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AceGamez (Feb, 2005)
I always love a good sleeper hit, and in the case of Legend of Kay I have found one of the top ones in recent memory. This game is so finely constructed, minus the lackluster story, voice acting and frame rate dips, that it really shouldn't even be a sleeper. However, in today's mainstream demand for games bursting with blood and guts, I'm only disappointed, not shocked, to see this game, and Neon Studios, not getting the recognition they deserve. I've honestly had just as much fun with Legend of Kay as I have had with any of the action-platform genre's top contenders, and I highly recommend opening your mind, looking past the cutesy exterior and giving this shiny little gem a chance.
AceGamez (Feb 08, 2005)
Legend of Kay is a superb platforming game; polished, full of attitude and with a cracking main character to boot. That's not to mention the engaging storyline that runs throughout and the fantastic fighting engine that makes every battle a joyous experience. Legend of Kay has what it takes to become a successful series and at the reduced rate of £29.99 I hope that gamers flock out in droves to pick it up and help it fulfil its potential, because this is a great game for a great price. There may not be much to pull you back a second or third time, but it's great fun while it lasts! The shop is that way

Game Vortex (Oct 27, 2005)
Legend of Kay may be a little sparse in some areas, but what is there is excellent. Whether you’re shopping for your little gamer's Christmas present, or are an older gamer who is in the mood for a good game to take you back to your younger years for a few hours, this title doesn’t disappoint.
games xtreme (Feb 28, 2005)
Legend of Kay is one of those games that due to the lack of marketing could quite possibly be easily overlooked. It may not be up there yet with the likes of Jak and Daxter and the other big boys of platformer gaming but I believe it is well worth looking out for and spending a few pounds on.
Mygamer.com (Oct 23, 2005)
Legend of Kay is likely to get lost in the shuffle leading up to this year's holiday season, but it's one of the better action games to hit the shelves this year. The designers were smart not to go crazy with new concepts. Instead they introduced a few great game mechanics and reused tried and proven ones. The story is as rich and detailed as anything out there, and doesn't rely on the same tired clichés as every other game out there (they use fresh clichés). And the puzzles and tough combat will shock anyone who thinks that talking animals automatically equal kiddy game.
4Players.de (Feb 21, 2005)
Mit Legend of Kay haben die Neon Studios ein gelungenes Action-Adventure abgeliefert, das sich trotz deutlicher Anleihen nicht hinter Zelda & Co zu verstecken braucht. Wer ein leicht zugĂ€ngliches und dauerhaft motivierendes HĂŒpfabenteuer mit spaßigen Martial Arts-Elementen sucht, wird bestimmt mehr als zufrieden sein. Auch Umfang, Technik und PrĂ€sentation geben nur wenig Grund zur Kritik. Lediglich die Kamera erlaubt sich des Öfteren schwerwiegende Zicken. Ansonsten bleibt der Titel aber stets fair, glĂ€nzt mit einer erstklassigen deutschen Synchro und einer liebevoll gestalteten Spielwelt. Um bei den ganz Großen des Genres mitmischen zu können, mangelt es dem sympathischen Kung-Fu-Kater allerdings an KreativitĂ€t und EigenstĂ€ndigkeit. Es wird einfach nichts Neues geboten, die Story bleibt meist farb- und belanglos und auch beim Level- und Missionsdesign hĂ€tte man mehr Einfallsreichtum beweisen können.
IC-Games (Jan 24, 2005)
Aside the aforementioned problem there is still something special lurking inside. The Legend of Kay has successfully managed to mix a number of genres together and the end result is generally a very pleasant and rewarding experience. There will be frustration ahead and the daft camera angles will rear its ugly head at the most unforgiving of times but at the same time it really is difficult to totally write off what Neon Studios have done. The Legend of Kay is the epitome of that “game you love to hate”, you’ll swear at the TV and throw the controller but you won’t stop until its completed. It’s punishingly hard in places but that only makes the final victory even sweeter.
Jolt (UK) (Mar 11, 2005)
It all kicks off on the Island of Yenching, where Kay the Cat’s hometown is situated. Trouble is, Kay and his people are sharing the island with some rather unpleasant inhabitants – namely the Apes and the Rats. The Apes have assumed control of Yenching and the Rats are helping them out. The Cats have been forced to submit their weapons to the Apes and pretty much give worship to them. Kay, however, is the resistance – and that, is where you come in.
Gamesmania.de (Feb 07, 2005)
Legend of Kay ist eines dieser Spiele, die man einfach gern haben muss. Gute Technik, knuffige Charaktere, toll inszenierte KĂ€mpfe und eine stimmige Fantasiewelt sorgen fĂŒr ein rundum gelungenes Action-JumpÂŽnÂŽRun, das sich vor GenregrĂ¶ĂŸen wie Jak 3 sicherlich nicht verstecken braucht. Allerdings vermisst man beim Spiel aus deutschen Landen letztlich die GenialitĂ€t, die Abwechslung und den Anspruch, den man vom Genrekönig Jak 3 gewohnt ist. Durch den wirklich simplen Schwierigkeitsgrad ist Legend of Kay vor allem fĂŒr jĂŒngere Zocker ohne EinschrĂ€nkungen zu empfehlen, Profis erfreuen sich dagegen an den actionreichen KĂ€mpfen und einer stimmigen AtmosphĂ€re.
