Hard Rock Casino Credits

FarSight Studios

PresidentJay Obernolte
Technical DirectorJay Obernolte
Director of DevelopmentBobby King
Lead DesignerBobby King
Art DirectorTom Green
ProducerTom Green
Associate ProducerScott Shelton
DesignerScott Shelton
Assistant ProducerWilliam Anderson
Lead EngineerJeff Rice
Game EngineerRyan Broner
Additional ProgrammingMichael Reitmeyer, Doug Brettin
Senior Environment ArtistChris Kline
Light & Texture ArtistChris Kline
Cinematic ArtistsChris Kline, Migo Wu
Audio EngineerChris Kline
Senior ArtistCraig Alexander
Senior Texture ArtistMigo Wu
Front End ArtistMigo Wu
Lead AnimatorDarrin Hart
AnimatorAmy Drobeck-Jones
Additional ArtChristopher Pavia, The Animation Farm
Story and DialogueWilliam McCormick
Production Assistance/AudioNorman Stepansky
Voice OverJ. S. Gilbert, Dianne Nola, Walter Fields, Dorio Barberi, Amy Drobeck-Jones, Gary Hobish, Sam Peterson, Patrick McGraw
Music (CAA Studios)Nelson Everhart
Quality AssuranceNorman Stepansky, Stacy Crumpler, Justin Schuber, Seth Brown, Howard Varner, Jason Toth, Brian Solis
Special ThanksLisa Ching, Jennifer Green, Vivian Green, Rosa King, Gabi King, Sophia King, Trina Kline, Chandler Kline, David Kline, Mary Ellen Kline, Heather Obernolte, Hale Obernolte, Troy Obernolte, Tracy Rice, Zoey Rice, Carrie Ann Steichen, Jeff Steichen, Patrick Wu, Magson Wu, Nima Taghavi, Michael Maas, Robert K. Dyer, Jeremy Fannon (credited as Jeremy 'Señor X' Fannon), Tony Gaglio (credited as Tony 'Hitman' Gaglio), Rich Roffee (credited as Rich 'Element' Roffee), Adam Bath (credited as Adam 'Elysian' Bath)

Published by Crave Entertainment, Inc.

Senior Vice President, Crave EntertainmentJames Flaharty
Senior Vice President of Product Planning and Business DevelopmentMark Burke
ProducerStacey Ganem
Associate ProducerTony Martin
Quality Assurance ManagerJason Dickson
Quality Assurance LeadsNam Kim, Tim Novak, Nina Huynh
Quality AssuranceChris Holmes, Trevor Carr, Dale Huynh, Ramiro Ascencio, Giang Nguyen, Brian Sparks, Seth Peelle, Casey Kwock, Alex Januzzi, Carlos Perez, Seth Haak
Director of MarketingSheri Furumi Snow
Package DesignBinary Pulse
Special ThanksNima Taghavi, Michael Maas, Robert K. Dyer, Kathy A. Bucklin, Doug Panter, Rick Patrick, Sean Dee, Brooke Dunn, James Stanton

Licensed Music Credits

"Access", "Bleeding Loud", "Eat Your Peas", "False Oasis", "Highway", "Nowhere", "Suburban Cool", "The Question" - Composed, Produced and Recorded by Phillip Bright, Donny Brennan, (c) 2005, Courtesy of AndRoyd Audio & Eckhardt Consulting. Inc.
"Every Time I", "Sober" - Composed, Produced and Recorded byBradley Royds, and Freefall © 2005, Courtesy of AndRoyd Audio & Eckhardt Consulting. Inc.

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In addition to this game, the following people are listed as working on other games. No more than 25 people are listed here, even if there are more than 25 people who have also worked on other games.

Robert K. Dyer, 116 other games
Mark Burke, 73 other games
Nima Taghavi, 67 other games
J. S. Gilbert, 53 other games
Stacey Ganem, 53 other games
Sheri Furumi Snow, 49 other games
James Flaharty, 40 other games
Walter Fields, 35 other games
Scott Shelton, 35 other games
Tony Martin, 28 other games
Jason Dickson, 23 other games
Casey Kwock, 23 other games
Michael Maas, 23 other games
Lisa Ching, 22 other games
Nelson Everhart, 22 other games
Tom Green, 22 other games
Doug Panter, 21 other games
Jay Obernolte, 19 other games
Kathy A. Bucklin, 18 other games
Bobby King, 17 other games
William Anderson, 16 other games
Nam Kim, 14 other games
Ryan Broner, 14 other games
Jeff Rice, 12 other games
Darrin Hart, 11 other games


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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (151727) and Jeanne (76516)