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    Featuring flatland tricks for the first time in a BMX video game, Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 drops players into eight enormous free-roaming, fully populated levels where they can perform thousands of tricks. There are multiple modes of play to experience: Road Trip, Single Session, and Free Ride, and a slew of multi-player games including the new Half-Pipe Hell and Treasure Hunt. The innovative Trick Tweaking feature lets gamers pull manuals, wall rides, tire-taps, grinds, and air tricks that can be "morphed" to create unique tricks on the fly while playing as Mat Hoffman himself, or one of ten other pros. Players can also build their own BMX course using the next generation Park Editor. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 for Xbox includes an additional level and rider and will support user ripped sound tracks.

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"Nintendo Winter 2002" promotional booklet - GameCube:
    Take a road trip across America with Mat and ten top pros in the ultimate BMX game. Featuring eight enormous free-roaming, fully populated levels, all new BMX Park Editor, exclusive behind-the-scenes video and innovative features like the new Trick Tweaking system, flatland tricks, and 2-player split screen with "PUSH" mode. One day on this road trip and you'll know why BMX will never be the same.

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    • Ride with the skills of the undisputed king of BMX and 10-time World Vert Champion, Mat Hoffman, or 10 other top pro riders including Mike Escamilla, Kevin Robinson, Simon Tabron, Joe Kowalski, and Rick Thorne.

    • Go on the road with the greatest athletes in the sport. Exclusive behind the scenes footage from Mat Hoffman’s Pro BMX 2 Road Trip offers insight into the BMX lifestyle and the athletes that have shaped the sport.

    • Explore 8 enormous free-roaming environments that come to life with helicopters, boats, cars, and pedestrians. Manuals, wall rides, tire-taps, grinds, airs and signature tricks can be morphed and altered into hundreds of new tricks and combos.

    • Execute flatland tricks like the backpacker, whiplash and hitchhiker.

    • Use the next-generation BMX Park Editor to create your own BMX courses with ramps, rails, fun boxes and other obstacles.

    • Modes of play - Road Trip, Single Session and Free Ride. Multiplayer games include 2-player split screen featuring exclusive Activision O2 “PUSH” mode, Half-Pipe Hell, Treasure Hunt, Tag, Trick Attack, Graffiti, and HORSE.

    • Snap photos of your best tricks to keep in your scrapbook.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65852) on Oct 03, 2005. – GameCube:
    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX 2 brings 11 pro riders to the Nintendo GameCube for a session across America. Get ready for a pedal-powered invasion when this game hits the road.

    BMX Bandits

    Mat Hoffman has been winning BMX championships since the late 1980s and has an injury list a mile long. Can you think of anyone better to star in Activision's tricked-out Pro BMX series? Now, he is bringing 10 of his BMX buddies along for the ride in this feature-filled extreme sports title. Each rider has his own strengths, weaknesses, and special tricks.

    The riders include:

    * Mat Hoffman
    * Joe Kawalski
    * Rick Thorne
    * Mike Escamilla
    * Simon Tabron
    * Kevin Robinson
    * Cory Nastazio
    * Seth Kimbrough
    * Nate Wessel
    * Ruben Alcantara
    * Day Smith

    Rad Road Trip

    In the career mode, dubbed Road Trip, you will take your favorite rider on a tour of eight cities. Like Activision's other extreme-sports games, these levels are more arcade than sim. Expect to encounter plenty of interactive obstacles like cars, pedestrians and amusement park rides. Important tools of the BMX trade, including half-pipes, rails, and pools, have been placed strategically for the best possible lines.

    The levels are:

    * Oklahoma City
    * Chicago
    * Las Vegas
    * New Orleans
    * Portland, Oregon
    * Boston
    * Los Angeles
    * Tiki Park, Hawaii

    Before you can advance, you must meet certain objectives, including collecting items, reaching a high score, or performing a specific trick. Most of the objectives are standard fare for this genre, but there are a few wacky exceptions. For example, in Boston you are asked to save a pier from a giant squid, and in Portland you must explore a cave and find a way to bridge a river.

    The trick system is top-notch. In the air you can bust out tricks like Rocket Air and Superman Seat Grab. You can grind almost anything you see and spice up your vert sessions by strutting your stall skills. The all-new flatland tricks, including the Lung Spin, Whiplash, and Steamroller, are a collective blast.

    First-timers will wipe-out often, but once you get a handle on the control scheme you'll be pulling off CanCans and Front Flips with ease. You can also tweak your tricks for bonus points, but if you get too greedy prepare for a face-full of asphalt.

    As you play through Road Trip you can unlock secret characters, bikes and outfits. There are also cool behind-the-scenes videos for each rider that show what life is like on the road for a pro star.

    In Session mode, you can choose any available course and ride with a time limit. In Free Ride mode, there is no time limit, except when someone calls you to dinner.

    Multiplayer Modes

    The Trick Attack mode lets two players ride simultaneously via split-screen. The player with the most points when time runs out is the winner. Tag Mode is another split-screen competition. When you have not been tagged "it," you can pull tricks to lower your opponents' stats.

    Graffiti War will be familiar if you have played Activision's other extreme sports games. In this mode the object is to mark ramps, rails and pipes by performing tricks on them. You can also steal points from your opponent by busting better tricks off their marked objects.

    For the ultimate test of talent, up to four players can compete in HORSE mode. The first player sets the score and it's up to the other players to top it. If you can't set a new high score you get a letter. The game is over if you spell the word "HORSE."

    Halfpipe Hell is a new mode that places each player at the bottom of a lava-filled cavern. You take turns trying to climb to the top by jumping from pipe to pipe. The challenge is to maintain your momentum as you climb. If you drop in the lava you have to start over from the bottom.

    Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX never strays from the tried and true extreme-sports formula. The trick system is one of the best for a BMX game and the huge levels are fun to explore. Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX gets its staying power from the long list of secrets and multiplayer modes.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65852) on Sep 18, 2005.

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  • Roadtrip across America with 10-time World Vert Champion Mat Hoffman and 10 other top pro riders.

  • Over 90 minutes of outtakes and live action video.

  • 9 enormous levels populated with cars, pedestrians, helicopters and more.

  • Enhance combo linking with the new Trick Tweaking System.

  • Xbox exclusive level and character.

    9 enormous levels to explore. You decide which to unlock next.

    Thousands of tricks including new flatland moves.

    Multiple play modes including O2 exclusive 2-player PUSH mode.

    Create your own dream course using the next-generation BMX Park Editor.

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