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The Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The sound really stands out.
The first fight. Odds look bad but you've got to try!
That's a problem!
Short game?
An unknown sword intervenes...
It's a one of those rare Bland Elves!
Apparently she went to the same 'water horse summoning' school that Arwen attended. What a coincidence *cough*
Elves, gotta love 'em.
You will see this menu a lot.
Chests helpfully glow for a few seconds.
Visual weapons and armour are a huge draw of the game.
Attacked by leaves!
Using skill adds +1 to that skill set, so you should always use skills.
Berethor is perpetually puzzled.
New Z - I mean Middle Earth, is beautiful.
Much later in the game. Note the different armour / weapons.
Multi-strike attacks are great.
'Perfect Mode' skills are available at certain times. They are devastating but cheap attacks.
Lot's of splashes and such.
This is gonna hurt.
Total Wipe-out. Thanks Tree Man!
Out of Party characters get 1/2 EXP.
Should I help?
Elegost is a Ranger. That's kinda it to him.