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GameZone (May 25, 2003)
This is a good first-person shooter. The storyline maybe a bit familiar, but the new settings and the way Rollins expresses himself all add up to a very enjoyable time. Mace Griffin sports all the features of the very good FPS titles, and deserves a good long look.
GameSpy (Jun 25, 2003)
Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter is an entertaining story-driven FPS with a sweet secondary shooting sequence, although the PS2 version's performance hit is a drag. The lack of secrets and multiplayer modes also means an utter lack of replay value, but I felt nothing but satisfaction at the rousing conclusion.
73 (Oct 16, 2003)
Die Idee sowohl zu Fuß als auch an Bord diverser Raumschiffe auf intergalaktische Verbrecherjagd zu gehen ist zwar grandios, aber die Freiheit, die einem Mace Griffin dabei zugesteht, tendiert leider gegen null. Doch immerhin sind die strikt vorgegebenen und linear aufgebauten Missionen sehr abwechslungs- und umfangreich. Auch die fließenden Übergänge zwischen Flug- und Bodeneinsätzen können überzeugen. Technisch lässt der Shooter auf der PS2 allerdings teilweise sehr zu wünschen übrig. So gibt es trotz unspektakulärerer Texturen und Effekte immer wieder deutliche Einbrüche in der Framerate und auch der Sound schallt etwas dumpfer aus den Boxen als bei der Xbox-Fassung. Synchro und KI sind hingegen auf beiden Konsolen recht durchwachsen - ersteres lässt sich aber durch Ändern der Systemsprache auf Englisch umgehen. Animationen und Soundkulisse sind aber auch so topp und die Steuerung geht weitestgehend gut von der Hand.
A solid FPS that is basically a cross between Star Wars and Halo. There is no multiplayer or online play that will keep people play it and it seems kind of like a rip off to some people. Bounty hunting is something that most people would expect from a Star Wars game along with the star fight battles. Battling alien scum doesn't seem as fun as it does in Halo since the AI in Mace Griffin are completely retarded. You could sit there right next to them for a few seconds without them even noticing you. At least the Halo enemies saw you as you approached.
GameSpot (Jun 25, 2003)
Despite being a rough composite of a half dozen other first-person shooters without much personality of its own, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is still pretty good. The action can be fast-paced and engaging, and if you can forgive the game's derivative nature, there's an entertaining experience to be had here.
Consoles Plus (Aug, 2003)
Un très beau FPS, mais pas vraiment captivant et qui n'apporte aucune innovation au genre. Très bourrin, ultra répétitif. On s'ennuie rapidement.
70 (Oct 28, 2003)
Schade, schade, dass Warthog nicht mehr aus dem Szenario gemacht hat. Wie gerne würde ich Geld verdienen um mir Waffen und Ausrüstung für mein Schiff zu kaufen, wie klasse hätte ich ein dynamisches Missions-System gefunden - oder aber eine spannende Story. So jedenfalls ist Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter ein solider, simpler Shooter für hartgesottene SF-Fans, denen vor allem der Genre-Mix gefällt.
70 (Jul 19, 2003)
Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is very similar to some great videogame classics like Halo and Perfect Dark. Unfortunately it’s not the awesome, memorable game it could have been. No replay value and problems with graphics have diminished what could have been a real stellar FPS. Hopefully Warthog, with the proper feedback, can make a sequel worthy enough to be compared to the FPS greats.
Game Over Online (Sep 09, 2003)
Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter is kind of a take-it-or-leave-it game. Fans of the first-person shooter genre might want to add it to their to-do lists. Some of the environments and enemies are worth seeing, and the game is definitely playable, even if there aren't enough save points.
I get highly annoyed when companys try to capitalize on a market instead of bringing something new or original and trying to expand an already over populated genre...
65 (Oct 02, 2003)
On était en droit d'attendre un peu plus de ce Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter qui finalement se révèle être un jeu sympathique sans plus. Il aurait sans doute fallu que les phases spatiales soient un peu plus développées et que le jeu dispose d'un mode multijoueur pour réellement s'affirmer.
Game Chronicles (Sep 19, 2003)
Overall, Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter is a good space-based FPS. Granted it has its problems but if you can overlook some of them you will have the opportunity to play a decent game. The control problems and lagging keep the gamer from getting immersed in the title, but the concept of the game has a lot of potential for improvement.
IGN (Jun 17, 2003)
Mace Griffin had a lot of promise. But none of those promises, aside from some really nice looking guns and lots of bloodshed, panned out. Going from ground combat to space combat in a seamless transition is a cool idea, but because of some limited creative design and occasionally lackluster execution, Mace's one advantage over other FPS' has gone to waste.
Som helhet betraktat får Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter knappt godkänt. Bortsett från ovannämnda anmärkningar saknar jag framförallt riktigt engagerande uppdrag som sätter tankeverksamheten på prov. Däremot är ljudet väldigt bra. Warthog använder sig till exempel ofta av tvära kast mellan kuslig tystnad och hetsiga symfonier, vilket åtminstone får mig att sitta som på nålar. Om bara resten av spelet varit lika genomarbetat hade Mace Griffin: Bounty Hunter förmodligen blivit det där rymdeposet som utvecklarna eftersträvat.
Gamestyle (Jul 08, 2009)
Of all genres the first person market is the most technologically focused, so its no surprise that Mace Griffin has aged badly. Even today it represents a challenge and is propelled by a decent plot that tries to overcome the shortcomings in the game design. Shortly after release, Warthog were taken over by the company behind the Gizmondo device (remember that?) and soon after joined the growing list of independent developers who were no more. Joining the company in the black hole was Mace Griffin, a character who warrants resurrection but will need a major overhaul.
Worth Playing (Jul 14, 2003)
Mace Griffin is, in the end, just sort of there. It's a messy blend of other games—Halo, a little Max Payne, an occasional bit of Medal of Honor: Frontline—and seems designed from the ground up to make you wish you were playing those games. The one unique thing it brings to the table, the space combat, is really just more FPS in a new suit. Mace Griffin takes derivative first-person shooters to a new height, or maybe depth, and I can't honestly recommend it to anyone unless I'm being mean.