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Above average football keeping consistent with the Madden lineage Random Fiste (9) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars

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Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). -
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.4
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 3.7
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.2
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.5
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed -
Overall User Score (13 votes) 3.4

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The entire Madden package presented on the field is exceptional, and I can easily say that it’s the best I’ve seen. Then, when you toss in the off-the-field details and options such as the coaches, interactive chain gang, adjustable AI and penalties, and the addictive Madden Cards, no other game is going to touch Madden this football season.
Last year, the leader in sports entertainment lay dormant as Visual Concepts and Sega enchanted pigskin followers with the astonishing rookie release, NFL 2K. Ever so quietly Electronic Arts has emerged from the shadows, presenting an alternative to Sega’s gridiron dynamo. An alternative that will lead the way for the future of digital sports entertainment. Madden on the PlayStation 2 is a beautiful thing. I never thought gaming would reach the graphical realism set by this stellar release. Madden’s gameplay has also matured into an unstoppable powerhouse. From the statistical breakdown to the overall gameplay presentation, Madden 2001 is brilliant, addictive, and essentially perfect.
Gaming Target (Jul 05, 2001)
Madden 2001 is the epitome of a good football game. In addition to being easily playable, this game offers enough features to keep even the die-hard PC sports fans happy. I look forward to what EA's direct rivalry with Sega's sports franchises will produce for the next version. If you like football, this is the NFL game of choice on the PS2. Touchdown!!!
Video Games (Nov, 2000)
Ich hätte nie im Leben gedacht, dass ausgerechnet ein Football-Spiel mich derart fesseln könnte. Denn während amerikanischen Kollegen das Leder-Ei quasi in die Wiege gelegt wird, ist Football für die meisten Europäer noch ein Buch mit sieben Siegeln. Doch wer sich aus welchem Grund auch immer mit den Football-Regeln vertraut macht (bei mir war es der höchst beeindruckende Oliver-Stone-Streifen „Any given Sunday“), erhält mit Madden NFL 2001 Einblick in eine höchst faszinierende und zu Unrecht als brutal verschrieene Strategiesportart. Gleichzeitig bekommt ihr Zugang zum zweifellos besten Sportspiel, das man im Augenblick für Geld kaufen kann.
GameSpot (Oct 13, 2000)
Madden 2001 is the most realistic and complete video game interpretation of the sport of football ever. The level of detail in the game's presentation and feel is so dramatically superior to previous football games, it's unbelievable. If you enjoy football in the least, the game is a must-have PlayStation 2 game, and even if you don't like football, you may want to pick the game up just to see how amazing it looks. In any event, the game is easily the best iteration of the Madden series.
PSM (Nov, 2000)
To be perfectly honest, we didn't expect too much from the first PS2 Madden game. Videogame history has taught us that great sports franchises take time to evolve, and they're rarely great at a system's launch. However, after playing Madden 2001 for countless hours, we're happy to report that we were wrong - dead wrong. In almost every way, Madden 2001 fulfills the promise of the PlayStation 2, and at the same time pushes the entire genre of football games forward.
Gamer's Pulse (Nov 27, 2000)
It is pretty easy to call this one. If you have a Playstation 2, you should go ahead and pick up this game. It is easily a must-have title. It features solid, sometimes addictive, game play, the best graphics ever (yes, better than Sega’s NFL2K), and you will enjoy it for years to come. Well, at least until Madden 2002 comes out...
90 (Feb 28, 2001)
Die Vorzeigeserie für Konsolen-Football erhält auf der PlayStation 2 eine würdige Fortsetzung. Hervorragende Spielbarkeit und eine stetig hochgehaltene Motivation lassen die leichten grafischen Defizite schnell vergessen. Voller guter Ideen wie z.B. die Challenges/Madden Cards und übersichtlicher Optionen bietet die diesjährige Madden-Auflage sowohl Profis als auch blutigen Anfängern Spaß ohne Ende. Wer gar nichts, aber auch rein gar nichts mit American Football anfangen kann, wird auch von Madden 2001 nicht eines Besseren belehrt. Wer jedoch gebannt den Super Bowl verfolgt, oder auch nur ein bisschen Interesse für diesen Sport aufbringen kann, erhält mit Madden NFL 2001 das derzeit beste American-Football-Spiel für Konsolen, das selbst den harten Konkurrenten NFL 2K1 aus dem Hause Sega in die Defensive drängt.
