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Little Britain: The Video Game Credits

59 people (48 developers, 11 thanks)


ProducerElliot Gay
Game DesignElliot Gay
ScriptDavid Walliams, Matt Lucas, Elliot Gay, Maurice Suckling
Additional ArtKirsty Berry
Additional SupportAntonia Stowe
Sound and MusicPitstop Productions Ltd.


Studio DirectorBryan Reynolds
ProgrammingPaul Carter, Damian McKenna, Shane Clark, Paul Hancock, Ray Tredoux, Ross Goodley, Jason Butler
Lead ArtistRobin Ball
Environment ArtTom Waters
Additional Environment ArtRobin Ball
Character ModellingRobin Ball, Andy Nisbet
Character TexturingAndy Nisbet, Robin Ball, Steve Dinsdale
Character AnimationDarren Readman, Jonathan Baker, Andrew Burton
HUD & Front End DesignJon Waring
Additional ArtKate Corbin, Warren Fearn
DesignerTom Waters


CEOSean Brennan
Executive ProducerGraeme Boxall
Lead TesterChris Gardiner
TestersNathan King, Vladimir Petrov, Andy Wang-Hsun Lu, Michael Darbo
MarketingJoanne Wenn
PRKirsty Payne
Legals & FinanceGraham Orodje, Sander Komijn
Legal & FinancialNav Sumner
Production ControlGary Winter, Craig McFadyen
SalesPeter Ball, Willem Sonnemans, James Cato, Andy Hoskin
TrademarkingGreg Baverstock
Technical SupportJoe Manners, Ben Thomas
Packaging DesignRoot Associates
Packaging and documentationFink
Special ThanksGarry Williams, Frank Herman, Feike Dijkstra, Kees Hermans, Sandra Dekker, Andy Payne, Neil McKenna, Stuart Morton, Arthur Sobczak, Harley Homewood, David Upchurch

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Credits for this game were contributed by piltdown_man (178812)