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Written by  :  Kayburt (10975)
Written on  :  Jan 07, 2022
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
Rating  :  1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars1 Stars
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The game is not on the ball

The Good

Graphical textures and models are decent and the lighting throughout the levels is easy on the eyes. The scale of the hamsters is okay and gives plenty of room to run around the platforms. Some of the gameplay mechanics are unique, such as pushing certain walls to connect platforms together. As difficult as the game is, you do at least have unlimited tries.

The Bad

The lack of storyline, cutscenes, character background and extras coupled with uninspiring music and a single level background makes the game quite bland. You just pick your favourite hamster (which are only cosmetically different) and away you go. The gameplay is like a 3D version of The Irritating Maze but with awkward physics. The cameras shakes and moves around like there's an earthquake as you struggle to maintain the hamster orb's momentum. The only sure way to pass every level is to move slowly and that's not fun.

The Bottom Line

The game doesn't really live up to it's title. With the concept of hamsters as different kinds of heroes, you'd expect a run and gun game instead of a racing game with hamster orbs. The framework of this game had potential but got wasted in a run-of-the-treadmill racing game. It's more fun to play mini-golf with a remote controlled ball. I guarantee that the fun in this game will end at the same instant it begins. Do away with this title, it's not worth it.