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Written by  :  GNJMSTR (174)
Written on  :  Sep 08, 2004
Platform  :  PlayStation 2
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The Good

This game did not have anything good about it. I feel that the company did not have anything good planed for a game. This game was very disappointing.

The Bad

Now, the creators of this game have had a history (in my thoughts) of bad, wasted games. Rockstar, I feel, does not try and make fun games. They try to make the most contreversal game on the market. Grand Theft Auto was another game that did not make me happy.

Now for what was so bad... The controls of the game were very hard to keep up. The constant button mashing to fight is not a fun thing in my opinion. The camera was bad. The controls were just bad. The gameplay was very pointless, very repetitive. There was no point to this game. This game got no more than 2 hours out, graphics from Rockstar make my sick (literally). You would walk the streets (pretty much crawl) to sneak up behind somebody and stab them in the neck with a piece of glass. Now when people are trying to ban games for gore, don't go trying to ban Resident Evil, try this game. There is no point to it and I wouldn't mind if it got banned. The swearing in the game was also very pointless. There should not be as much vulgar language in a game as there was in this one. Words were painted in blood across the wall. The story did not interest me at all. A man was killed in jail and is brought back to life by a camera. A camera talks to the main character. The game is about killing people and getting it on tape. The graphics are not what they should be for a Playstation 2. The graphics are the same as Grand Theft Auto and makes me feel like I am just playing a worse version of that. The graphics are very cartoony and do not show true physical features (like good looking arms, heads, legs). The graphics are not what they should be for a time like now.

The Bottom Line

I would never recommend this game to anyone, not even Charles Manson. This game is not worth your money. You should not contribute your money such a game company as Rockstar. All of there games have the same basic point behind them, they all have the same looking graphics, control, and lameness. This review could go for all games made by Rockstar pretty much. Grand Theft Auto for sure.