How to get the Fenrir keyblade...Contributed by Bob the Stickman (299) on Nov 06, 2010.

Name: Fenrir

Stats: 7 (Strength), 1 (Magic)

Ability: Negative Combo

Location: Hollow Bastion/Radiant Garden

How to get: After the "episode" where Hollow Bastion reclaims it's original name (Radiant Garden), go to where Sora meets Xemnas (The Dark Dephs). Sepheroth will be there. When you talk to him, you will have to fight him (he is VERY hard). If you beat him, you'll be rewarded with a Drive upgrade. He will then say that only Cloud can defeat him, and asks you to tell him to meet him. After he's says that, you must find Cloud (he's in the Market Place). Once you do, a cutscene will commence (I'll let you find out what happens in it). Once it's over, you shall obtain the Fenrir.

I hope this helped!

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