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Madden NFL 2005 Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

The title screen
Before the game begins the player is asked to select their favourite team
The Main Menu.
The player in the background moves and uses a juddering effect that is vaguely disturbing. Different players, managers, cheerleaders are shown here
Madden 101 is an option from the main menu. here the gamer will find introductory videos on new features
Storyline Central is a new feature in Madden 2005, Through the PDA the manager can keep track of their team and make changes
Storyline Central is a feature introduced in this game. It features national and local newspapers reactions to management changes, e-mails from players and team staff and local radio with Tony Bruno
In Madden 2005 the players have personal goals and personality traits that affect the way they react to a gamers management decisions
One of the game modes is Mini Camp, a series of exercises that improve a gamer's on-field management. Here the player is trying to follow their blockers to gain maximum yardage
There are multiple playbooks available plus the gamer can create their own
Not only can players and teams be created, fans can be created too. There are eight skin types, fourteen face paint styles, five body paint styles plus other tweaks
The gamer can create their own team. This also means they get to create their own stadium and uniform as well
As the gamer switches from one function to the next the game displays a load screen featuring random players pictures and game statistics
On the Cardinals practice field running through some offensive manoeuvres
The in-game pause menu, accessed here from a practice session
The basic controller configuration
This configuration cannot be altered and there's no alternative
The first screen of the Franchise game
There's not a lot to set up really
Playing in Franchise mode
The first screen the gamer accesses once they have selected their team. In the background EA Sports radio is playing with player interviews, quizzes etc
Managing the Tennessee Titans in Franchise mode
This is the screen where the player gets to modify the team uniform
Training Camp is a feature of the Franchise game
Only one player per drill is allowed and a drill must be completed in order to advance. On drill completion players win attribute points
One of the player information screens. L1/R1 cycle through the others which show Attributes, Contract details and Awards. L2/R2 cycle through game stats such as Rushing, Blocking etc
It's Pre-Season Week 1 in Franchise mode.
The game automatically assigns free agents and then goes on to simulate games before the gamer gets to play Browns vs Titans
Starting up a game in Franchise mode. The player can opt to manage the opposition thus ensuring their side has a chance of winning
Before the match the players take to the field and the commentators pick one or two out as players to watch
After the coin toss the teams choose how they want to start the game
The Cleveland Browns are kicking off
There's a power meter control to judge the distance kicked
Much of the game is viewed through a letter box like this where the decision on the next play is made
The Quarterback has released the ball and the player must get the receiver to the place where it will land
There's an Ask madden feature in this game. His advice is to call Slants, something about protecting your end at all times
The game pause menu for a full match in Franchise mode
The pause menu has an instant replay option which the gamer can use to see why their last play didn't work and thus make adjustments to the formation
This is how the quarterback selects the player to pass to
In Franchise mode the gamer can get advice like this on the upcoming game
In tournament mode the gamer can create their own competition. Options are Double Elimination, Single Elimination, Double Round Robin and Round Robin. They can also select the teams
This Team Matchup screen is available in both Tournament and Franchise modes. It's a quick way to compare strengths and weaknesses
In Tournament mode the gamer does not have to play all matches. They can have the game simulate a result or forfeit if they so wish