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94 (Nov 01, 2006)
Lack of level variety aside, this is one of the most fun games I have ever played. The first game in a long time to make me seriously consider knocking Lufia II down from first place in my all time list of favorite videogames. If you were at all thinking about checking out .hack, I definitely recommend you do it with this game. If you somehow get the special edition, it even comes with a disc that has a recap of the four original .hack games. There you go, even more excuse not to have to play the first four games. In any event, .hack fan or no, you need to check out this game.
GamersMark (Jul 22, 2007)
.hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth is a very enjoyable game. If you like the original games, you’ll have a blast with .hack//G.U., just like I did. Unlike the first four, gameplay does not pull down the game, rather supports it very well with a nice foundation. With three games planned for the .hack//G.U. series, I hope that we can expect general improvements to the already solid formula put in place by Vol. 1: Rebirth. The first volume of G.U. is also quite a bit longer than a single part of the originals. If the next two games show little to no difference, it might prove to be another bad decision in the progression of .hack games in general.
There are a lot of RPGs out there for the PS2, in fact, it’s safe to say that the last couple of years have been among the richest ever for the genre, but there are none quite like .hack//G.U. What started as a novel idea for a simulated MMORPG tied to an anime series has blossomed into one of role-playing’s most beloved series, if for no other reason than its individuality. But there is so much more to love with G.U. The jump from the initial series to the current series is on par with many a next-generation overhaul. CyberConnect2 has righted every wrong, completely redesigning the look of the game, and adding functionality where frustration once took hold.
Gaming Age (Nov 06, 2006)
What .hack//G.U. throws at you is a brisk (well, compared to most jRPGs), well planned, somewhat clever but ultimately a bit generic romp through a MMORPG that resides in a unsettling futuristic world that you only view through electronic windows. Whether a really neat experiment in gameplay or a damning story about humankind's increasing reliance on fiber optics... Well, it's hard to tell. But it's an interesting trip while it lasts, and leaves the player wanting the next part. What more can you ask for?
RPGFan (Nov 15, 2006)
But regardless of how the series pans out, as a stand-alone title ".hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth" is a fun title to play, especially if you're stuck with a PS2 while everyone else spends big money on the next-gen consoles. At the end of the day, G.U.'s first title was more enjoyable than the original "INFECTION," and I'm willing to let my grade reflect that. Rebirth gets an 82% from me, a decent grade for such a short game.
HonestGamers (Oct 30, 2006)
.hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth is the start of another great set of games, different enough from the originals to appease fans tired of the one dynamic and good enough to stand on its own.
GotNext (Jul 27, 2007)
Quite frankly, no more fitting title could be given to .hack's fifth. As Rebirth cleverly disguises core elements from past games, it also makes some smart and more engaging choices. With beautiful cel-shaded graphics, a fast and challenging battle system, and over 30 hours of gameplay, it's easily worth giving a look. Most importantly, I could still recommend it anyone who couldn't get into the last games, since I loathed the .hack series, up to this point. Needless to say, it's worth a shot.
Netjak (Apr 04, 2007)
.hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth is a relatively good game, but the bar was set so high with the first series that it comes to no surprise that this entry into the series doesn’t quite measure up. Unparalleled graphics, improvements to the combat system and a longer gameplay experience don’t completely make up for a weak storyline and other annoyances, but the result is still solid. Fans of the franchise will get a large amount of enjoyment out of this title, but other action/adventure fans may wish to wait and see how the rest of G.U. turns out before taking the plunge.
Gamernode (Nov 04, 2006)
In a way, the whole concept of the latest .hack is charming, and I can only assess from the many variations of the game existing already that this concept has taken hold and gained popularity in the mainstream market. The graphical quality in the latest .hack is quite impressive, and probably near the peak of the PS2's capabilities. The action and plot are both intense and well-woven, as well. The cutscenes are lengthy and numerous, but don't really wow you. And the weird distortion of reality heralds back to a much-missed adventure hey-day where the plot mattered more than simply looking pretty. Coming on as a complete and total noob, I can say I was impressed and will soon be returning to "The World," and I encourage you to visit, as well. An impressive and unique RPG thats a little silly.
75 (Sep 10, 2013)
Si Cyberconnect2 a apparemment tenu compte de certaines critiques sur le plan du gameplay de leur bébé, le découpage en trois actes qui vous oblige à raquer trois fois pour obtenir un jeu complet frise une fois de plus l’escroquerie. Reste à savoir si les évolutions qu'augurent les probables transformations à venir d'Haseo, et la nouvelle tournure du scénario, suffiront à rendre l'épisode 2 moins répétitif.
Game Vortex (Nov 12, 2006)
.hack//G.U. Vol.1//Rebirth is a step in the right direction for the .hack series. However, the lack of a clear direction in story or feeling of progression will probably appeal more to fans of the series rather than RPG fans looking for a new adventure.
