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User Reviews

By far the most subversive and sinister game to recently take on the status quo lasttoblame (424) 4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars4.8 Stars
Every gamer who owns a PS2 simply must buy this game. It's that simple. Trixter (9116) unrated
Gleeful Insanity. Guy Chapman (1997) 5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars
An incredible game that's too short, but still worth every penny! Lucefin (1435) 3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars3.8 Stars
Dreadful idiocy Frecklefoot (201) 0.8 Stars0.8 Stars0.8 Stars0.8 Stars0.8 Stars

Our Users Say

Category Description User Score
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.7
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.1
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.2
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (82 votes) 4.0

Critic Reviews

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The Game Hoard (May 04, 2022)
In Katamari Damacy, a phenomenal soundtrack backs a creative gameplay type in a quirky and enticing world, its colorful strangeness a perfect fit for a game where rolling up every little object is made more fun by the weird way everything is laid out for you. Starting off tiny and rolling things up until the rest of the world seems small in comparison gives you a gradual and satisfying sense of growth and progression that the game spaces out well so new levels can feel rewarding without needing to whip out the big objects too early. More importantly, the gameplay keeps itself fresh and changing by having levels where the goal shifts to specific targets without limiting the player too much, a few a little stricter but the game itself shakes up the formula just enough to keep the core appeal strong even under new conditions.
GamerDad (Apr 23, 2005)
When you were a kid, did you ever get some scrap aluminum foil and roll it up into a ball? Did you ever try and collect more and try to make as big a foil ball as you could? At that moment did you ever think that someday, someone would make a video game based on that premise? Well, now someone has!
96 (Aug 07, 2004)
Katamari Damashii is a game of such joy and such beauty that it’s the experience as much as the game itself that is so memorable. "Joy" and "beauty" may sound rather coy, and they're certainly not words normally used to describe video games, but both are absolutely apt when describing Katamari Damashii. The whole title is crafted with a level of wonder, love and passion that I've previously never seen outside of a Nintendo game. The soundtrack is absolutely magical (yes, I did say "magical") and is nearly worth the purchase price alone, especially when the sound test is unlocked once you've beaten all of the levels. Not only is the in-level music catchy, memorable and varied but even the menu music is so good that you may well find that much of the time you listen for a while before you start playing - no joke. Also, the intro sequence is the single best introduction to a game that I have ever experienced.
Netjak (Jan 05, 2005)
It’s very easy to get disillusioned as a video game reviewer. It doesn’t take very long to figure out that almost every game that’s released is little more than a variation on another game, which is, in turn, a variation on yet another game. That said, it takes a special, original game to truly make the veteran reviewer snap out of said disillusionment, and remember why video games are so much fun in the first place.
GameZone (Sep 30, 2004)
Why are all games either sequels, remakes, or just clones of other games, I want a truly original and innovative game to play. If you have ever said anything similar to that statement then there is a game for you. The game is called Katamari Damacy, and it is one of the most original, addictive, and fun games I have played in a long time. Read on to find out more about this game, and why you should go out and purchase it immediately.
Game Revolution (Sep 30, 2004)
However, that's a fairly minor complaint for such a major game, and considering the absurd $20 price tag, it's a no-brainer (or damaged brainer, I should say). There's really nothing else out there remotely like it, and if strange Japanese things are your bag, you simply cannot do any better than Katamari Damacy. It's fun, weird and fabulous - a sickness certainly worth catching.
Factornews (Jun 30, 2004)
Un jeu à conseiller à tous ceux qui desirent experimenter un jeu au concept simple et fort à la fois, au design travaillé et bénéficiant des musiques de la décennie. Oup de chapeau Namco pour nous rappeler que les jeux vidéos, c'est avant tout du fun.
