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Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
And the doodles were good.
Man with his free mind...
... and doodles with their squiggles.
Doodles corrupt.
Anti-color guns
The doodle king makes a plea.
But there is a price...
The abode of Zoe.
Cute loading screen
Using your pengel to make your first doodle.
It runs free!
So free it has to be saved from a vertical death...
... by this energetic girl, Zoe.
When you create a doodle you draw the outline.
The interior color is filled in automatically.
The marketplace
Gold color gems can't be used to doodle with, so while all colors are currency, gold has become the most stable.
A mysterious voice ponders the castle.
This tough looking fellow blocks you path, I don't think the pengel likes him.
Approaching the maim arena.
Cursing an attack.
A doodle gets struck by lightening.
Matches put hairs on you head.
The palace guard collect the color tax.
A simple doodle
Check out how your doodle will move.
A combatant
As Rome conquered Rhodes, tax heavens.
A terrifying doodle
A strange figure has appeared in town.
A beam attack
The kingdom has claimed your land.
Buying different brushes.
A strange "doodle human", Mono
As you can doodle more on your creatures... they may turn into Lovecraftian messes as seen here.
Boxing lizard!
Taking damage from a reflect attack.
Charge will power you up for your next move.
Grand master Kiba
The foe win today.
A magical attack having a status effect.