Game Chronicles (Dec 08, 2006)
It's fun to follow Haseo and company on their adventures in The World R.2, even if some of the stuff that happens seems to have been lifted from a page of The Big Book of Anime Cliches. A nice graphical overhaul and fun battles make Rebirth a worthy, if unfortunately short, addition to the RP gamer's library, at least on its own. But as far as sound investments go, buying up Final Fantasy XII, Suikoden V, Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Dragon Quest VIII will get you a lot more bang for considerably less money -- you might even have enough left over to go grab one of the oft-overlooked Shadow Hearts games. And each of those titles is a self-contained experience, requiring only a one-time purchase on the gamer's part. In light of such games, the Dot.hack series, quite frankly, still can't quite hack it.
GameZone (Nov 07, 2006)
With such a solid base already existing with Rebirth it will be fun to see where Namco-Bandai can take the series, especially at the near-end of the console’s lifespan. If they continue to improve the series as they have this time around, the final two installments of .hack//G.U have the potential to really make their mark in the RPG genre.
AllRPG (Jan 03, 2008)
The game does not make a huge mark in RPGs this fall, but it’s a step in the right direction for the series. As long as the series’ quality and experience increases along with each volume, this game has the potential to get the attention of new fans. But while left at a cliffhanger ending, this game tells an interesting story and creates an immersive experience to pull you along with it. Just make sure you have the patience to wait on the next two volumes.
GameSpy (Oct 27, 2006)
Overall, .hack//G.U. is a solid effort - it has some problems, but it's also got a lot of charm and intrigue going for it. The theme, visuals, and music will pull you in, and the story and wealth of options available to you as you play will help keep you hooked. There are still two more installments yet to come, though, and one of the biggest issues in the previous .hack series was that the formula grew quite stale over the course of its 4-volume run. We can only hope that this time around, Bandai-Namco can find ways keep the .hack//G.U. experience fresh and compelling until the series' conclusion.
RPGamer (2006)
All in all, G.U. is a marked improvement from the original .hack game series, with an excellent story, interesting characters, and a vastly improved gameplay experience. While it still has a few flaws, it's well worth playing.
1UP (Oct 24, 2006)
The original .hack was a load of wasted potential, but G.U. looks to be a valuable learning experience. Vol. 1 still has bouts of incredible monotony, but with the increased speed of the battles and graphics that don't induce nausea, it makes for a fine -- but not really great -- role-playing adventure. Our caution's been raised over the past three years: If the next volume of G.U. can still manage to grab us, then we'll know the developers are finally onto something -- but waiting is the best policy for all.
Worth Playing (Nov 08, 2006)
.hack//GU Vol. 1: Rebirth is one-third of a complete game, and it really feels like it. Despite the fairly large variety in things to do, all of it feels like setup for something that is going to happen later on. Even if you max out your weaponry and complete all of the quests, it ends up feeling empty. If you wait until the release of the second and third installments in the series, this could be much less of an issue, but for the moment, you're better off buying a full game.
GameSpot (Oct 26, 2006)
Don't be mislead by the subtitle of this game. Instead of a rebirth, this feels like more of a repackaging of old ideas. The game does a good job of developing the world of .hack by introducing some likable characters and padding it out with interesting, if ancillary touches, but all of the development and detail doesn't add up to any sort of appreciable story. And without a sense of progression, it's difficult to stick with this game for the entire 25-or-so hours it will take to get to the end, especially when you already know that the end of this installment won't actually resolve anything. The structure and pacing of the game are tedious and slow, and the battle system is too simple and repetitive to keep you entertained while you wait for something to happen.
RPGamer (2006)
.hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth has made a few improvements over the previous games in the series. Unfortunately, dungeons are still rather dull for the most part, and many of the improvements to the battle system have also been accompanied by problematic additions such as the increased importance of level. Though gameplay may be dull at times, players looking for a good story should definitely give .hack//G.U. Vol. 1: Rebirth a look.
The .hack universe is set in a fake MMO called “The World,” and after spending time with Rebirth, it’s easy to see why The World is only imaginary: No one would ever play such a garbage game. The dungeons are repetitive and graphically butt-like, the combat is unimaginative, and you rarely experience any sense of satisfaction. I might have recommended Rebirth for the story, which is occasionally pretty cool, but I can’t even do that. The dialogue is littered with words like “PK” and “noob” that sound like your parents’ lame attempts to be hip by saying “Who let the dogs out?” The only people who should pick up this game are those who need a lot of practice wincing.
IGN (Oct 05, 2007)
When making a video game of any kind, it's important for the developer to keep in mind gameplay. Rebirth lacks this rather core element, which makes it hard to recommend despite solid graphics, great sound, and a much improved battle mode. You'll be stuck watching Haseo and his online compadres as they ponder the meaning of life "The World," and may be tempted to just log out.