Katamari Damacy is different and wonderful. I first played this game on my Xbox 360, one is coming out later this year. After this short demo I was so into this game that I had to go on a journey to own one of the original ones, Katamari Damacy being the first in the series. With its unique game play this game is a breath of fresh air, there is nothing out there like this. Though at times the controls can get a little annoying I still find myself putting this game on more than these new high tech games.
90 (Sep 27, 2004)
Katamari Damacy definitely has Japanese influences and it was refreshing to play. I am happy that Namco had the courage to bring the game out over here in the United States, since a lot of these games never make it Stateside. Katamari Damacy is only $19.99 and I definitely recommend buying it or at least renting it to experience a game that is creative, different, and not another one of the “me too” games that a lot of companies have been putting out lately. And if you like it tell all your friends to buy it also, so we can show Namco and the other video game companies out there that we want more original and creative games instead of more Grand Theft Auto copies.
JustPressPlay (Sep 27, 2006)
If you don’t have this game, buy it. Nowadays it’s hard to find asthe developers never really expected the idea to become so popularexcept among those who specifically searched out these quirky games(people who bought Mosquito for example). But the fact that the gameplay is so simple and the concept so original that everyone is a fan ofKatamari. I’m sure people who haven’t played it are thinking, “How funcan a game where you just roll things up be?” Well naysayer, just getthe game and pop it in, you’ll fall in love with the opening scene,wondering what kind of drugs the developers were on, and of courserealize that Katamari is pure joy in a video game.
GotNext (Oct 05, 2004)
A number of games claim to be for everyone, but either they exclude non-gamers entirely or don't offer enough entertainment for the hardcore. Others aren't really appropriate for younger players, while children's games seem to insult the intelligence of adults and children alike. Katamari Damacy offer simple game mechanics and challenging gameplay set in a pastoral world that anyone can enjoy if they give it a chance. At $50 it would have been recommended, but at $20 it's really a must have for everyone.
Katamari should be a game for everybody. If you don't enjoy this, you should step back and think why it is you own a game console in the first place. It has everything a truly great game needs, and tosses on a strange style to make it unforgettable. If the sequel can fix the camera and control issues while keeping everything that made this game great, it's going to go down as a classic of this generation.
Video Game Talk (Dec 12, 2004)
Katamari Damacy is an absolute treasure. With some of the most addicting gameplay found on any Playstation 2 game this one will wow you and will even convert non-gamers into addicts once they watch it in motion. It may not be a graphical power like other titles the visual style will charm the pants off you and the audio will make you want to run out and buy a soundtrack its so good. We need more offbeat titles like this that show true inspiration from developers instead of the same old thing. At $19.99 this game is a no brainer and a must buy!
Yahoo! Games (Oct 06, 2004)
Easier to play than it is to describe, Katamari Damacy is a remarkably unpromising concept on paper. In short, you push a sticky ball (or "katamari") around the world, accumulating debris as you go. Get your ball of miscellaneous junk to a certain size before the clock runs out, and you beat the level. Put like that, it doesn't sound too attractive; but take it from us, Katamari Damacy is a far better game than it has any right to be.
90 (UK) (Jun 21, 2004)
'No' is actually a longer word than 'Yes'. You know, my biggest fear whenever I'm ploughing my Euro-dollar into new toys from Japan is that my frankly negligible grasp of the local dialect - very much summed up in that first sentence - will leave me floundering somewhere not so far beyond the title screen. In the case of Katamari Damacy however, I had no trouble getting my head round things - mostly because the game's only real concern is getting other people's heads wrapped around me.
1UP (Sep 20, 2004)
Katamari Damacy is probably not a game destined for major success. Rockstar's plan for making obscene piles of cash via Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is in no danger from this quirky little game with cows and rainbows on the cover. You're not going to see it advertised during Sunday afternoon football games, and we've still yet to spot it on any magazine covers.
IGN (Sep 16, 2004)
Creativity. Everyone talks about it. But how can you define it? Easy, say Katamari Damacy. That's it. You're done. Katamari is all you need. No verbose explanation, no descriptive imagery, no pronunciation guide, no synonym list, and no sentences using it in practical conversation. Just rip the dictionary in half, whip out the fattest Sharpie you can find, clutch the closest person to you by the collar and scream Katamari Damacy at the top of your lungs while etching its happy name into the poor soul's forehead. It's creativity in two words and happens to be some of the most fun the universe can offer for just $20.
