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Hints for the FINAL showdownContributed by Kasey Chang (4617) on Oct 06, 2003.

Do NOT read unless you can't figure out the final showdown and keep getting killed by that chopper!

As you can see from the cinematic, one of the cables holding the tower has already snapped. And if you try to shoot the cable, Max says "have to find weakpoints".

The weakpoints are the attachment points where they're attached to your level via those 4 "arms". You should have access to 3 of them. Climb onto that "platform" in the corner and jump out to that arm, shoot the support to spring that cable.

Switch to sniper rifle and take out the other two supports the same way by shooting at where the cable is bound to the "arm".

You'll probably have to fend off a couple more killer suits. Grenades should work quite well.

Then grenade the bottom of the tower. A grenade launcher will work fine.

Then watch the cinematic as the tower snaps at the base and crashes into the chopper as it tries to take off...

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