxi missions are still optional to play.
Fast bike or fast car?
Tearing it up in Bedford Point.
The Cochrane Dam
You might remember Love Fist from Vice City.
One of the loading screens when traveling between the islands.
An extremely high unique jump.
You can always count on humorous innuendos to be present in GTA.
Donald Love is back and has more missions for you to do.
There are 20 rampages between the three islands.
A shotgun to the stomach should teach them a lesson or two.
Acquire a tank for utter carnage.
Someone's gonna have to clean that up.
Change driving views to see an up close and personal splattering.
One of the few side racing missions.
Hitting the streets at night.
Watching the streets outside your safehouse.
That classic GTA3 sunrise!
If you get killed, taxis with blue arrows will warp you to the last mission start point.