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A playground of destruction! Matt Neuteboom (989) 4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars4.86 Stars
If only my school playground was this much fun. havoc of smeg (22285) 4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars4.57 Stars

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.8
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.5
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 4.2
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 4.3
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 3.9
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.6
Overall User Score (20 votes) 3.9

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UOL Jogos (Jan 25, 2005)
"Mercenaries" é um jogo diferente, especialmente recomendado para quem gosta do conceito de "Grand Theft Auto", mas acham que o game peca pela falta de foco. Capturar Song deve levar umas boas 18 horas, mas existem missões extras de sobra para extender isso. E enquanto o nível de detalhe e variedade não é o mesmo da obra-prima da Rockstar, a habilidade de investir o dinheiro ganho em diferentes estratégias é uma ótima compensação.
Adventure Lantern (Apr, 2006)
Mercenaries is a very addictive game and it is not hard to get hooked on it very quickly. I’ve found it to be a very enjoyable experience for any kind of player, hardcore or casual. Aside from a few minor things with some of the physics, it’s an overall good game.
IGN (Jan 10, 2005)
Despite not having much of a story or much character, Mercenaries is a wild ride of pure action and destruction. It's a long, deep game that continues to deliver on its promise (it's marketed with the tagline "playground of destruction") with an unending amount of military might, muscle, and variation. You might not care too much about your character, but you will undoubtedly find yourself spending those extra hours fulfilling minor missions, getting lost for the fun of it, and trying out every single air strike possible on the enemy. The vehicle jackings are also superb. Whether you own a PlayStation 2 or an Xbox, you should buy LucasArts' Mercenaries. It's a well-crafted, polished, and distinguished game that offers a new take on the sandbox design, and something very different indeed from the Grand Theft Auto's of the world. In fact, in this category, aside from Grand Theft Auto, which is the best at what it does, Mercenaries is easily the next best thing.
games xtreme (Mar 04, 2005)
All in all Mercenaries of a very welcome spin on a tried and tested formula, any fan of the GTA games will be right at home here but Mercenaries has more than enough of its own style and game play devices going on to ensure that the game stands out on its own too.
Yahoo! Games (Jan 13, 2005)
What a video game advertises and what it actually delivers are often two very different things. We're happy to report that LucasArts's Mercenaries is about as close to truth in advertising as any self-respecting American wants to get. The ads promise absorbing, freeform mayhem -- and that's exactly what it delivers in spades (actually, in North Korea).
GameSpy (Jan 08, 2005)
Basically, if you're a fan of destroying everything you see, Mercenaries is the game for you. However, it offers much more than that. Playing the factions against each other requires a bit of strategy, as does completing the missions. I can't remember the last time I played a game in which I wondered whether something could be done, and nine times out of ten it actually could be, whether it's calling in an airstrike on a lone soldier or jacking a helicopter from the sky. Blowing stuff up has never been this fun, or this satisfying.
GameZone (Jan 25, 2005)
LucasArts’ Mercenaries has been somewhat of an oddity in its development. What initially began its development looking like a GTA clone, with some shiny new weapons and themes thrown into the mix, has actually flourished into a surprisingly fun and intense game. Mercenaries is a great game with engaging action and a sharp sense of humor that will no doubt impress gamers with itchy trigger fingers looking to cause some copious amounts of damage.
1UP (Jan 12, 2005)
North Korea. The axis of evil. Nuclear proliferation. Statues of Dear Leaders in every town square. All just a few of the things that cross your mind whenever you daydream about the demise of the free world -- but why does it always have to seem so dreary? Mercenaries, latest from the militant (and prolific) developers at Pandemic, paints a much more exciting picture of pre-World War III Asia, a place where an enterprising young lad can blow up a few buildings, take down a few bounties, and feel like he's king of the world. Sort of like Grand Theft Auto, actually, but with the cops replaced by the 1.2 million soldiers in North Korea's standing army. Eesh.
88 (Feb 22, 2005)
Kaum ein Spiel hat mich in letzter Zeit derart positiv überrascht wie Mercenaries. Als GTA-Klon in einem Kriegsgebiet angekündigt, brennt das Spiel ein Actionfeuerwerk par Excellence ab und bietet unglaublich packende Missionen. Besonders die spielerische Freiheit bei den einzelnen Aufträgen toppt jedes andere Actionspiel. Ob man nun einen der gesuchten 52 Terroristen in Rambomanier ausschaltet oder mit gezielter Luftunterstützung und anschließender Extraktion den Feind lebend erwischt, jederzeit stehen dem Spieler mehrere, gleichermaßen funktionierende Möglichkeiten offen, die spannend inszeniert sind. Nicht jedermanns Sache dürfte dagegen das recht brisante und zudem aktuelle Nordkoreaszenario sein, andererseits ist es eine willkommene Abwechslung von Weltkriegs- oder Scifi-Shootern. Jeder volljähriger GTA- und Actionfan sollte daher schnellstmöglich den "Spielplatz der Zerstörung" aufsuchen.
GameSpot (Jan 12, 2005)
The near future, it seems, is a great place to have a pretend war these days. Mercenaries marks the second imaginary modern military conflict that Pandemic Studios has cooked up over the past six months, though Mercenaries is a much more action-oriented, hands-on experience than last year's Full Spectrum Warrior. It's also a much better game overall, partially because its rather grim premise comes along with a nod and a wink, and also because it provides fiery, visceral thrills at a breakneck pace.
