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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

80's Cars Ahoy!
Visit Ammunation
Auto-Targetting with Uzi 9mm
Chainsaw Massacre #1
Chainsaw Massacre #2
Visit Clothes Shops to Change Clothes
Fancy a Dip?
Cruising Miami Beach
Cruise to 80s musax
Take part in gang wars
Golf Buggy Silliness
Hammer Time???
Hidden Games A-Plenty
Ice Cream Factory or ... ?
Malibu Club - Too much 80s is never enough!
Inside the Malibu
Loading Screens have cool artwork...
Love the Harley!
Map Screen Comes In Handy...
Monster Truck Madness!
Motor Cycles are soooo good.
Mr Whoopee van sells various, er, "condiments".
Visit North Point Mall - For all your shopping needs.
Sniper Rifle makes a come-back.
This is where you run!
The game's introductory sequence is a series of credits set against a black background while a piece of animation is viewed through a cutout section
The copyright screen
Several in-game characters are displayed as the game loads. Unlike most games the player is taken straight into the game, there's no 'main menu.
The game starts with a cut scene set in Marco's Bistro, Liberty City, 1986. A plan to sell Drugs in Vice City is hatched
Has this guy got a serious case of 'manspreading' or what?
The next animated sequence leads to the exchange of cash for drugs in Vice City
The exchange is a setup, both the Columbian drug supplier and your colleagues are wiped out
Once the cut sequences are over the player takes control
The pink spot shows the player's destination. We were supposed to arrive by car but that's at the bottom of the river now
This is what a save point looks like
The save game menu
The in-game map
The controller configuration