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IGN (Nov 12, 2003)
Before Frodo there was Bilbo, another short, hairy-toed homebody whose interests stretched no farther than the limits of the Shire. Bilbo's story, told in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Hobbit, was the base for the Lord of the Rings novels to follow. And with the great success of the Peter Jackson-directed movies and the acclaimed Electronic Arts-published digital spin-offs, it was inevitable that a title about the first Baggins would eventually make its debut. This is that game.
69 (Jan 01, 2004)
Auch wenn der namensgebende Hobbit als Hauptcharakter ohne weiteres durch einen anderen Fantasy-Helden ausgetauscht werden könnte, entwickelt das Abenteuer von Bilbo Beutlin einen gewissen Reiz. Die umfangreiche Mischung aus Kämpfen, Sprungeinlagen und viel zu einfach ausgefallenen Rätseln kann allerdings aufgrund der allseits bekannten Elementen keinen Innovationspreis gewinnen. Im Gegensatz zum ähnlich gelagerten HdR – Die Gefährten von Vivendi wurde die Lizenz beim Hobbit jedoch ansprechend verarbeitet und baut mit guter, aber nicht immer fehlerfreier Grafik sowie einer schönen Soundkulisse eine ansprechende Atmosphäre auf. Das Fehlen jeglicher freispielbarer Gimmicks oder sonstiger Geheimnisse verhindert zwar, dass man den Hobbit nach dem Ende noch einmal aus dem Archiv holt, doch für ein einmaliges Durchspielen ist das Abenteuer durchaus interessant.
65 (Nov 25, 2003)
Finalement, ceux qui devinaient dans Bilbo Le Hobbit un jeu sans grande prétention avaient vu juste. Non seulement le soft souffre de grosses lacunes de gameplay mais en plus il ne restitue pas assez fidèlement l'atmosphère du roman original. A voir uniquement si vous ne voulez pas passer à côté de tout ce qui a trait à l'oeuvre de Tolkien.
GameSpot (Nov 18, 2003)
In contrast to the grand scope of J. R. R. Tolkien's epic Lord of the Rings trilogy, the story of The Hobbit is the much smaller, more personal affair, chronicling the first big adventure of a reluctant young halfling by the name of Bilbo Baggins. Now, Inevitable Entertainment has woven this tale into the context of a fairly standard action adventure game. Tolkien fans may enjoy the game's presentation of Middle-earth lore, but The Hobbit tends to rely too heavily on derivative, uninspired gameplay for it to stand up on its own.
GamerDad (Nov 24, 2003)
Non-Hobbit Forming Professor Tolkien's debut novel had goblins, elves, wizards, dwarves, and hobbits, but it wasn't the Lord of the Rings. It was a humbler adventure, one aimed at children and neatly setting the stage, providing the foreshadowing for Tolkien's more famous sprawling epic now appearing on DVD (and soon in, again, in theaters).
Lawrence (Jan 06, 2004)
The Hobbit is a genuine effort to combine the atmosphere currently popularized by the Tolkien novels-come-movies and Zelda gameplay. For the most part it succeeds and provides a nice diversion for Lord of the Rings fans.
Thunderbolt Games (Jun 25, 2006)
Bilbo Baggins, as many of us know, is a typical hobbit. He’s portly, laid-back, and perfectly content with never leaving Hobbiton. However, due to his recruitment by a wise wizard and a bunch of dwarves, Bilbo sets out on a quest where he encounters some awkward camera angles, many boring stages, and a final couple levels that hint at what could have been a much better game. So much for the epic journey I expected.
Game Revolution (Jan, 2004)
If EA’s The Return of the King was a revelation in quality movie-to-video-game translation, then Vivendi's The Hobbit is a brain fart. Playing The Hobbit is like talking to someone and realizing, in the midst of the conversation, that they have been passing gas the whole time you’ve been talking to them. You try to stay focused on the conversation - something about barking spiders from Mars, maybe? - but you simply can't continue. You nod politely, say something about dropping some kids off at the pool, and turn off your console, never to breathe another whiff of The Hobbit again.
Just Adventure (Feb 05, 2004)
Considering the recent poor quality of licensed games produced by Vivendi/Universal – The Hulk, War of the Rings - we weren’t expecting much from The Hobbit and, much to their discredit, they lived up to our low expectations.
Gamesdog (Jan 26, 2004)
At this point it doesn't feel like Tolkien - it is too childlike - obviously aimed at the younger market. Battling with enemies takes little thought - press a few buttons and they die. This applies generally throughout the game - nothing taxing, nothing exciting, nothing notable at all really.