86 (Mar 19, 2005)
Mercenaries ist wie ein 80er-Jahre-Actionfilm; zum Teufel mit der Handlung, es muss nur ordentlich krachen! Das Gefühl, einen brachialen Artillerieschlag auf einen wild ballernden Gegner niederregnen zu lassen, die darauf folgenden gigantischen Explosionen, die in dicken Staubwolken zusammenkrachenden Gebäude, die vom Druck wie Flummis durch die Gegend springenden Autos – der Bildschirm wackelt am laufenden Band! Allerdings versteckt sich hinter der großartigen Hülle gelegentlicher Missionsleerlauf, die Abwechslung lässt auf Dauer spürbar zu wünschen übrig. Doch wenn man einfach nur immer wieder mal eine beeindruckende Zerstörungsorgie abfackeln möchte (schließlich trägt das Game nicht ohne Grund den Untertitel »Playground of Destruction«), dann ist Mercenaries ideal.
PSX Extreme (Jan 24, 2005)
Mercenaries is one of the few games that has a lot of flaws but still manages to be a blast to play. There are numerous glitches and bugs, and the game's pacing can be a bit slow (driving from area to area), but once you get in a big ol' firefight, those things become distant memories. There's so much to do in the game, and it's just so darn fun, that anyone who has enjoyed Battlefield 1942, Medal of Honor, or Grand Theft Auto will almost certainly enjoy Mercenaries.
85 (Feb 17, 2005)
Mercenaries nous donne une certaine idée de la guerre pas si éloignée que ça de la réalité. Alors que chacun tente de sauver sa peau, l'appât du gain conduit à de nombreuses trahisons et à de gros retournements de situations. Finalement, la seule entorse à la réalité, c'est que le jeu parvient à rendre la guerre très amusante. Et c'est bien ce qu'on lui demande.
JustPressPlay (Apr 04, 2005)
This game was a lot of fun. I would start playing and before I knewit a few hours had past. It has an easy learning curve, and a goodenough story line to keep a person interested. If some one didn’t likeGTA though, I don’t know if they would like Mercenaries. They aresimilar enough where someone might not give it a chance and say “I’veplayed this, it’s called GTA”. Over all it was a great gammingexperience. At times I wished the missions to be a little moredifficult (especially in the beginning), but I was so busy playing andgetting through them I only thought about it after I had finished. It’smore important to be fun then be challenging anyway.
Game Chronicles (Jan 13, 2005)
Mercenaries gives you the option of playing with 3 characters, all a bit different; ex-Army man Chris Jacobs, Jennifer Mui and Mattias Nilsson. I preferred the slightly crazy Mattias Nilsson because of, well…he’s just mad insane with the explosives and his hair would make any die-hard rocker green with envy. However, Chris is a brute and can take quite the beating before he's body bagged, just don’t expect him to tap dance around his opponents.
Lifting elements from GTA is so rampant these days it's become cliche—carjacking is the new exploding barrel. And yet, in Mercenaries, the borrowed features not only work, but feel perfectly natural. It makes sense that as a hired gun for various warring factions in North Korea, you can and will nab whatever it takes to get the job done. Great care has gone into all the vehicles—each one (and there are plenty) has its own quirks to master, from the lumbering treads and pivoting turret of a heavy tank to the magnetic tow cable and unique turning style of different helicopters.
80 (Feb 17, 2005)
Mercenaries is a lot of fun. It really is still that simple. It's a pretty simple game, after all. It allows the player to experiment and gives a feeling of satisfaction in most regards. Niggling little faults and a ridiculously difficult final mission - especially compared to the relative middling difficulty of the rest of the game - drag the game back from being a true classic. With a bit more time spent on it we could have been hailing Mercenaries as the second coming, but it falls short. Even so, it cannot be stressed enough - the game is fun.
GMR (Feb 06, 2005)
You won't be cussing a blue streak and there's nary a prostitute in sight, but don't be mistaken--Mercenaries borrows heavily from Grand Theft Auto. You control an amoral but likeable killer who can steal any vehicle in sight while exploring a large overworld and performing odd jobs for various factions.
Factornews (Mar 04, 2005)
Mercenaries est donc un bon petit jeu d'action, certes pas un indispensable, mais qui plaira néanmoins aux amateurs de combats nerveux et pétaradants. La prise en main est simple, et les combats procurent de bonnes sensations. On n'en dira pas autant malheureusement du pilotage des différents engins motorisés que vous croiserez, plutôt raté dans l'ensemble. Mais globalement la réalisation du jeu est plutôt bonne, sans fioritures inutiles, et l'immersion du joueur dans le conflit est réussie. A essayer donc, de préférence dans sa version Xbox si vous avez le choix, celle-ci s'avérant beaucoup moins aléatoire en ce qui concerne la fluidité générale de l'action.
56 (May, 2005)
I'm sure that there are some people who loved this game, but it really didn't do much for me. After the first fifteen minutes, the game stopped being fun. Well, except until I started ignoring my missions and spent the rest of the time running over American Officers with my stolen mafia truck. That was kinda fun.