In the end, Kay is an amusing title that is simple enough and PG-ish enough for most kids to enjoy, but that adults will find a lot in as well. Its one of those rare titles that you can buy for your kids and then play yourself once they go to bed.
GameSpot (Sep 19, 2005)
Legend of Kay is a great action adventure game overall, and it's fairly lengthy, too. You can easily spend 12 hours playing through it, or even longer if you're out to find all the secrets. If you can get past the horrible voice acting and unfortunate frame rate issues, you'll be won over by the solid gameplay and undeniable charm of Legend of Kay.
Lawrence (Oct 11, 2005)
Kay is very responsive when it comes to movement and battle. While it may not be the deepest by any means, the combat system works without any real trouble. Primary attacks are performed with Square, and more powerful attacks can be performed in conjunction with the Circle button. Legend of Kay includes a nice combo system, and it involves using the triangle button after attacks. While in the middle of combos, orange arrows will appear onscreen indicating enemies and objects you can attack next. Pressing triangle along with the indicated direction will make Kay jump there quickly. At times, you’ll have to use this ability to travel across chasms and difficult jumps by performing combos on objects called ‘Zhongs’.
GameZone (Oct 06, 2005)
Do you like the Legend of Zelda games? If you are one of those patiently waiting for the newest one to be released, Capcom has released a game that they hope will quench your appetite.. The game they have released is entitled the Legend of Kay. Even though this game borrows heavily from the highly popular and wildly successful Zelda franchise, does it manage to capture gamer’s hearts? Read on to find out!
Fragland.net (Apr 04, 2005)
Legend of Kay doesn't add a lot to the genre. The story is lame and the gameplay isn't original. Nevertheless, the extensive combat and the great atmosphere lead to a couple of non-boring hours. Because of the high difficulty now and then you're certain of some long playtimes. Oh, and -I have to mention it again- the save feature is the best I've ever seen. Conclusion: looking for a descent platformer, nothing more, nothing less? Then you might try considering Legend of Kay.
TotalPlayStation (Oct 01, 2005)
A decent platformer, sure, but don't expect anything new or original here. It's a nice diversion and something good for kids, but adults will probably want to stick to the bigger budget titles.
Gaming Age (Oct 19, 2005)
The only things dragging down Legend of Kay are the terrible slowdown and a very youthful image. Kids old enough to master the mechanics should love it - there's no doubt about that. But adults are bound to be put off by the shallow characters and the cuteness permeating the whole game. In spite of all that, the world created in Legend of Kay is beautiful and fun to explore.
Gamers Europe (Mar 04, 2005)
According to 70’s pop-monger Carl Douglas, “Everybody was Kung-Fu fighting,” and “those cats were fast as lightning”. In the case of Legend Of Kay, this is quite literally true as the main protagonist of the game is a martial arts practicing cat. A cat you say? With kung fu powers? Yes folks, that can only mean one thing - we’re in the wonderful world of platform games. You, playing as the titular Kay, live on an oriental-styled island full of rabbits, other cats, pandas and some other creature too – I have to confess I lost interest during the cartoon strip intro so I can’t remember which one. Might have been frogs. Anyway the intro also fills you in on the facts that there used to be some special fountains but they dried up because everyone used to be cool and have ‘chi’, but they forgot the old ways and consequently everything is now rubbish.
IGN (Sep 21, 2005)
Kay is a bipedal cat with ancient ninja skills. He's the one that walks about a bright cartoon world slashing warlike gorillas, rats, lizards, and other sentient animals unfriendly to his kitten kind. He's also a loudmouthed braggart with a serious attitude problem. So don't expect Kay's legend to be sung by any panda bear bard's...ever.
Game Critics (Oct 05, 2005)
It's not often a game earns merit on account of its subtext, much less a derivative action platform game with a talking ninja cat for a hero. That Legend of Kay has a subtext at all is a surprise; that it is more toothsome, political and challenging than any other mainstream console game I've played this year is downright weird.
Gamerz-Edge (Oct 08, 2005)
Though it sounds like I’m dogging it (though no dogs can be found in this game), the game does have its perks. If you can live with the horrible voiceovers, the sloppy camera and pretty straightforward storyline, then this might be a potential rental. Kids, on the other hand will surely get a kick out of it, and for only 30 dollars, it’s a pretty nice deal for what you get.
