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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.6
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.5
Graphics The visual quality of the game 4.2
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.5
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.8
Overall User Score (6 votes) 4.5

Critic Reviews

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GameSpy (Nov 12, 2004)
Karaoke Revolution has been my favorite series in Konami's line of Bemani music / rhythm games. While the entire line is entertaining to various degrees, Karaoke Revolution has the broadest appeal of any of the games. Like I said in the past, not everyone can play the drums, dance in rhythm, or play a virtual guitar, but almost everyone can sing (or make noises that sound much like singing). The third edition of the game adds more of what made the previous to successful plus the most notable addition to the series yet: duet modes. All told, it's an excellent package that will provide dozens of hours of fun and is one of the best party games on the market.
PSX Extreme (Jan 07, 2005)
Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 truly is a no-brainer. So long as you have at least a slight interest in karaoke, you should get it--whether or not you already own any of the previous volumes.
GameZone (Nov 23, 2004)
Konami certainly knows a thing or two about rhythm and music since they brought us Dance Dance Revolution, but having released two excellent karaoke games the Karaoke Revolution titles are quickly becoming the ultimate PS2 party game. With Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 the series strays from the one-at-a-time formula for actual duets where each singer can use his or her own microphone. Now this is what I call a true karaoke party game.
Next Level Gaming (Nov 30, 2004)
I have to apologize for the lateness of this review. See, because I am in a big band, I have apparently become the resident Next Level Gaming "crooner" (singer). So I get all the Karaoke Revolution games to review because I can sing. Well, as I was working on the Xbox version of Karaoke Revolution, I began to catch a monster cold. Needless to say my voice has been shot for almost 2 and a half weeks! That made singing and reviewing this version of Karaoke Revolution virtually impossible.
Worth Playing (Dec 12, 2004)
Just a few months after the last installment, Konami and Harmonix have released Karaoke Revolution Volume 3, which means that PS2 owners now have more songs with which to fine tune their voices.
IGN (Nov 10, 2004)
Konami is rolling out the hits with the third installment of the Karaoke Revolution series coming out just over a year after the original. Karaoke Revolution Vol. 2 held its own with some new songs, new character and new venues, but with minimal gameplay changes. Now, Karaoke Revolution Vol. 3 aims to change it up and make you scream with a friend with the new duet feature. If making a fool of yourself is fun solo, it gets oh so much better when there's a partner.
Netjak (Jan 08, 2005)
About a year ago, there was a revolution…a karaoke revolution. The release of Karaoke Revolution brought people the joy of karaoke to people of all ages. Before the game was released, if people wanted to sing karaoke, they either had to go out to a karaoke bar or invest in a ton of equipment. Karaoke Revolution utilized existing hardware (the PS2), so people only had to purchase the game and a USB microphone. The game was an instant success and Karaoke Revolution Volume 2 appeared on store shelves this summer. I was quite surprised to hear about Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 so soon. It seems like the second volume only hit the shelves yesterday. I was quite intrigued to see what KR3 would bring to the table, and I found myself pleasantly surprised.
Ask and you shall receive. Last time around, with Volume 2, we complained about the lack of duets. Sure enough, here we are with Volume 3 and the Duet Mode is most certainly the star of the show. While remarkably little else has been tweaked or improved, the two-mic mode adds tremendously to the value of the party package, enabling friends and couples to harmonize and laugh their way through various famous popular duets. All of the new songs are worthwhile selections, and the sound work is stellar as usual. Now, let' try this again - better lip synching, more musical genres, and a character creation mode, please.
1UP (Nov 15, 2004)
As I write this review, my throat burns with raw fury and my voice is crackling like a worn-out record. That's because I've just finished up a two-hour marathon session of Karaoke Revolution Vol. 3, and my physical suffering underscores the biggest shortcoming with an otherwise excellent product: for a game built wholly around music, its track list really, really sucks. I'm not having voice problems because I couldn't stop singing... no, I'm hoarse because roughly three-quarters of the tracks are complicated tunes that require impressive vocal acrobatics and extensive falsetto, which is torture for someone who normally sings in the baritone range.
Game Chronicles (Dec 21, 2004)
Just over a year ago I was pleasantly surprised by the original Karaoke Revolution game from Konami. The unique use of the USB headset coupled with the amazing pitch-sensing technology – which not only let people sing their hearts out, but actually graded them on their effort – was a refreshing take on the music-based genre of games. A year later, and I’m already looking at the third title in the series – and while being little more than a simple expansion set of 36 new songs, Karaoke Revolution 3 still holds it charm.
GameSpot (Nov 24, 2004)
Konami and Harmonix are back on the scene with another new game in the Karaoke Revolution series. The third volume is hitting stores only four short months after the last installment was released. While that might seem like overkill to outsiders, another pack of songs to sing is a welcome addition for fans of the popular series. But Volume 3 isn't just a simple song pack, however. By adding a sorely needed feature--namely, the ability to sing duets--Karaoke Revolution Volume 3 is most definitely a worthy addition to the rapidly expanding franchise.
Game Revolution (Dec, 2004)
Some people just love to sing, but everybody loves to get drunk and sing. You forget all about the drama between yourself and those around you and collectively give in to a universally loved song after a few pints of anything.