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Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome is an exceptionally well done RPG that doesn’t constrict the gamer with any limitations as to how the flow of battle should go. Whether you prefer to pilot robots, utilize hit-and-run tactics or build up characters with dreadful spell casting capabilities, there is only one thing that is necessary for every RPG gamer out there: to get this game!
1UP (Jul 28, 2005)
Despite a regular yearly schedule -- games come out in Japan every February like clockwork, with the expected step of a U.S. release in the late summer now as well -- N1 games are closer to Tony Hawk than Tomb Raider, and there's been none of the downward slide in quality that indicates a developer out of ideas. Far from it, as Makai Kingdom has as many fresh new ideas as any other game they've developed. But just as Tony Hawk eventually turned a little stale after its fourth installment, so might it also be time for Nippon Ichi to try something really new next time. Until then, however, they've produced another mighty fine Gobstopper.
Worth Playing (Jul 27, 2005)
Makai Kingdom does a great job of catering to the compulsive, play-to-crush RPG power-gamer without becoming as obsessed with micromanagement as Phantom Brave’s gameplay inevitably was. If you like RPGs at all on the crunchy or the funny side, then you’ll definitely enjoy Makai Kingdom enough to be worth the price of admission. It’s not quite as good as Disgaea but doesn’t fall quite so short of the mark. Playing around with giving your soldiers guns and tanks is fun, and the return to a more whimsical and humorous storyline is refreshing. You may want to give Makai Kingdom a pass if you aren’t much on goofy humor or playing the same game compulsively for hundreds of hours, but I imagine most other folks will have a lot of fun with Makai Kingdom.
IGN (Aug 05, 2005)
Despite those concerns, however, Makai Kingdom is probably the deepest and most giving RPG to hit the PlayStation 2 all year. With character customization that can only be eclipsed by its predecessor Phantom Brave, and a more balanced approach to strategy when compared to any of the NIS' prior games, Zedda's little adventure gives fans plenty to talk about. The humorous characters and their excellent voice-over work is worth a lot as well, and when you throw in a ton of replay goodies like Reincarnations, secret characters, hidden dungeons, multiple endings, and a New Game Plus feature, Makai Kingdom is a no-brainer for genre fans. Just don't expect anything too revolutionary.
UOL Jogos (Aug 02, 2005)
Como muitos RPG com estratégia, "Makai Kingdom" recompensa os que dedicarem tempo para desenvolver os personagens e outros elementos. Apesar de alguns defeitos, a mecânica de jogo está bem maturada, com a experiência adquirida dos games anteriores, como "La Pucelle: Tactics", "Disgaea: The Hour of Darkness" e "Phantom Brave". Quem já jogou esses títulos, terá mais do mesmo, com algumas melhorias. Quem não conhece, terá a oportunidade de experimentar um RPG bem completo, apesar de que, provavelmente, demorará a compreender totalmente o sistema de jogo. De qualquer maneira, é inegavelmente um título de qualidade.
JustPressPlay (Nov 19, 2006)
This game has faults, but the humor and cast are undoubtedlycharming. Despite my gripes, I still enjoyed playing and trying to findhow to achieve the different endings. Buy the game if you can stillfind it. You’ll have hours upon hours of game play, hands down.
The wildly diverse combat is great, but the goofy gridless map (lifted directly from Phantom Brave) makes it difficult to set up positioning, which waters down the tactical possibilities. Plus, this might be the worst-looking game on the PS2. This title is solid, fun and hugely replayable - but Nippon Ichi (and everyone else) still has yet to match Disgaea's brilliance.
There are two possible reactions to Makai Kingdom, the first being " Sweet! Another new strategy game from Nippon Ichi, creators of such memorable titles as Disgea: Hour of Darkness and Phantom Brave! Here is my money, my dear game store clerk - I would like to purchase a copy of this wonderful little game!" Of course, the other reaction is "Whut da heck izzat?" You either like these games or you don't. I for one love them, and although Makai Kingdom isn't my favorite Nippon Ichi title, it is another worthy entry in their strategy catalogue.
G4 TV: X-Play (Mar 24, 2006)
While the quality of Makai Kingdom isn't a surprise to anyone, these games are still a welcome addition to the PS2 library. Makai comes closest to emulating the wit and character of Disgaea, which is good news to all. Just as with the annual appearances of Madden NFL and Tony Hawk games, we might have to complain about Nippon Ichi's strategy/RPG predictability if we weren't so busy being completely immersed in the latest version.
80 (Nov 07, 2005)
Nippon Ichi ouvre une nouvelle fois un sceau que l'on croyait plus résistant. Libérant le génie et la folie, le studio japonais tourne encore une lourde page du T-RPG, soulignant leur production d'une enluminure emphatique. Makai Kingdom, bien que moins profond que Phantom Brave, mêle une déclinaison du gameplay de ce dernier dans un univers à la Disgaea. Une sorte de mélange goûteux dont même les grumeaux demeurent importants. Artefact non parfait, surtout graphiquement parlant, le soft édité par Koei n'en est pas moins l'un des softs les plus honnêtes et les plus réussis de cette année. Il est rare qu'un jeu porte la stupidité au même point que la profondeur ludique dans un paroxysme flamboyant. Et n'oubliez pas : Vive les Cook Battles !
