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Cheat Code Central (Jan 13, 2008)
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law will teach you as much about law as a cartoon will teach you about the laws of physics. Don't take it too seriously, and you'll have a blast.
TotalPlayStation (Jan 19, 2008)
If you're even a remote fan of the cartoon, the $30 required to enjoy a few more hours of Birdman is a pittance, and should be dropped post-haste.
IGN (Jan 08, 2008)
Phoenix Wright fans should be a bit cautious entering into a long-term relationship with the Birdman. The cases won't test your deposition skills and you won't be getting the truckload of gameplay you're used to. However, if you're a Harvey Birdman fanatic -- or just a casual fan like myself -- you should probably pick up this game. Sure, it isn't terribly long and it isn't too challenging, but it is a really funny and an engaging play. Plus, it's about the same price as a Harvey Birdman DVD and this is longer than the 150 minutes a two-disc set would get you.
GameZone (Jan 22, 2008)
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is a game that does an admirable job of re-creating the television show it’s based upon. The same wit, characters and premise have made it intact to the game. Visually the game looks identical to the show without any differences from what I could tell. Unfortunately the best part of the show, the humor, is the one part of the game that seems to fall flat. Parts of the game are funny but unfortunately those parts don’t make up the whole game.
PSX Extreme (Jan 31, 2008)
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is a very funny game, and fans of the show will find themselves loving it quite a bit. If you're not familiar with the Adult Swim show, then you may not be as receptive to the game as others would be. Additionally, if you've been wanting to see what the hoopla about these attorney games is all about, Birdman is a good place to start, as it plays pretty much exactly like the Phoenix Wright games do. For $30 it's not a bank breaker, and is an acceptable cost, but don't expect anymore than 4-6 hours worth out of the game. Hopefully a sequel offers more bang for the buck.
GameDaily (Jan 09, 2008)
With more cases and the inclusion of more interactive segments, Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law would've been a cult classic. Instead, it's best suited for avid fans of the show, and a solid rental for everyone else.
Diehard GameFan (Jan 14, 2008)
I had a lot of fun with Harvey Birdman, but the game still has its apparent flaws. If you like the cartoon, you’ll like the game. If not, read the review and check out the source material before buying. The game was underprinted, so you may want to decide sooner rather than later.
Game Vortex (Feb 02, 2008)
If you're a huge fan of Harvey Birdman and are just dying for new episodes of the show, then you might enjoy this game. When you do get frustrated with it and you just want to get through, you can always find a walkthrough online and just follow the steps. If you're not addicted to Harvey Birdman or dying to be a lawyer, I really don't recommend this game. Go rent it if you're on the fence. You'll find out quickly whether or not you like it.
GameSpot (Jan 11, 2008)
Attorney At Law ultimately falls in line with what a Harvey Birdman game should be. After all, if you're going to make a silly game about courtroom drama, there are limits to the number of ways you can actually make that interesting. Regardless, even if it does conceptually hit the mark, the execution of the rather sparse gameplay doesn't quite cut it. You'll actually forget you're even playing a game for long stretches, which is kind of a double-edged sword. It's good in that the hilarious storylines manage to hold your attention and keep you laughing all throughout. It's bad in that the game mechanics are so unobtrusive as to be borderline unnecessary. Any way you slice it, Attorney At Law probably isn't worth dropping $40 on, but it's an ideal rental for fans of the show.
Game Positive (Jan 31, 2008)
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law will appeal to fans of the Cartoon Network show, but those not enamored of the humor and art style will probably end up bored. The simplistic controls and short playtime make the game feel like an interactive episode, and, as with most TV shows, only serious fans will find reason to revisit the material once it's been viewed. With Attorney at Law, only gamers looking to get a quick fix of Harvey Birdman need apply.
ripten (Apr 01, 2008)
I watch this show whenever I can on Adult Swim, which is why I bought the game. If you watch or like this show I would have to recommend you take a look at this game. However, if you know nothing of Harvey Birdman, I really can’t say you should buy this game, unless you want to waste an afternoon’s worth of time and have a few laughs in the process.
Maxim Magazine (Jan 07, 2008)
Adult Swim fans: Everyone's favorite irreverent courtroom cartoon gets an equally irreverent video game. The result: It's actually funny, and unlike The Simpsons Game, it's actually fun to play. Game play is lifted straight out of Capcom's own Phoenix Wright series. You and Birdman will have five cases to work your way through. It's short enough that you can finish it in a couple of nights, but all the show's characters are in effect—Mentok, Reducto, etc.—along with their respective voice actors (Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black, Gary Cole). Finally, the game's budget price (around $30) means there's no need to shout, "I object!" when the game store clerk rings you up.
Game Tap (Jan 15, 2008)
You're doomed if you try to take this game seriously; it doesn't even take itself seriously. Moreover, you pay full price; and the game is short, so you'd better like Harvey Birdman. If you have doubts, catch the show on the Cartoon Network before you make the call. Don't even think about coming in here expecting to play Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney. Harvey Birdman is no Ace, but it's a joker that's pretty wild.
GameSpy (Jan 08, 2008)
Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law is a fun way to spend a few hours if you enjoy the television show. It's faithfully done, easy to play, and a showcase of pop-culture references and parody. You won't get many hours of game for your thirty dollars, but you will get some laughs.
Worth Playing (Feb 13, 2008)
As the second paragraph implied, if you're a big fan of Birdman, then you'll get something out of Harvey Birdman: Attorney At Law, but probably not nearly as much as you'd hope. If you're not, then it's not worth your time or your money, full stop. To sum it up with an atrocious pun, it's less Phoenix Wright, and more Phoenix Wrong.
Adventure Gamers (Feb 25, 2008)
Instead, we're left with a semi-interactive, semi-passive experience that can't seem to decide what it wants to be. The gameplay concept is a good one and the license a natural fit, but rather than successfully complementing each other, the end result is a shallow, watered down version of each, neither fully game nor fully show. For diehard Harvey fans, that might be two glasses half full. For everyone else, they're decidedly half empty, even if you're desperate for an adventure to play on your console of choice. There's some fun to be had in the cartoon antics of the Birdman and company, but there just isn't enough entertainment value in Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law beyond what the television series offers for free.
1UP (Jan 08, 2008)
Harvey Birdman's last original episode wrapped this past July, so this is really the last hurrah for the series -- and one of the funniest shows in the history of Adult Swim deserves a better send-off than this. If you're a longtime fan or just looking to get into the show, check out the DVDs instead. Or hell, just go on the Adult Swim website and search for free clips from the show -- you're guaranteed to laugh more, and you won't have to plonk down $30, either.
Game Revolution (Jan 18, 2008)
If you’re a hardcore fan of the series you’re going to buy this game because you need to have everything related to the show to make your collection complete. And that’s not a bad thing. I love the series and I think that the jokes in the game are right on par with it. But video games need to be fun to play too. This just feels like one of those movies where you push a button to decide what scene should come next(and we all know how great those movies are). That’s just not enough to justify what is essentially five slow moving episodes of Harvey Birdman.