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PlayStation 2 version

How did she know?
This dungeon is recycled twice.
I don't usually save like this, but I knew I'd want screens later.
Lots of enemies have annoying traits.
She doesn't even fight for about 5 hours.
End battle screen. The other two things are the 'origins' or summons.
This village was a pain. There are about 5 people in it and it's huge.
And then there were 6. Although only 3 are legitimate characters. Barely.
Gotta have the lava.
Man I wish I was playing with Source Forge instead of this.
Shank that Tekken wannabe!
Beautifully written dialogue.
Yikes. When did this turn into Dragonball Z?
Talk to da hand!!
Use the Airmiles on this sucker!
I think he's mad now. He's going to take his ultimate form!
???? What the heck is that?
Is that us?
Yep. That's us.
And we keep blowing up.
Oh really?
Better than the actual ending.
Thank God.