Jeuxvideo.com (Feb 10, 2005)
Jowood rĂ©alise une bonne performance avec Legend of Kay alors qu'on ne l'attendait pas forcĂ©ment dans cette catĂ©gorie. MĂȘme s'il n'est pas exempt de dĂ©fauts, ce titre ravira tout particuliĂšrement le jeune public. Est-ce le dĂ©but d'une nouvelle sĂ©rie ?
GameCell UK (Feb 23, 2005)
It seems perverse for me to say it but I quite enjoyed this game, despite it going against nearly all my critical and style sensibilities of pushing the boundaries and being fresh and original. There is simply too much to do, too many varied locations and it plays too well to be completely dismissed as a poor ‘by the numbers’ game, even though really that’s all it is. But there is something about steering boats down rivers, hopping over dangerous swamps and chasing dragons through caves that appeals to the adventurer in me. If you want a well-realised, solid, straightforward platform adventure you could certainly do a lot worse, just don’t expect it to be a box of ‘Special Kay’ that gets you up in the morning with a fresh spring in your step.
GameDaily (Sep 29, 2005)
Legend of Kay still manages to rise above the glut and its own harmful issues, though. I can't get over the fact that the gameplay just feels so right, even for a 32-year old curmudgeon like me. The game's design and challenges are worth checking out as well. This ain't Legend of Zelda, but, then again, it's not exactly Legend of South Park either. Sometimes a happy medium is a fine place to be.
Darkstation (Feb 10, 2006)
The Legend of Kay should get some recognition for being a very solid game. It is a shame that they couldn't take this game to the next level, as it had the potential. In the end this is just an average game that brought an entertaining experience to the table. If you like the free-flowing adventure gameplay, then definitely go out and rent this game as it is definitely worth a shot.
Gaming Target (Dec 20, 2005)
CATS: the Broadway musical. CAT scan. Catwoman. Garfield. People love cats, and sometimes are in love with cats. "Oh Mittens, you animal!" Cats ward off mummies. Cats appear on clothing designs and other merchandising. Cats are movie and animated personalties. Cats are everywhere. Compared to those dumb dogs who need walking all the time, cats are liable to potty train themselves practically. They're smart, they're cute, and they come with claws. As precious as these felines are however, when it comes to cute kitties and video games, they haven't had much success in the past. Bubsy comes to mind as one of the few notable, albeit annoying aspects about the history of cat-related video game franchising. With all but vacant spacing in this "cat-astrophe" then, Catcom (had to say it) waddles on the scene to mark its own spot on uninhabited shelf space. Curled up and purring, Legend of Kay wants your petting.
Die Welt ist schlecht. Das wissen wir nicht erst, seit Bayern MĂŒnchen zum ersten Mal deutscher Meister wurde. Gorillas und Ratten beherrschen Ihre Heimatinsel, Ihr Kampfkunstmeister ist den Freuden des Brennnesselweins erlegen und Sie haben einen Kater. Der heißt Kay und mit ihm sollen Sie die Geschicke des Landes in bessere Bahnen lenken. Kinder gewöhnen sich wohl schneller als Erwachsene an die knuffigen Tiercharaktere. Kantige BĂ€ume und die Asia-Fahrstuhlmusik beschleunigen diesen Prozess ebenfalls nicht. Doch die guten deutschen Sprecher, rasante Sprung- und PrĂŒgelorgien sowie der Wille, mehr von der Story zu erfahren, machen das grĂ¶ĂŸtenteils wett. Auf jeden Fall liefert das Teil den Beweis, dass schöne Spiele nicht nur aus Japan oder Amerika, sondern auch aus Hessen kommen können. Weiter so!
Besides an occasionally chuggy framerate, there's nothing outright wrong with it...except the utter lack of anything innovative or even interesting. Combat gameplay is hampered by an icky camera. Platforming is similarly marred by poor depth perception. More than any of the technical faults, though, is the problem that Kay is just plain dullsville.
Factornews (Mar 08, 2005)
Legend of Kay se rĂ©vĂšle ĂȘtre une bonne petite surprise dans son genre, en proposant une rĂ©alisation solide et des combats dynamiques et Ă©volutifs. Toutefois, la simplicitĂ© de son aventure, son ambiance puĂ©rile et les doublages catastrophiques le rĂ©serveront Ă  un public assez jeune, qui pourra se faire les dents avant d’attaquer un jeu plus abouti, comme un Zelda par exemple.
Thunderbolt Games (Mar 04, 2005)
It’s been a long time now since the words ‘3D action arcade adventure’ really cut any mustard. Sure ten years ago when 32-bit consoles first made that huge leap from 2D to 3D, it was astounding, awe-inspiring even, and quite rightly turned a lot more people on to gaming than there ever had been before. These days however it’s all starting to seem a bit old hat and the feeling that if you’ve seen one '3D action arcade adventure' you’ve seen them all is becoming more and more prominent in our collective tiring consciousness. But developers keep developing these titles and publishers keep publishing them and you guys - Joe general public people - seem to keep buying them, which means blue jewel cased promo discs keep arriving through my letterbox.

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