GameSpy (Sep 20, 2004)
It's such an odd premise for a videogame. You roll around a ball that picks up whatever it touches. As more and more stuff gets stuck to the ball, it gets larger and you can begin picking up larger objects. That's pretty much what Katamari Damacy is all about. Rolling around a ball. Yeah, it's not the most exciting concept in gaming history, but it's one of the best games that I've played all year.
GameSpot (Sep 20, 2004)
Katamari Damacy is far and away one of the strangest, most original games to come along in years. The gameplay concept, the visual style, the soundtrack, even the backstory are all conceived and executed with such a unique flavor that, when presented as a whole, it's difficult not to be drawn in by all the weird little idiosyncrasies. It's not a complex game, nor is it especially challenging, or long. It is, however, unapologetically surreal, which can make it tough to look away from, and its toylike gameplay model makes for a surprisingly satisfying experience.
PSX Extreme (Sep 27, 2004)
It's tough to evaluate Katamari Damacy objectively, since it's the kind of game that many people just "won't get," whereas a certain subset of the population will simply devour it lock, stock, and barrel. Taken strictly as a puzzle game, it's pretty good. However, when you factor in the surreal Yellow Submarine style cinemas, the happy-happy music, the twisted dialogue, and the sole play mechanic of steamrolling people and towns into a giant ball of stuff, the end product is one of the most unique and altogether satisfying games ever published for the PlayStation 2.
The Video Game Critic (Jan 14, 2005)
The graphics are more functional than flashy, but like any puzzle game, the visuals don't matter much. Occasionally the camera gets out of whack, but I think that's to be expected. The offbeat musical score ranges from incredibly catchy to downright annoying. Between stages, the King tends to spout off a lot of nonsensical dialogue, which I skipped through as fast as I could. The worst aspect of the game is the tedious user interface used to move between stages. But in the end Katamari Damacy definitely gets extra credit for originality. It's a breath of fresh air in a video game market loaded with knock-off titles and endless sequels.
Games TM (May 20, 2004)
True, this might be a touch bizarre for some people's tastes, but no matter how you look at it, Katamari Damashii is a truly lovely game. It's certainly been a while since a title has had us dumbfounded with pure, unbridled gaming joy and, to be honest, you can't get a much better endorsement than that.
Edge (Apr 15, 2004)
There’s a fair bit of variety shuffled into the basic game – including levels where you have to collect a particular class of object instead of simply reaching a target size – and the entertaining diversion of a twoplayer deathmatch. The camera is the only let down, although a bird’s-eye view and quick-flip manoeuvre will get you out of most blind spots. When so many games are trying to defend their value by cramming every style and mode into one unpalatable mix, it’s refreshing to play something conceived with such vibrant, capricious clarity.
Gamervision (May 24, 2007)
When Katamari Damacy came out in 2004 it brought gamers to a forgotten area of gaming. With its “pick up and play” controls and simplistic game play it lured in some people who would generally shy away from modern games. Those factors, mixed with a quirky art-style, a fun story, and some of the best music ever featured in a video game all lead to what is still cherished by many and considered one of the best games of all time by a large number of gamers.
While it's not explicitly spelled out in the American release of Katamari Damacy, it is implied that the whole reason you need a katamari is to restore the stars that your father bashed from the sky during an Animal House-styled blender. You play through this If-The-Monty-Python-Guys-Made-A-Game game by collecting enough Earth junk on a ball to please your overbearing, mentally abusive, egotistical father. But it's funny...honest!
GamesRadar (Apr 15, 2004)
When so many games are trying to defend their value by cramming every style and mode into one unpalatable mix, it's refreshing to play something conceived with such vibrant, capricious clarity.
GamePro (US) (Nov 15, 2004)
"Outrageously hilarious" were the first words to come out of our mouths when we rolled into town with Katamari Damacy. Filled with a lot of wickedly demented humor, Katamari Damacy is a cure for the dull and ordinary.
Damacy isn't for everyone, but if you are a fan of the weird, this game is exactly what you are looking for.

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