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Metal Saga Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen
Intro. Yup, there be TANKS in this game!..
...and also seductively cool young women
The game opens right away with a choice. And believe it or not - one of them will lead to an ending straight away!
In a typical garage. The camera is completely zoomed out
Exploring the first town, Junkyard. The camera is right in the middle. Wandering NPCs, sparse detail, post-apocalyptic objects, that kind of thing
One of the many houses in the game - this one has relatively nice furniture. The camera is fully zoomed in
You can buy items at special machines
The game has quite a few eccentric characters with amusing dialogue. This guy is basically your unlimited continues incarnated
The game has many quests dedicated to defeating outlaws
Dialogue in a bar with a somewhat "important" character
Playing a tank arcade minigame!..
You have now assembled a full party; cruising in your tanks through the town of Alice One
One of the game's crowded train stations
On a train - it's quite big and you can explore it. Here, you see some punks in a compartment
Yes, there can be a DOG in your party, and he wears DOG ARMOR!.. You got any problem with that?!..
The very helpful Satcom - a portable computer with wealth of information
You can buy gifts and give them to women. There are even two you'll be able to marry!.. Hmm, do you think a CERAMIC RACCOON is going to woo the ladies?..
Tank information
On the world map in an arid region; disembarked the tanks. This is actually a pretty rare shot, since you see the shadow of a very powerful (and randomly appearing) Manta Ray boss cruising around
Regular battle on a world map. Small enemy dogs attack with mounted guns
Traversing a mountain path in your tanks
Battle menu displaying during an encounter with maniacal flying monkeys!..
These teleporters take you from town to town
Battle in a grassy area. Your dog attacks! Woof, indeed!.. ... Why, do you have a better name?..
Seriously? And here I was thinking it was faith in Jesus Christ... I met this funny curry philosopher in the town of East Zero
Railway tunnel dungeon
Central area of the game world - better land, bigger towns, and so on
Hitting an armored vehicle on an abandoned highway
Some skills are shown in such zoomed-in fashion, with characters typing in their computers
There are a few forests in the game, too. This is a battle against grotesquely-looking enemies populating one of them
The city of Beldaire is much cleaner and richer than any other town you'll come across
One of the game's most fanciful environments - a castle reminiscent of older, traditional RPGs. Nice art, by the way!..
There are several types of rooms in the inn. This is the most expensive one - a deluxe suite!..
A funny minigame - FROG RACING!..
Visiting the underground community of Forever Land
You can explore the waters on this freight ship, discovering secluded islands and points of interest...
...but count on weird enemies to suddenly leap at you!..
Indoor dungeon battle
This ridiculous minigame involves rhythmical exercising with a bunch of homoerotic bodybuilders!..
Funny dialogue with a secret bodybuilding cult member in the harbor of Dowan
Impressive flying monsters in a desert
Unleashing a powerful skill on the enemies in another indoor dungeon
I've discovered a secluded retirement house behind a forest. So far, I haven't found anything suspicious...
You'll see this weird character around. This time, he appears in the expressively named town Hell's Keep
Oh no! I've been massacred by knife-wielding tomato bandits! Seriously, this is not a joke!..

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