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Ōkami Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
An eight headed beast demanded virgin maiden sacrifices many years ago...
A hundred years on, and Orochi has broken free from his seal.
Amaterasu, God of the sun in wolf form
These "Origin Mirrors" allow you to save your progress.
Whenever Amaterasu touches ground, flowers and grass briefly spring up.
Completing the constellation with the Celestial Brush.
Through the power of Rejuvenation, the River of the Heavens has been completed.
Heading towards a broken statue.
Amaterasu is given another Celestial Brush power, the Power Slash.
Use the Power Slash to break through this wooden gate.
A demon zone has sprung up, trapping you and forcing you to fight.
Cutting the peach from the village's tree has restored the village to its former glory
...however, the citizens seem to have inexplicably turned to stone
Using the Celestial Brush to bring the sun into the sky.
Destroying demons breaks their spell and restores the land, also earning you praise.
Another demon to fight - cut its lute strings!
Using the praise you've earned, you can upgrade Amaterasu's powers.
Susano is a lazy coward who hides in his basement.
Bring Susano to the giant boulder to break it open.
Susano runs off - you'll have to force him to train before he'll help you.
The main field leading away from the village - the black zones are completely cursed.
Hidden in this valley is a Guardian Sapling, which can restore Nippon back to its former glory.
Watch out for these drumming demons - you'll have to get behind them to hurt them.
An eerie mist hangs throughout the valley.
Use this mystical orb to help restore the valley.
With the sun out and the orb in place, the tree returns back to normal.
The Guardian Sapling is restored and the evil mist is gone!
Making your way back to the main field.
Using the newly acquired Bloom ability to restore a tree back to life.