Video Game Talk (Aug 23, 2005)
Unfortunately the low-res graphics are starting to show their age despite some great art direction and design. NIS is really going to have to kick up the sprite count a notch if they want to push their games into the next generation. The voice work is great and each of the overlords is a real treat to watch and listen to. In the end this is a game for anyone that loved Disgaea and even though it’s not a direct sequel there are several similarities between the two. It’s also more user friendly to newcomers than Phantom Brave was but is involving enough to keep veterans happy. Highly Recommended
80 (UK) (Jan 12, 2005)
However, for genre fans, the educated, the talented or the time-rich, Makai Kingdom represents a rich and deep pasture with almost limitless ways to play. It's clever, expansive, funny, well made and beautifully translated and, if you are committed enough, could be one of the best videogame investments you'll ever make.
Diehard GameFan (Aug 03, 2005)
Makai Kingdom is a very good game, with several flaws that make it just shy of greatness. It’s the best SRPG out this year, but it still falls a notch below Digital Devil Saga: Avatar Tuner for the best overall RPG to hit stands in 2005. If you’re looking for a long term playing investment or just want a game that stands out from the rest of the SRPG pack, you could do a lot worse than Makai Kingdom. It’s one bad ass FREAKING game…dood.
Video Game Generation (Dec 05, 2005)
If you have a shelf full of strategy RPGs, Makai Kingdom will fit in nicely with them. It's a perfectly standard entry in the genre that, with the exception of the somewhat clunky movement and targeting system, rocks no boat and delivers the minimum expectation of enjoyment. Is it a bad purchase? No, not if you are a fan of Disgaea, La Pucelle: Tactics, and Phantom Brave, but don't expect it to do much for you.
Gamezine (Aug 28, 2005)
Bref, même si la réalisation dépassée en rebutera certains, que l’interface est un peu lourde et gâche quelquefois la lisibilité, Phantom Kingdom est un bon petit Tactical-RPG plein de charme. Il reste moins bons que Stella Deus, toujours référence en la matière sur PS2, mais occupera une bonne partie de vos journées.
GameSpot (Jul 21, 2005)
This game doesn't deviate much from its predecessors, but it does feel slightly more refined than the games it borrows from. There are countless hours of gameplay to be had here, but there's nothing other than your own ambition to carry you from one battle to the next. So, if you like strategy role-playing games and don't mind a bit of silliness, Makai Kingdom is worth checking out.
GameZone (Jul 26, 2005)
Not a bad game, but do not expect to be blown away by the story or innovative gameplay. The Invite system is very nice, but the game moves slowly. A solid turn-based combat title that may have appeal to those who really like this style of game, but there is relatively little here that will pull in new fans. All that said, Makai Kingdom: Chronicles of the Sacred Tome is an average game with solid graphics but slow-moving gameplay.
GameSpy (Jul 27, 2005)
Yes, Makai Kingdom is an engaging, deep game. It's also the most thematically appealing and robust game to come from the developer since Disgaea (contending with Phantom Brave and La Pucelle Tactics.) The off-the-wall humor is wickedly pointed and the characters are simply hilarious; the gameplay is deep and engrossing but clunky and far too close to what the developer's been doing for the past several years, just more so. If you've an inexhaustible appetite for their recipe, this game will give you hours upon hours of glee; but don't look for innovation or passion here -- it's another exercise along the usual line, highly analytical and aimed at the thoroughly anal retentive.
MAN!AC (Oct, 2005)
Symphatische und vielfältige Runden-Strategie mit gravierenden Design-Patzern.
65 (Nov 04, 2005)
This was a hard game for me to review. I like role playing games (RPGs), but this game seemed a little blasÈ for me. The graphics were ok, weapons were ok, choice of different types of characters ok… it’s just OK. I was a little surprised at how immature the dialogue was for a Teen rated game. My daughter is 13 years old, and she thought it was pretty bad as well. There was a lot of minor swearing, and the whole flow of the dialogue was just weird. At one point, I was tempted to turn it off before the game even began. I gave Makai Kingdom: Chronicles Of The Sacred Tome a chance. Luckily, the strategy factor saved it. If you liked Final Fantasy Legends, you’ll like this.
Legendra (Jan 19, 2008)
Makai Kingdom est entaché d’un défaut qu’on ne connaissait pas chez ses grands frères : le scénario est ridicule, là où il était sympathiques chez les autres. Par ailleurs, même si le gameplay est une véritable machine de guerre, il innove moins que les précédents. Enfin, l’univers, déjanté, est moins attachant du fait de l’absence quasi-totale de scénario ( la remarque vaut également pour les personnages ). Makai Kingdom est loin d’être un mauvais jeu, mais dans le genre si particulier dont Nippon Ichi s’est fait une spécialité, il est le moins réussi, parce qu’il lui manque cette touche de folie, ce charme qui prenait tant auparavant. Au fond, il nous montre que Disgaea, La Pucelle ou Phantom Brave était bien plus qu’un gameplay savamment pensé. Makai Kingdom n’est, pour ainsi dire, que cela, et c’est fort dommage.
45 (Apr 03, 2006)
Makai Kingdom. When I saw the title, I didn’t know what to expect. Hoping on a simple and fun platform adventure game in which you save a princess and some fairy country from death –slash- doom, I prepared myself for a few hours of harmless entertainment. But to my great astonishment – which later turned into great horror – I was treated on a Dragonball Z kind of crap. With even worse graphics. And I’m talking about the television series.