PSX Extreme (Oct 26, 2000)
Being my very first US PS2 reviewed game, I can safely say that Madden NFL 2001 is probably the #2 game to own with your Playstation 2. The graphics that look as real as the real thing itself, the gameplay actually feels like the real thing and nothing like previous Madden games, which are based on a slower pace, and the tight controls make the game as real as it is. It would be easy to say that Madden NFL 2001 is the best of the series, because it isn't competing with much, but I know what you all want to hear and here it is; Madden NFL 2001 is indeed better than Sega's NFL 2K1 in nearly every single way, the game offers much better gameplay, better collision physics, AI, graphics, more options, and a deeper game overall to make Madden NFL 2001 the best football game ever.
PlanetPS2 (Nov 03, 2000)
Now, Madden NFL 2001 is not perfect. The game was over hyped, and could not live up to expectations. Although the game has a great multi-player mode, it still doesn't feature the online play of NFL2K1. The game has many annoying features, and also has some amazing ones never before fully utilized. And, although it plays beautifully and realistically in some areas, others just don't and ruin the package as a whole. But remember, this is still perhaps the best football title in history.... PlanetPS2 recommends it, and believe us in that next year's version will indeed make it the best of all time, without any doubts.
Power Unlimited (Feb, 2001)
Madden 2001 is heel erg dope... als je van American Football houdt.
Realistic physics and hard-hitting plays are the order of the day, and the addition of Madden Cards incorporates cheats, secrets and other fun extras into the gameplay itself. The cards also act as a sub-game and competitive currency that gives multiplayer an edgy gambling feel. Unfortunately, all of this visual and visceral greatness is marred by a weak defensive AI that seems far too easily confused by the passing game and unable to break through the QB’s protective pocket. As a result, the totaled score of both sides usually ends up above forty, making close, tense matches rarities indeed. Adding to the difficulties faced by this title, the commentary is lackluster by any standard and particularly shows its age when compared to the scintillating play by play in NFL 2K1. Despite these drawbacks, however, the excellent gameplay and amazing graphics make Madden NFL 2001 a strong contender among the console football league, though not nearly the standout it has been in previous years.
Gamekult (Dec 27, 2000)
Evidemment très ciblé, Madden NFL 2001 n'en est pas moins le meilleur jeu actuellement sur PlayStation 2. Des graphismes à tomber, des animations à se rouler par terre et des ralentis à nettoyer ses vêtements sont là pour la technique, une grande richesse tactique et une bonne profondeur (grâce à la gestion de la franchise) s'offrent pour l'aspect durée de vie. La prise en main est assez délicate et la maîtrise ne viendra pas de suite, mais c'est le prix à payer pour profiter du tout bon. Les fans de la discipline ont leur jeu PS2, les autres devront attendre encore un peu.
80 (Dec 19, 2000)
Un titre de très bon niveau qui séduit par ses nombreuses possibilités et sa dimension tactique. A réserver toutefois à un public averti et amateur de ce sport qui fait fureur outre atlantique.
As an entire package, Madden 2001 easily eclipses Sega's NFL 2K1 as the premier football game this year. While 2K1's internet play makes that entries replay value sky high, Madden's franchise mode is a great substitute. If you were lucky enough to nab a PS2, this is a MUST buy. Even if you're not a football fan, it'll impress your friends enough to make it seem like your $300 console purchase was worthwhile.
Gameplanet (Dec 04, 2000)
Some small flaws do little to interrupt Maddens' momentum and ultimately are forgotten in the grand scheme of things. Playing faster, and smoother than it's predecessors Madden 2001 on PS2 demonstrates that sports games will hit the ground running and leave many in their wake.
Gamezone (Germany) (Apr 26, 2001)
Madden 2001 ist ein sehr gelungener Titel. Hat man sich erst einmal mit den Regeln und dem gesamten Gameplay vertraut gemacht, macht es richtig fun. Der Spielverlauf ist sehr flüßig, jedoch die verschiedenen Angriffs- und Abwehrtaktiken wollen geübt sein. Die Grafik kann sich sehen lassen, und die Präsentation ist ganz im Football-Style. So zeigt sich teilweise die Freude und Agression der Spieler in sauberen Animationen. Falls nicht so ganz klar ist, wie ein Angriff gestartet werden soll, kann der eigene Trainer befragt werden. Verhält man sich eine Zeit lang, nach seinen Anweisungen, steigt man doch recht schnell hinter das Spielgeschehen.
The Video Game Critic (May 18, 2002)
The replay-ability is extreme, thanks to a load of special features like a Practice Mode, Franchise Mode, create-a-player, and old-school teams with throwback uniforms. "Tokens" are earned by accomplishing certain feats, and these can be used to purchase "Madden Cards" which open even more options. Madden 2001 is hands-down the best-looking football game of its time, but is it really better than NFL 2K1?