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TotalPlayStation (Mar 16, 2008)
Iridium Runners is sort of the equivalent of a feel good movie. No, none of the characters are all that engrossing, there's not a whole lot to make you appreciate what went into the production, and yet... it just all works. Call it not biting of more than the developers could chew, but they made the most of what they had, and the result is an oddly pleasant little multiplayer-focused budget title that has little in the way of pretenses yet offers quite a bit of potential should they pull the trigger down the road.
70 (Feb 19, 2008)
Purtroppo, però, c'è anche un rovescio della medaglia, che riguarda fondamentalmente due aspetti di questo prodotto. In primo luogo, l'idea di far correre delle persone anziché dei veicoli (di qualunque genere essi siano) è abbastanza originale ma per nulla, per nulla affascinante: il solo concetto di dover "impostare le curve" mal si sposa con ciò che accade sullo schermo, e il controllo del personaggio è innaturale. In secondo luogo, la difficoltà è troppo alta: gli avversari sono sempre più veloci e bisogna conquistarsi la vittoria con le unghie e con i denti, fin dalla prima gara. Questo si traduce in numerosi episodi di frustrazione, che portano allo scoperto una gestione forse poco attenta delle varie dinamiche all'interno di una corsa. In definitiva, Iridium Runners è un titolo da tenere in debita considerazione, tecnicamente ben fatto ma poco amichevole nei confronti dei giocatori meno esperti.
Cheat Code Central (Mar, 2008)
Iridium Runners is by far one of the best budget titles I have ever played. It has very solid racing mechanics, and is a very fun game to play with friends. Of course it is not a perfect game, but when you look at the other titles that fill the budget section at your local store, you'll find that this one stands head and shoulders above the rest. It has fairly simplistic gameplay, but it should afford you a few hours of fun, and for $15 that's not too bad of a deal. It is cheap entertainment at its finest, and it's pretty difficult to argue with that.
PSX Extreme (Mar 11, 2008)
Iridium Runners implements a few very cool gameplay mechanics and is actually worth the price of admission. If it were a penny more, we probably wouldn't recommend it, but given the originality and general entertainment factor, it's worth a look for only twenty bucks. You can unlock more characters the longer you play, and because each one has their own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, there's good reason to experiment. Just don't expect too much from the technicals, and the repetitive nature of the single-player campaign means you really should have a friend or two to race around with. It'd get far too frustrating and tedious if you don't.
IGN (Mar 04, 2008)
The fact that gamers desperate for something a little different can plunk down an Andrew Jackson, walk away with the game and still have a little change left over should be an indicator of just how high the game reaches. $15 is the perfect price for a title that doesn't really do anything especially new, yet still feels unique. If you've got three friends, some money to blow and maybe adult beverages at hand, you could certainly do worse than Iridium Runners.
GameZone (Mar 03, 2008)
The game does not allow you to play online, but since it is a budget title you can't really dig on that fact too badly. It does feature up to four player on split-screen action and that can provide some entertainment as was experienced at my casa and with my seven-year old who was constantly accusing me of cheating. The game had some surprisingly fun and genuinely entertaining moments worth noting.
1UP (Feb 22, 2008)
Yes, this is a low-budget game, but at least they spent their time and money working on the most important aspect: the nuts-and-bolts gameplay. There are 30 tracks and 20 characters buried within, and when you get tired of blowing past the computer, there's a four-player mode with just as many options. It's not quite as good as it should be, but how often does the future live up to our crazy fantasies?
45 (Apr 07, 2008)
En prenant le risque de pondre un concept sortant un peu des sentiers battus, Playstos en oublie malheureusement une composante essentielle à ce genre de jeux : le rythme. Iridium Runners est bien trop mou pour provoquer une quelconque accélération du palpitant.
36 (Apr 28, 2008)
Budget does not have to mean crap, but this game might fool you into thinking that. Ever since Katamari Damaci, I've learned to expect something good even from inexpensive products, and not use a game's price as an excuse for lazy craftsmanship. Iridium Runners is probably the only game I can truthfully say was painful to play. If you want a cheap racing game, find an old copy of Mario Kart for pretty much any system, or if you only own PlayStation2, then find Crash Team Racing.
30 (Feb 22, 2008)
Iridium Runners is een onbekend spelletje van een kleine ontwikkelaar, en ik hoop dan altijd maar dat er een pareltje achter verborgen zit. Maar helaas is er meestal toch een reden dat sommige games onbekend blijven, en dat is dat ze simpelweg niet de moeite waard zijn. In Iridium Runners ontbreekt het niet alleen aan voertuigen onder de kont van de personages, ook kwaliteit en ambitie zijn jammerlijk afwezig. Een spel dat evengoed vijf jaar geleden had kunnen verschijnen en toen even onopgemerkt de budgetbakken in was beland.
GamesRadar (Mar 04, 2008)
But none of that matters much because you never feel like you’re going fast, no matter what track you’re on, what racer you’ve picked, what pod you’d chosen, or what event or mode you’re playing. A racing game without speed is just plain pointless.
Iridium Runners plays like a game that was hoping upon hope to scrape by on a license that it couldn't secure. I don't know if this feels more like it should have been a Wipeout clone, a futuristic cart racer or a advertainment game for some sports drink that couldn't secure a sponsor, but it falls somewhere in the middle of all of these ill-advised game ideas, in a dark place that games should never go. I can't advise this game for anyone, in good faith, and while I would definitely suggest renting this game before considering purchasing it, I really couldn't advise renting it either. While the ESRB has rated this game "E" for Everyone, I would have to rate it around "PYDL" for People You Don't Like.